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I am currently searching the roots of my great-grandmother Olga Jura. I really do not know much about her. We believed her to be Greek for many years until I recently began researching her last name. I know the surname originated in the county of Saris, Slovakia location of Malcov. I really do not know if this is where I need to start. I am really looking for advice as where to continue. The last piece of infomation I have is that she married an Armenian man named Garabed Milkielian or Mikaelian. They were from Ismir, Turkey and married in Istanbul. They came to U.S in early 1900's and settled in Massachusetts. I am not even sure that she lived in the Slovakian region at all. Thanks for your time and effort.
email: Stefanie Edmondson - - Posted 15 February 1997

I am the second generation decendent of a couple who came from Ruthenia. I understand they talked about towns by the name of Sedlice, Kilembark and Presov (I am not sure the spelling is correct). The family names are Onofrey and Bostcko, (I am not sure the names are spelled correct either) These people immigrated to the United States in the late 1800's. they were married in the US in Pennsylvania. I am interested in corresponding with anyone that can tell me about Carpatho-Rusyn history and can give me information about the towns I mentioned. I am curious to know why Carpatho-Rusyn people immigrated to the US in the 1800s. I would like to know what life is like now and when they immigrated. I understand Slovakia was part of the Austro-Hungarian government and would like to understand the reason the Carpatho-Rusyn people are slowly depleting in numbers. Please send me an E-Mail if you can help me. Thank you.
email: George Ayer - - Posted 15 February 1997

Searching for Amsel, Baum, Ritter, November, and Carmiol from Stropkov. Searching for Landau from Humenne. Also looking for Amsel from Vraanov, Michalovce, Velentivitz, Spisska Bela, Bardiov, and Zborow.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

I am interested in researching the family names of Djurnik, Oravis (Oravecz) and Kullanga. Family members from Kezmarok emigrated to the United States in the early 1900's. I would also like to research the history of Kezmarok during World War II.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: HREZO
I am looking for Hrezo ancestory and family histories. The family was from Kosice.
email: Stephen Hrezo II - - Posted 15 February 1997

I am looking for anyone to email me with info about my relatives who are from Slovakia. The last names I am looking for are Osifchin, Chanda and Youpa. Please, if anyone has knowledge of these names please email me.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

The Dziak, Durocinsky (Duroscinzsky), Prac, Relovsky, Mraz, Zamiska, and Malinyak surnames are in found in and around Nova Lubovna, Spis county, Slovakia from late 1700's to 1890's. For additional information, please contact me.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

Searching for information on my grandparents. Martin Soukup from Protivin, Iowa. His parents were Frank Soukup, who emigrated in 1868 from Austria, and Mary Chitak. Also searching for information on my grandmother's side. Her name was Ludmilla Holub, her parents were Thomas Holub and his wife Ann, both emigrated from the Czech Republic but I have no idea when. Also check out our home page at
email: Marilyn Jones - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: PLISKO
I am trying to locate Plisko's in Michalovce, Slovakia. My father, John Plisko, b: 1892/3 in New York City was placed in St. Agatha's Orphanage in Nanuet, New York at age 2 1/2, by a Mary Plisko. He did not know who his parents were. Through research I found there were Plisko's in New York City at that time, but can't find anything definite. I also know there was a Michael & Lizzie Plisko and family that lived in Passaic, New Jersey in 1900. Michael, b: 1854, Lizzie, b: 1857 and their first child Teresza, b: 1881 had been b: Hungary, Mary b: 1884 in Missouri, Michael, b: 1886 in PA, Joseph, b: 1887 in PA. The census states their were six children born of this mother, but only four living. I know Annie was a child of Michael & Lizzie that died Aug 23, 1894 at 217 E. 3rd in New York City. Was my Father the 6th child that was being taken care of by Mary, and the parents were told he had died? I know there are at least two Plisko families still living in Michalovce. Are they related?
email: Jerry Dailey - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: CHUPKA
Grandfather's surname was Chupka from the village of Sumiac. Any information would be greatly appreciated!
email: K.Partus - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: SEDLAK
I am searching for any information about the John Sedlak family. My father, Frank, is the youngest son and, according to his marriage certificate, was born in Solnohrad. However, I cannot find the town or village in any source, and I don't know a current name for the town. John Sedlak emigrated to the United States around 1888. Frank was born in Aug 1897. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

Searching for info on Maria Kvitka from Dobsina, Gmor, immigrated to United States in 1902. Married first Joseph Nemeth, second William Nagy. Lived in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Spoke German. Tradition says that she lived on dairy farm in Hungary and immigrated to United States with her sisters.
email: -
vhestej@vccscent.bitnet - Posted 15 February 1997

Elemer Neumann b. Kereszt (now Kristy) 28 August 1903. Son of Victor Neumann, tobacco farm manager( b. 1870? Zemplen or Ung Counties? d. Michalovce, 1920) and Hermina Moslovics (b. 1875 Szobrancz d. Bronx, N.Y.1955).
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

My Grandfather John Skapura who was born in 1849 and died in 1939. I am interested in finding out who his anscesters were and how many brothers and sisters did he have. He was married to Susan Kundley who was born in 1863 and died in 1934.
email: Mike - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: KRAVEC, BENCHO
I am searching for any information I can find on my mother, Mary Bencho and my father Stephen Kravec. My father was born near Kocise.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: KRAVEC
Looking for info on the Kravec surname.
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

