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Researching: PLATZNER
Requesting information regarding the Platzner family that lived in and around Poprad. Your help is appreciated.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Looking for information on the Patay, Kislan, Fink, and Polyak names.
email: Joseph Patay - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: KRIVOSHEIN
Researching the Krivoshein surname origin.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Searching Krull and Varganinova from the city of Kosice, Slovakia.
email: Steve Feldt - - Posted 14 March 1997

Rosenfeld from Brezova; Kauffman from Senica; Blau from Vrbovce; Hoffman from Vrbovce; Shag or Zwebner from Hlohovec. Many thanks.
email: Arthur Marmorstein - - Posted 14 March 1997

Searching for Harasyn or Harasym.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: OHRADZANSKY
I am looking for any information on the name Ohradzansky. I am trying to research for my family.
email: John Ohradzansky - - Posted 14 March 1997

I would be grateful for assistance in finding birth records for Madame Diabelko, nee Kapral, born in Sunava about 1850. Her first husband, Johan Pavliga died in the early 1870's and she subsequently married Mr. Diabelko (Sunava) in 1877.
email: John W. Pawling - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: BEGALA
Looking for information on family Begala. Few located in United states, grandfather was Michael Begala. Several References to Italy area. Any info appreciated.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Searching for Hudacko (Hudatsko, Hudacsko) ancestors from Presov and Kocise area. Most of family seems traceable to a village halfway between, Drienov (formerly Somos, Saros Megye). Records show family presence there from 1742. Other references are to Kalniste (Kalniszti) to the northeast of Presov.
email: Dennis W. Hudacsko - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: UHRIN
I searching for family name Zofia Uhrin. She be born in Slovakia,name village Spissky Hrusov in 1897.She lived in Campbell, Ohio. She had 3 daughters: Filipicka, Hhatova, Filipicka and 2 sons: Stefan and Juraj.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching Vasil John Plavchak of Breznicka, Slovakia, who married Anna Pavlinko. Their son, Michael Plavchak (b. 1879) married Helen Hutnyan in 1907 in Breznicka. They then moved to Clairton, Pennsylvania with 2 of their sons.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

I am searching for grandparents; Jozef Balog, Maria Balogova and their parents, of Sobrance, Ruskovce, Uzhorod???, Date of birth??? Maria could be Yevczakova??? Balogh???
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Searching Dubravec, Dubravetz, Gec, and Baran surnames. I'm just beginning my search. My grandfather, Michael Dubravec was born in 1881 and lived in Ruzindol (about 30 miles NE of Bratislava) with his wife Hedwiga GEC (born 1884). They married in Trnava. Both emigrated to Akron, Ohio in early 1900's. Baran was Hedwiga's mother's name. Am looking for any information. Has anyone been to Ruzindol or have ancestors or living relatives there now? I'd love to visit. Also, how does one look up Crimean war records?
email: Susan Stith - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: CEHLARIK
searching for Cehlarik, last known to be in Slovakia around 1915. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: CHRENEK
I would like to know if anyone has any info on the Chrenek surname. My parents travelled to the to the town of Zabidova (not sure of the spelling) or Trstene in 1993. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: RUSINAK
I am looking for information about American relatives, probably sisters, of my father Jan (John) Rusinak. He came to Canada from Nova Lubovna around 1920 and settled in Flin Flon, Manitoba. I believe there are relatives in the Duquesne, Pennsylvania area.
email: Dennis Rusinak - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: RYBA
Ryba family. Does anyone know where Vacer, Slovakia is? I can't seem to locate it on the map. Thanks.
email: Anne Ryba - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: PRYDZ
My last name is Prydz, I don't know from what village my ancestors were from but we did see a Polish word spelled Prydzydz once and I thought someone might be able to help.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: CRYPRICH
Searching for ancestors and relatives of Joseph Cryprich emigrated to United States in 1907 from Zakopcie in Trencin County (zupa), region (okres) of Cadca.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: KARAFFA, ADAM
Both sets of my paternal great grandparents (i.e. my Father's grandparents) came to America from Slovakia when they were teenagers (late 1800s). Their last names were Karaffa and Adam. Great-Grandfather Adam was from a town named Butka. I love my Slovak heritage and would love to learn more about my family still in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: SABAKA, STANCEK
Both my grandparents John Sabaka and Anna Stancek are from this tiny town near the High Tatras, Vazec. They left there in 1912 or so and emigrated to first NY and then later to Ohio where they met and married and produced 5 living children, one being my father Daniel Sabaka. In 1988 my father and brother met me in Bratislava and we took a train to Vazec and spent 8 days staying with relatives and visiting.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: CAMBAL
Hello, I am just beginning to search for imformation about my relatives. I recently discovered that the original family is from Slovakia. My birth name is Cambal. Please keep me posted if you know of any history. Thanks and regards.
email: Cathy Cambal-Hayward - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: CERNAK, HOLIC
My grandparents were Martin and Elizabeth (Holic - not sure if this is correct spelling of her maiden name) Cernak, migrated early 1900's to the Saratoga area in New York State. They were Slavic, not Czech. They had 4 sons - Millon, Paul, Stephan and John, whom I believe were all born in America.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

My mother, Hazel (Hedwig?) Bedy nee Horinka, imigrated to the US in 1903. Her mother Rose Horinka nee Matolka and family came from a town of Egbell or Gbely. I would like to know where that village is located and also to find any relatives that may be around. My mother was 3 years old whenb she came to America. Other names of relatives that I am interested in are Urban, Pollack, Bilek, Matolka, Komatinsky, Bedy. Deeply appreciate any help you may render. Thanks.
email: Ed Bedy - - Posted 14 March 1997