My great-grandmother, Jozefa Aurelia Zadzora, was born in Presov in 1903 to Andrej and Jozefa (Brunnary) Zadzora (possibly spelled Ladzora.) Her parents were 34 and 28, respectively, at the time of her birth. She was one of several children who we believed remained in Slovakia. She married Joseph(?) Smolko and had one child, Madgalena. Joseph came to America several years before Jozefa and her daughter. They settled in Lyndora, Pennsylvania where Magdalena met and married my grandfather, Albert Gutauskas. At least one of Joseph's brothers came here and settled in the Ohio area. Albert Gutauskas was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has a sister. Their parents originated from somewhere in Lithuania. Louis Souzer came from Sanok, Poland (Galicia) sometime around the 1900's. I am not sure whether he married his wife, Rose Perog, there or here. But they did have five sons. Souzer was americanized along the way and we do not know what the original spelling was. Some say that it sounded something like Sawchuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Larissa A Souzer - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: PINTER
I would appreciate any information regarding the Pinter name. My father's family came from Yugoslavia sometime before WWI. Thanks.
email: Kimberly Pinter - - Posted 15 February 1997

I know more about my mother's side of the family: Father: John Vargovich (Vargovic) born near Pittsburg Pa but possible ties to Kosice or Michalovce. Mother: Anna Valcho Kosice / Michalovce. My great grandmother was Ilona Jacobs (Jacobova), don't know if she was Slovak or Yugoslavian. Grandfather John Vargovich (Vargovic) may have had Yugoslav ties. My paternal grandparents: Nicholas Andel and Anna Uhlar Andel, possibly from Nitra?
email: - - Posted 15 February 1997

Researching: YURASHAK
I have just started trying to research my history and am hoping someone will have heard of the name Yurashak. My great grandfathers name was Ivan and my grandfathers name was William (Wasyl). My grandfather was born around 1894 or 1895. They then came over to Canada. I would appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thank you.
email: Elaine - - Posted 15 February 1997

I am researching the ancestors of the following family members: Andro Klein (2 February 1856); Anna (Misenda) Klein (25 October 1860); Mary (Gazdic); John Salata; John Fedor (24 December 1870); and Anna (Masley) 19 February 1877. Please forward any information pertaining to town names and family lineage.
email: Kaye Tallier - - Posted 15 February 1997

Would like to receive any information regarding the names Santarius or Sarganek in the town of Orlova, Slovakia. Both of my parents parents were born there and came to the United states in 1920. Father's name Gustav [August] Santarius. Mother's maiden name Emile Sarganek. Would appreciate any in formation in English Please. Thank you.
email: Rudy Santarius - - Posted 13 February 1997

I am looking for information on the Makovitz, Makowitz, Seregin, and Seragin names, John Makovitz was my great-grandfather, Anna Marie (?) Seragin was my great-grandmother. they emigrated fromthe port of Vienna to New York in late 1910 to mid 1911. They were supposedly from Prussia but this has yet to be confirmed. my grand father Carl Stephan Seragin (Makovitz) was born on Dec 26 1907 in their country of origin. This is all the information that I know of at this time. My fater and I would like more information if anyone has it. Thank you.
email: Norm Hughes - - Posted 13 February 1997

Researching the following surnames of my grandparents. The Hrivnak and Murin families migrated to the New Kensington, Pennsylvania area from what is now Slovakia in the 1910's. The Koban family migrated to Bitumin Pennsylvania around the same time but later moved to Indiana, Pennsylvania and Renton, Pennsylvania to work in the coal mines there, The Opina family also lived in the Indiania, Pennsylvania area and then moved to Renton, Pennsylvania. The Opinas and Kobans are Byzantine Catholic and probably were from the Carpathian Mountain region of Slovakia. The Hrivnaks are Lutheran.
email: - - Posted 13 February 1997

Researching: ROMAN, PETRUS
Looking for any information on the Michael Roman family from Velky Ruskov. Michael left Slovakia around 1880. He was my great-grandfather. His father and grandfather were also named Michael Roman. I would also like to determine whether I may be related to the Canadian industrialist Stephen Roman from Velky Ruskov . My grandfather , Michael Roman, may have gone to Canada prior to entering the United States. I am also looking for any information on the Petrus family from Slovakia and Poland. Both my paternal grandfather and my maternal great grandmother had the last name of Petrus. Both sides of the family spent a brief amount of time in New England prior to moving to eastern Ohio and finally settling in the Wilkes-Barre area, Pennsylvania about 1900.
email: - - Posted 13 February 1997

I am looking for any information on John Ondak, or Baranoski and his wife Anna Yanok Ondak. John was born 09 July 1909. Anna was born in Varano-topal Czechoslovakia. Please let us know any info you may have.
email: - - Posted 13 February 1997

I am interested in researching the following family names. My Sobek family comes from in/near Otrokowitz, Moravia (now Otrokovice) in the early 1800s. I have heard that there were Sobek's in nearby Silesia and also Slovakia. My great-great-grandmother, Barbara Tesarik, had her son born in Otrokowitz in 1828. My other great-great-grandmother, Katharina Sukup, family was married in Napajedl, Moravia (now Napajedla) around 1828. Her husband was Franz Beranek. They had a daughter Franziska. My Dachsel and Schmid families (great-great-grandparents) were in Deutsch-Paulowitz(now Slezske Pavlovice, Poland) around 1838 close to the Moravian border. Franziska Dachsel's husband, Karl Wilhelm (or Paul) Hubner, came from Gross Schnellendorf, Silesia (now Przydroze Wielke, Poland) and settled in Hotzenplotz, Moravia (now Osoblaha) around 1860. I am interested in any of these family names, and also would like to hear from people that have found any information on these villages and towns. You may also visit my genealogy WWW page:
email: Dr. Ralph P. Sobek - - Posted 13 February 1997

From Michalovce: Michael Erdek (born 1868); John Erdek; Mary Erdek; Elizabeth Erdek; Elizabeth Erdek (second wife). From Raviste: Michael Rimko (father); Susan Ondeyko (mother,born 1841); Anna Rimko (born 8 September,1870); Susan Rimko (born 1871); John Rimko (born 1875?); Mary Rimko (born 1880); Elizabeth Rimko (born 1881);Michael Rimko (born 1886?). Michael Erdek married Anna Rimko in Slovakia. They lived in Raviste, near Michalovce. Anna (1892) & Mary (1895) were born in Slovakia. John Erdek & Mary Rimko were married in Slovakia. In 1896 Michael Erdek came to America. In 1899 all the other brothers & sisters came to America. Anna & Mary Rimko - Erdek went back to sell farm in Raviste. Returned to America with mother Susan (Ondeyko) Rimko. In America 12 more children were born to Michael,Anna & John,Mary. All the other brothers & sisters had children. In America we are trying to establishg links with another Michael Erdek in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. Not a direct relative of my father. The facial resemblance is to close to be a coincidence. Hope to hear from you.
email: John H. Erdek - - Posted 13 February 1997

Our father John Steven Stofany (Stefany, Stofony, Stefony) came over from Serednje, Hungary which we believe to be Seredne in 1905. He was born on July 31, 1887. He left behind a sister named Mary. We believe he was living with his Aunt and Uncle and came here to meet with his father. Even though we have a time and place of arrival and ship name we have been unable to locate him on the passenger list. We have been researching at the Archives in Washington, D.C. but can find him nowhere not even in the Gazateer which lists everyone who came over. We are unsure whether the name spelling is correct because the papers are blurred. He settled in Mount Laffee, Pennsylvania (Schuykill County) and later in Minersville, Pennsylvania. By 1922 he was spelling his name Stefanic or Stefanick. We now spell it Steffanic. Anyone with any information or advice on how to pursue this further.
email: James Steffanic - - Posted 13 February 1997

Seeking information on the family names of Duplay, Dupay, and Bittner. My grandmother (Bittner) came from Komienka (sp?) in Spis. My grandfather (Duplay) and his brother also came from the Carpatho-Rusyn area but am not sure from where. Duplays' settled in northeast Ohio and Dupays' in Minnesota.
email: Andy Duplay - - Posted 13 February 1997

My father, Karl Johann Kubany, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1911. His father, Andreas Soyka Kubany (b.1864) was born in Austria-Hungary (Slovakia) near a place called Krizovaves (spelling?). He had seven brothers. His father was Karl Johann Kubany and his mother was Mary Soyka. My dad's mother was Maria Solcz and was born in Austria-Hungary (Slovakia) October 9, 1877 at a place called Spisska Bella (we believe near Spisska Nova Ves). She had four brothers and three sisters. Her mother was Mary b.1895 - d.1931. Her father was John Solcz. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please use my colleagues email account.
email: Jim Kubaney - - Posted 11 February 1997

Researching: GURBA
Searching for any information on the surname Gurba.
email: Kristen Gurba - - Posted 11 February 1997

Seeking info on Vankuly (Vankulick) from the Zemplinske area.My grandfather on my mothers side came from this area.If anyone has any info please contact me. Thanks.
email: Bob Sopko - - Posted 11 February 1997

Desperately seeking Surlak and Minarcik family information.
email: - - Posted 11 February 1997

Researching: PUTKA
Looking for any information on the Putka name. This was my grandmother's last name. She passed away a few years ago.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching: HUDAK, MASKONOS
I am searching for Information on John Hudak born in Jacklovecz, Slovakia and Anna Maskanos, born in Margarchano, Slovakia. John was an active member of Branch 10 of the First Catholic Slovak Union. I would appreciate any help.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching: KNAPIC
I would like to find out about my Knapic family.
email: Bob Knapik - - Posted 10 February 1997

Looking for the Padisak or Pedisek families.
email: Robert E. Padasak - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching: SUVAR, SIMIK
Looking for relatives that may have come from Trencin . My grandparents immigrated in early 1900's. John Suvar and Mary Simik settled in Pennsylvania then moved to Ohio.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching: GABAS
Searching for relatives of Matus and Joanna Gabas of the village of Valaska Bella, Slovakia or any other interesting data regarding their life in Valaska Bella. They left the village approximately 1927-29.
email: Dennis Hobart - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching: KRALIK, FASKO
My Grandparents came to the United States from Slovakia. My grandfather, Joseph Kralik was born in Bratislava in 1890 and came to Allentown, Pennsylvania about 1906/7. At that time he was an orphan but had one brother named John. My grandmother, Mary Fasko, was also born in 1890 in Bresno and came to Pennsylvania in 1908/9. Her brother Samuel, was a bank president in Bresno. We would appreciate if you could provide any additional info of possible relatives, or forward this to someone who might be able to help. Thanks again, we'll be checking in on your site regularly. Ron Kralik, son of Harry Kralik (1st born in United States), son of Joseph Kralik. Originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and now living in Centereach, New York (on Long Island).
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching relatives of John Michael Gogol, born in Grodno Poland in 1881, Son of Stanley and Francis (his second wife) While in Poland he served as a person guard to the Czar, and came to this country when it looked as though he would be called up agin to serve in the Russo Japanese War.He came to US in 1906 He first worked in Germany for 2-3 years to earn passage to this country and sailed on the vessel Batori. He married Mary Alexandria Chodkewicz, from Kwano Lithuania. Mary immigrated to US in 1909 and was born in 1885. They resided in New York State in Herkimer County, town of Herkimer until 1923. He was a carpenter and then started farming in 1923 in Jordanville, New York. Jordanville is the home of a Russian Orthodox Church. John Michael had step brothers and sisters and brothers and sisters from the second marriage. We know he had brothers named Peter and Paul, and a sister (name unknown) who immigrated to South America and married a rancher. Do not know her name and he lost touch with her during WWII when letters he sent were returned. My father remembers a Dr. Gogol from Utica New York who often visited, We don't know the connection. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
email: Susan Gogol Chamberlin - - Posted 10 February 1997

I am trying to research my family tree. My grandparents Yencsik, emigranted to New York from Humenne, the county of Zemplin, Hungary. The other family names involved are Lukacs, Scolvak and Masylel. I would appreciate any help. This is a new field of research for me.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

I have family living in Nove Mesto right now. The surname is Brezovan. His parents lived in Stara Tura. I understand that that the Brezovan family lived in Piestany also. Surnames related to Brezovan, Rusnak. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching: SOLTYS, ROGALA
We are searching for our relatives of Regina deAdalberto Soltys and Bartholomew Rogala, parents of Franciszka Rogala. If you have any information or advice you would share with us we would appreciate it very much and thank you.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

Researching: HORVATH, MILA
Seeking updates on Stanisi(c) where my friend's Horvath and Mila families once lived. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 10 February 1997

Looking for the Slavic Church in New York City where my grandparents would have been married in 1891. Both of them immigrated separately (1886 & 1888) via Castle Garden Port of Entry. My grandmother probably resided in New York City (where ???) and supposedly worked in a jewish restaurant for a few years prior to meeting my grandfather (Nicholas Sokol). They were married in New York City on 09 February 1891 by a "Slavish speaking Catholic priest , in the Latin Rite, and with two rings" to quote my grandmother. I just returned from the New York City Municipal Records facility this week and could not cross the grooms name (Sokol) and the brides name (Kundrik). Maybe the record can be traced thru the Slavic Church -- if I could identify it.
email: Dale Sokel - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: KOTCHKO, KACKOS
I am searching for information on the Slovak surname Kotchko, probably derived from Kackos upon entry into the United States. My relatives, who were Slovak and Hungarian, left Austria-Hungary in the early 1900's and settled in the coal mining area Scranton, Pennsylvania including the towns of Jessup and Dickson City. Any info would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

Looking for anyone familiar with these last names: Gongoliwicz, Gongolivitch, Lichtman, and Liczman.
email: Catherine Tolliver - - Posted 09 February 1997

My mother was born in a village which is now called Bukova (was named Biksard). Her maiden name was Pavlik (Karolina). Although my father was born in the United States, he spent most of his youth in Slovakia. He lived in the village of Shandorf, now named Prievaly. His name was John Yanacek. My wife's father, John Sipko, also has relatives in the Bukova area. We visited the village several years ago, and met many of our relatives, with whom we still correspond. We would like to establish e-mail contact with any relatives whom we may not have yet contacted, or with anyone who knew or knows any of our relatives. When my wife and I were in Slovakia (was still part of Czechoslovakia then) I taught English at a firm called Protetika in Bratislava, and my wife, Jackie, taught English at Komenskeho University in Senec. We would like to establish e-mail contact with anyone associated with either of those entities.
email: Frank & Jackie Yanacek - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: LESHKO, YALCH
Am researching the surnames Leshko and Yalch. They perhaps were from Presov or Zemplin areas. Emmigrated to the United States circa 1910 via Ellis Island and landed in Hazelton coal mining area of Pennsylvania. Any info would be greatly appreciated by family.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: ZIDZIK
I am looking for information on my last name. My last name is Zidzik. I have been searching for any information I can get on my family name, as well as any known relatives still living. My three brothers and I were born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. My fathers full name was John George Zidzik born 22 June 1918, somewhere in Slovakia and died 04 July 1992. If anyone has information I would really appreciate it.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

Any information appreciated. Michael Gyourko (or Gyorko) married Elizabeth Fodyak in the late 1800s in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area. Family legend has it that Michael deserted from the Austro-Hungarian army and moved the United States circa 1885.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: BEPKO
The surname we are interested in is Bepko.
email: Linda Bepko - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: LUKSCHU
I live in Portland, Oregon in America. I am searching for any information about my ancestors. Most of my father's side of the family lives in Vienna, Austria. Our last name, Lukschu, is unique in America and in Vienna as well. Some of my relatives there say that Lukschu may either be Czech or Slovakian in origin. The city of Brno was also mentioned. Any information you may have about my family name and its origins would be appreciated. Basic information: My name is Michael Ludwig Lukschu born July 6, 1956. My father was Ludwig Leopold Lukschu born July 6, 1918 in Vienna Austria. His father was Johann Lukschu (date of birth unknown). Thank you!
email: M. Lukschu - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: JANASOV
My surname of interest is Janosov.
email: Bob Cooper - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: RABARA
Looking for surname Rabara from Horne, Orenesay. I have no e-mail but address is Craig A. Rabara, 2526 Beaufort, Toledo, Ohio 43613
- Posted 09 February 1997

I'm looking for relatives with the surnames Repak, Romaniak and Andrek. My grandfather Stephen Repak was born in a village called Arva Medie Mutne (according to the records). He came to the United States around 1912. My grandmother's name was Elizabeth Romaniak. She died in 1918. My step grandmother was Maria Andrek who passed away in 1960. My grandfather had two brothers Jan and Francis.
email: Art Repak - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: ZSEBEHAZY
I am seeking information on the Hungarian name Zsebehazy. I would appreciate any information o family members in either Hungry or the United States.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

My Paternal Grandparents & Great Grandparents; Michael Kaszarda b. Approx 1861 Zemplen vicinity of Boly Kiraly Chelmec; Maria Riszku b. approx. 1868 Joseph Kalinak 19 March 1887 Zemplen; Mary Kaszarda Kalinak 14 October 1893 Zemplen. Please reply with any information of Kaszarda or Kalinak roots. Any help is greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: PALGUTA
Looking for any history on the Palguta family. I know we're Czech but I am afraid that's all! Thanks!!
email: Mike Palguta - - Posted 09 February 1997

Looking for information on the Matis (Matisz) and Smithula families who came from Ordzoviany and Bijacovce in 1906. Other relatives with different surnames are Forgach, Rusnack, and Almassey.
email: Bob Matis - - Posted 09 February 1997

Lookink for relatives of Duffala, Vranic, and Panlik who came from Slovakia in the 1900's. All came from villages near the Budapest border.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: MURAN, KUBANCIK
I am looking for the last name of Muran, believed to be from the town of Muran. First name Michael. Also, Kubancik believed to be from northern Slovakia, possible poland border area or Tatra Mountain area.
email: Paula Muran - - Posted 09 February 1997

Am researching the Tomondi surname with ties to the village of Hazlin in the Slovak Republic. The last letter in the surname was also ended in a Y or Tomondy with known relative ties in the Cleveland area, although my dad located and raised his family in Gary, Indiana.
email: - - Posted 09 February 1997

Researching: ANGELOVIC
My maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Angelovic, came to the US c.1910 through Ellis Island. She had 4 brothers--3 were named Stephen, George (Jura), and Joseph. I don't know the fourth brother's name. She came from Kasha (present-day Kossice), and her family settled near what is now Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Her father was a coal miner.
email: - - Updated 09 February 1997

Starting to research my family. Any help would be appreciated with the Janecka, Ondrejicka, Andrejicka, and Vrana families. Anton Janecka was born 05 September 1903 in Velke Ostratice. Ondrej Ondrejicka was born 29 October 1887 in Velke Kosecke Podhradie. Anna Vrana was born 21 October 1896 in Velke Kosecke Podhrade. Ondrej's father was Jan Ondrejicka and his mother was Katerina Hudec. Anna's father was Josef Vrana and her mother was Maria Durcek.
email: Anthony Janecka -
anthjane@MNSi.Net - Updated 08 February 1996

Kvocsik was my greatgrandfather's name, first Joseph. Born 16 March 1874 in Hungary, unknown village. Moved to Germany, unknown when, but married there 15 December 1898. Immigrated to United States circa 1904.
email: - - Corrected 08 February 1997

My father Domokos Hadnagy was born in Levoca (Locse) on July 17 1907. His mother's maiden name was Zaffiry (Born 1881). Her mother's maiden name was Kesmarsky (b.1852) and her mother's maiden name was Selde. I have information about my family back to the early 1800. I would like to also find out about my other ancestors on my fathers side, they are Bartha (b. 1860), Kovatsi, Vas and Dedinsky as well as the other Hadnagy's (b. 1878, and 1846 ) . Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Domokos Hadnagy - - Posted 07 February 1997

Polina, Ignatz or Harry Braun (Brown) married Golda Yutkevitz in Polina Czechoslovakia in or aroun 1905 to 1910. Harry migrated to the United States in or around 1918 or 1919. He brought the rest of his family to the United States in 1927 or it could have been in 1926. They came through New York, maybe Ellis Island. Not quite sure but we think they had paid passage to Chicago. Golda came to America with 6 Children. Marge, Sally, Milt (Miklos), Albert (Alidar), Harry and Bernie. Everyone in the town of Polina was related. I would like to go farther back with Ancestry. Would like information on town of Polina, map as to where it is located.
email: - - Posted 07 February 1997

Researching: BALOGH
My mother, sister, and I are the only living decendants of the Balogh family. There is a castle and estate in Michalovce that my grandmother lived at. I am searching for info on history and current status of the family estate. I believe that they were "blue blood" royalty. Thank you for any assistance.
email: Sean Harrington - - Posted 06 February 1997

Researching: DURCI
I would like any imformation on the surname of Durci that is in Slovakia or immigrated to United States.
email: - - Posted 06 February 1997

Searching for information on the name Kucharik. My grandfather, John Stephen Kucharik was born 4 June 1878 in Nove Mesto nad Vahom, married Mary Rose Katerinec (born 23 March 1884 in Sastin). They were married at St. Stephen's church in Sastin-Nitra on 8 February 1903. They had two children born in Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Josephine (26 February 1904) and Mary (23 March 1906) before leaving for the United States, sometime between 1907 and 1909.
email: - - Posted 06 February 1997

Looking for information on the Marecek and Melicharek families. John Marecek and Suzanna Melicharek immigrated to United States around 1910. Believed to have been born in Bratislava area.
email: -
chf@Bear.COM - Posted 06 February 1997

Searching for the above surnames. Lukacovic, Drobney, Jurak and Stefak are from Modranka and Sered in Western Slovakia and are Roman Catholic. Pekar, Harbulak, Kraynak, and Talnak are all from Eastern Slovakia (Peretchin?) and were Byzantine Catholic. Following are my ancestors who came to the United States and eventually settled in Western Pennsylvania: Jan Lukacovic (1878), Agnes Jurak (1884), Alexander Pekar (1880), Susanna Kraynak (1867). Any information would be appreciated!
email: Denise Smith - - Posted 06 February 1997

Researching: BACEK, VOLTNER
Searching the surnames Bacek and Voltner from Bratislava.
email: Mary Ann Morris - - Posted 06 February 1997

Researching: CISARIK
My grandparents, Cisarik, were from a little village called little Lipsnik.
email: - - Posted 06 February 1997

I am planning a trip to Slovakia this summer and would like to make contact with relatives of my Great, Great grandparents. Mathis Raczek (Racek) was born in 1819 in Vreskovicich (Breskovice). He father was Mathis Raczek and his mother was Anna Simpartle. He married Maria Suchy (b. 1824) dau of Lorenz Suchy and Veronica Katzerowksy in 1842. The families were from the Poleni and Chudenitz areas. Mathis and Maria Raczek had children Anna, Johan, Mike, Wenzeslaus, Frank & Mary. They immigrated to Morse Bluffs, Nebraska about 1865. Does anyone have suggestions on how to contact my distant relatives who may still live in the area?
email: - - Posted 06 February 1997

Researching: SHIMEK, SIMEK
Searching for Shimek (Simek) of Kuty. Recently found direct family connection, but lack Slovakian contacts. Please help me with foreign contact in English.
email: - - Posted 06 February 1997

I am searching for the ancestors of my grandparents Josef Andrew Kostur (Koztur) and Mary Martha Plavnisky both born in Plavnica, Czechoslovakia. Josef was born 03 September 1890 and Mary was born 30 September 1895. Josef came to Buffalo, New York via New York, New York. He came to the United States 07 December 1909 on the S.S. Bulgaria that sailed out of Hamburg. I would like to know about the village of Plavnica and try to find out about their families. I know some of them came here too. I am beginning to find out who they were. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Donna Williams - - Posted 06 February 1997

Researching: BANDURA
My grandmother,Anna Bandura was born in the village of Nizna Jablonka, Okres Humenne, Slovakia. Also have relatives in the village of Osadne, formerly called Telepovce before the name was changed. She had one brother that we know of by the name of Vasil Bandura who settled in the Chicago area.
email: - - Posted 06 February 1997

Researching: STORA
My husband's father was Francis Xavier Stora born in Czecoslovakia around 1919 and who came to the US around 1924. He was the youngest of four brothers and one sister.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: KOSS
I am looking for information on the Surname Koss from the Bratislava area.
email: Elizabeth Seal - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching the Sevachko, Sevasko, and Vrabel names from
Porac, Slovakia.
email: Sharon A. Reinard - - Posted 05 February 1997

Any information on any of these surnames would be appreciated. Soukup, Soukop, Soukupova, Turkek, Pokorny, Pokorney, and Zyonek Families I know my Great Grandparents were both born "somewhere" in Czechoslovakia. My Great, Great Grandparents' surnames were Turek and Soukup, and my other Great, Great Grandparents' surnames were Zyonek and Pokorney / Pokorny. Any information would be helpful and very appreciated.
email: Wendy Soukup - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: ZOBRAK, JENCIK
My father, Mike Zobrak came to America in the early 1930s from Male Zaluzice. he married Anna Jencik. They resided in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. I am interested in learning more of my family history.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: DATKO, VESCUR
I am currently researching my maternal grandparents. Their names were Joseph Datko born 16 July 1888 in Pohorela Gamerska Zupa Slovakia and his wife Mary Vescur Datko born 10 June 1889 in Pohorela Gamerska Zupa Slovakia. They came over through Ellis Island between 1907-1912. They first settled in Pennsylvania and later in Youngstown Ohio. I am trying to locate the village on a map today and can't seem to narrow it down. I have just started my genealogy and have lots to do. There were 9 children born to Joseph and Mary, I can account for 8. My mother was #9 and the firstborn is/was an unknown female. If there is anyone out there looking for the same names or you know detailed info about the village please e-mail me!! Thanks in advance!
email: Lisa Burkart - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching the Kustra, Kantarik, Chodosky, Chudovsky, Adamik, and Novotny families from the Bobrovecek (Liptov region), and Bytca (Trencin region).
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Searching for information about Grunmandl relatives in Jablonovice (Apfelsbach) formerly part of Hungary, now Slovakia (since 1918?). Katerine Grunmandl (born about 1840 in Jablonovice) married Joseph Schall in Vienna about 1870?) Any information about Grunmandls welcome.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

My maternal grandfather (Joseph Bondra (jr.)) was born 1881 in Jakubjanaca. He migrated to Indiana County, Pennsylvania, (Red Barn, Graceton) and later moved to New Kensington (Arnold) and worked as a coal miner. He passed on in 04 April 62 in New Kensington (Arnold), Pennsylvania and was a member of St. Vladimir Russian Orthodox Church. His father, (Joseph Bondra (sr.)) and mother (Genoveva Francus) were also of Jakubjanaca. He had a sister named Anna (married-Yancy) and a step sister named Rose (married-Pechark). My maternal grandmother was born in Nova Lubovnia on 22 Jamuary 1885. She was a seamstress and passed away on 10 January 1964 in New Kensington, Pennsylvania and was a member of St. Mary's RC Church. Her parents were Matthaeus Konkol and Julianna Barlik.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: Town of Seredne
I am looking for the county of the town Seredne (Hungary - Austria) in the 1860's time frame. Seredne (Szerodnye as on FEEFHS Map) is located between the now Ukraine Towns of Uzhorod & Mukaceve. I believe the county was then called BEREG The LDS Family History Library has a microfiche for "Szergeny (SOPRON)" .. are these the same town of my Seredne (Szerodnye)?
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

I am searching for information on the above names. My grandfather, Julian Lambertovich Mierzejewski, was born on September 9 1886. He was in the Russian Army from 1908-1911. He lived in Michnow, Zalsav, Wolyn; which is now Mihknev, Yzaslav, Volhynnia, Ukraine. His father was Albert Lambert Mierzejewski, his mother was Anna Kobylanska. He came to the US by ship, from the port of Libau, which is now Lithuanian, on June 26, 1912. I do not know his port of entry, but he married my grandmother Anna Bronowicki, in Chelsea MA in Jan, 1913. Anna's parents were Wictor Bronowicki from Woliniec, Poland, and Elisabeth Marcinkowski, from "Russia-Poland". My husband's great grandfather was Leonem Birkner, son of John Birkner and Louisa Turik. He was born November 15, 1869 in Austria-Hungary. I do not know when or how he came to the US. On Feb 15, 1896, he married Veronica Pollack, also from Austria-Hungary. They were married in St. Mary's Assumption Roman Catholic Slovak Church, in Passaic, NJ. Veronica was born June 15, 1874. Her parents were Andrew Pollack and Amca (sp) Militski. If anyone has any information on any of these names, please email me. I have 2 daughters with a neurological disease, which is so rare, that doctors ask if my husband and I are related. Since we never knew each other until we were in our teens, we always answered no. But now, as we are working on genealogy, we are discovering that his ancestors and mine all came from the same areas of Europe, Galicia, Austria-Hungary, Russian Poland and German Poland. Maybe somewhere, generations back we really are related, since we are both carriers of this disease! We would appreciate any help we can get on this. We have lost one daughter, and the second is getting worse daily. Thank you.
email: Janet Birkner - - Posted 05 February 1997

Spelled as Dvorcak or Dvorscak and Anglicized to Dvorchak. Coming from the small village of Sorbosh, near Okruhle, near Giraltovce, nearest large town of Preshov. John Dvorchak arrived probably in Baltimore in 1896, his wife Susanna Cimba Dvorchak arrived with their daughters Mary Dvorchak (Senita) and Sue Dvorchak (Michlick) 15 March 1900 and later joined by his sister Elizabeth and her son John Paul about 1900 arriving at Ellis Island. His sister Susan Dvorchak (Butchko / Buchko) also came over 1900. Elizabeth later married Michael John Dropp, Sr. in early 1900's. Marriages continued into: Shaber, Bersch, Senita, Sauter, Kosic, O'Leary, Koplack, Selepack, Yuhos, Karakis, Mulkerrin, Dropp / Dropko, Jusko, Bassaro, Gromley, and Kapitan.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: BIRES, BELIAN
Researching Bires and Belian. My great-grandfather (George Bires Sr. 1894-1951) and great-grandmother (Anna Belian 1894-1975) came over from Slovakia in the early 1900's they settled in Cleveland / Lorain, Ohio and had four children; Anna, Mary, George Jr. and Steven. We believe they came from Mocarany and Celovce. All of our family heritage information has passed away with my great Aunt Mary. I would appreciate any information about these towns or names.
email: Susan Berger - - Posted 05 February 1997

Searching for the surnames of Resotka (Resutko) and Tibus (Tibusz).
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

The Procko (Prachovnik) family emigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area in the late 1800's originally from Michalovce, Stretava and Stretavka. Related families are Antal, Cernicky, and Danchack.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: GAMBOL
I am searching for the Slovak name Gambol. I plan to travel to Slovakia this summer and would love to know where my relatives are.
email: Melissa J. Gambol - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: DANCAK
Searching for roots of Slovak name Dancak. The name most frequently appears around Trebisov in Eastern Slovakia. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: JANCOVIC
Looking for relatives of Vladimir Jancovic, my father-in-law. His home town is Sv. Kriz or Svaty Kriz and his father was Joseph Jancovic. Vladimir left Slovakia in about 1949 on immigrant ship to Canada. He later migrated to the United States. He made a trip or two back to Slovakia once they were opened to the west in the early 90's. Would like to locate any relatives he may have in his home town and possibly communicate with them via the internet.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Researching: BELUSAR
Michael Belusar left Kosice somewhere between 1901 and 1904 to migrate to Glassport, Pennsylvania. Are there any relatives of his still in the area?
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

Searching for any information on the Hnat, Hnath, Arendasky, and Arendacka families of Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 05 February 1997

I am researching my parents family. My father's name was John Michael Gura born 27 December 1886, came to U.S. from Spiska Zupa area in Slovakia it may have been part of Austria, in 1907. He had a brother Peter (Pete) and a sister which I don't know her name. He settled in Struthers, Ohio and had 14 children. I'm the youngest and would like to find out more about my dads family in Slovakia. My mother's name was Anna Marie Lucas, she had 4 sisters and 3 or 4 brothers. Her Fathers name was Nicholas Lucas, I don't remember his wife's name. They also settled in the Youngstown, Ohio area with additional relatives names of Repaskey, Slanina, Mickler, I don't remember the other sisters married name. Additional surname from mom's side was Bobby, which I believe was shortened, also in the Youngstown, Ohio and had several children. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: James & Joan Gura - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

Researching: PELEHAC, MACO
Searching for information of Michael Pelehac who immigrated from Kerestvej, Slovakia (Okrunza) in late 1800's. His father was Stephan Pelehac, mother Anna Maco. He had three brothers, John, George and Steve. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
email: Charlotte - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

I am interested in posting three surnames in hopes of finding some connection to my extended family. The names are Tilicsky, Telisky and Lukacsik the first two are one in the same which I have found spelled both ways on family documents. The last is the maiden name of my grandmother. The Tilicsky / Telisky name originated in the area of Kyjov I believe. The name Lukacsik originated in the area of Sanbron?
email: Peter Telisky - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

Researching: BALLEK
Looking for any information on family name Ballek. My father Jozef was born in Krasna Horka in 1892. His father was Andrew Ballek. Andrews father was Jozef Ballek who was married three times. Looking for relatives living in Slokvia.
email: - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

I'm Rick Swanson. My grandfather was Philip Kostolnik, born in Pittsburgh area, but whose parents came from Tuzina (in German, Schmiedshau) Slovakia. Other surnames from this line are Greschner, Pernesch, Hollay. I have two books written by descendants of the village Tuzina, both of which are rich in information. I'll take inquiries from others who are interested in this town. Still I'm looking for more information about the Kostolnik line. I am interested in where the Kostolniks come from (linked in some way to Kostolany?).
email: - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

Researching: KRAYZEL
I have interest in the ancestral history and name of Krayzel.
email: Michael Krayzel - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

I'm searching for any information on Dan (Demeter) Lucas (Lukac) and his two wives - Anna Lovas and Anna Dzurko. Dan emigrated to Grassflat, Pennsylvania in the late 1800's or early 1900's. He was born 18 November 1866 somewhere in Slovakia and died in Grassflat, Pennsylvania 24 Augugust 1920 in a mining accident. He married Anna Lovas who was born about 1877 and died July 23, 1903 in Grassflat, Pennsylvania. Anna Lovas and Dan had three sons by first marriage, John, Joeseph and Andrew. By his second wife, Anna Dzurko he had 5 children - Steve, Michael, Anna, Veronica and Andrew. Looking for descendants of John and Paul (Lukac) Lucas. I found out that Dan (Demeter) came to American with his brother Paul Lukac. They also had a brother John who already lived in America. I don't know where they settled as Dan lost contact with both brothers. Paul went his own way when they arrived in America and Dan went to Grassflat, Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

Researching: HAVRILLA
I am interested in finding any information about my surname - Havrilla. My grandparents came from the Slovak town of Michalovce. Thank You Very Much.
email: Joe Havrilla - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

Searching for relatives of William Pojedinec and Katherine Polka. They had a son named Joseph George Pojedinec who was born March 19, 1867 in the town of Niedzica which is now in Poland. He married Anna Mary Vida from the same town. Joseph moved to Pennsylvania around 1903. He had two Children born in Pennsylvania. The family name has been changed to Poydence I believe by Joseph. The family name shows up in Dorothy's Genealogy but I could not find the connection.
email: - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

I am in the beginning stages of my research and looking for information on the Petrovich surname. I am second generation American; my grandfather Joseph Petrovich (or Petrovic) was born in 1888 in Gaboltov. He immigrated to the United States in 1905 and married my grandmother Josephine Surdick in 1914 in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, where they settled. I'm looking for information on the surnames, the town/village of Gaboltov, and how to obtain a birth record from there (if it is at all possible). Thank you for any information, and best wishes in your research!
email: Terry A. Petrovich-Joyce - - Posted 04 Febrary 1997

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