I am interested in researching information about my ancestors from Slovakia. The only location outside the USA which I can identify where ancestors have lived is Slovakia and all whom I know of, so far as I know, were born and lived in Cervenica, in Vychodoslovensky (East Slovakia) in the region where the regional capital is Kosice. My grandmother Alzbeta Kosztkas (Elizabeth Kostkas) was born there 17 March 1895, sister Anna 16 July 1892. Elizabeth married George Matty (Dura Matej), born 24-Jun-1885 (location of birth unknown). (The marriage was in Grassflat, Pennsylvania. in 1911.) Sister Mary born 3-May-1903, may have been born in Slovakia or Pennsylvania. Date of immigration believed after 1895 and before 1910. Parents of Alzbeta were Ondrej Kosztkas (23 Augugust 1868-8 - Jan 1892, born & died in Cervenica) and Alzbeta Bugos (b. 3 December 1870 in Cervenica). Parents of Ondrej were Jan Kosztkas (b. 2/2 1859 in Cervenica) and Anna Antolik. Parents of Jan were Jan Kostkas & ? Roszkos. Paerents of Anna were Juraj Antolyik and Anna Gribar. Ondrej Kosztkas (Andrew Kostkas or Koskas) was a coal miner in Pennsylvania. and prior to that was said to have worked in an opal mine in Cervenica. Information from Slovakia confirms an opal mine in Cervenica. I would be interested in information on the ancestors/family of Dura Matej (George Matty) and his brother and father, both named Janko (John). He and his brother lived in Providence, R.I. before he moved to Grassflat, Pennsylvania. prob. before 1910. Also information on Cervenica, and travel there from Vienna.
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

I am looking for any information on the name SLEDZ. Some people believe that it derived from the longer name, SLEDZIEWSKI. I would love to learn more about my ancestors. If you find anything, please respond. Thank You!
email: - - Posted 14 March 1997

Reaseraching the Pavliga, Diabelco, Faikish, and Kapral family names. Searching for Slovak roots in the towns of Lomnitz, Sunava, Batizovce. Please Respond.
email: John Pawling - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: KOLESAR
My grandfather Michael J. Kolesar was born in this country but I'm told his father was an immigrant. That would place his father's birth date at about 1870. I'm also told that Kolesar is Slovakian, but looking at the Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn pages on the web, I never see any mention of that name. I'm beginning to think the origin is further east or west of Slovakia. Any info you have on Mary would be helpful.
email: Michael F. Kolesar - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: SNEIR, PETRUS
I am looking for any information on the family name of Sneir. My grandmother's maiden name was Mary (or Marie) Sneir and she married George Petrus. She was born in 1894 and got married in Donora, Pennsylvania. Her parents were divorced and she had brothers, one who possibly is named Andrew, who moved to Ohio. Thanks.
email: Celesta Harhai - - Posted 14 March 1997

Researching: VOJTKO
Am looking for the family's home village and possible relatives still in the region. Grandfather was Michael Vojtko. Do not know when he was born, but emigrated to Spangler, Pennsylvania and was killed in the 1922 coal mine disaster.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: HURBAN
I am interested in researchng my maiden name Hurban. I would also like to find out more about the surmame Hurbanov. I also have heard of a town in Slovakia calld Hurbanovo. I would appreiciate any information on any of the names or town relating to these names.
email: Linda Shafer - - Posted 13 March 1997

I am looking to hear from persons with these surnames living in Slovakia. My great-grandparents Andrew Scherhaufer b.circa 1850 and Johanne Novak, lived and died in Sedin (Velke Ulany). My grandparents Viliam Scherhaufer b. Sedin, 1877, and Theresia Kopal b. 1886, and my father, William b. 1905, emigrated from Bratislava zupy (county) in 1912-1913, to Endicott, New York, where they had a pharmacy business. They spoke Slovak/German. I was the first Scherhaufer born in the United States. My family members are the only Scherhaufers currently living in the United States. The villages of my ancestors were Sedin (Velke Ulany), Trstin (Nadas) , Trstena na Ostrove (Nadasd), Sered, and Bratisalva. I recently learned that there are several Scherhaufer families still living in the Bratislava area. As the last living child of William Scherhaufer, I would hope to make contact with my relatives in Slovakia.
email: Don Scherhaufer - - Posted 13 March 1997

I am a first generation Jewish American. Both my mother's and father's family came from Slovakia: My mother's town was Jora (Jovra or Yorah?). My grandfather's name was Leopold Weiss, originally from Hungary (I think the borders moved, not him). Both he and my grandmother Rose Weiss were killed at Auschwitz. My father's town was Bilke (Bilka?). My grandfather was Noah Mechlovitz. He married Fayge nee Davidovich. Her parents were Isadore & Raisel Davidovich, and Isadore's parents were Mendel and Necha Davidovich. It is my understanding that the Davidoviches went back several more generations in that area of the country. I would be interested to know if other members of my family survived the war and whether they and their descendants are still living in Slovakia. Thank you!
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Looking for information on the Janusova (Janus) family of Sjkov and the Simkanich Family. Looking for info on my grandfather, Dimiter Vovolka, a Carpatho-Rusyn. Any information about his history would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: BALISH
I'm researcing the surname Balish and would appreciate any information. The Balish family is said to have originated in Galicia, Ukraine. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: BERES
I would like to have the name Beres posted. Locations I'm interested in are Bratislava, and any other locations in the Slovak Republic. Thanks.
email: Tom Beres - - Posted 13 March 1997

Am looking for the origins of the surname Cazeju, or Cazeiu, or Cazeu, area or city it originated. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Hi, I'm looking for anyone with names of Peske, Peschka, Grigar, Sulak, Kuntz. Joseph Peske or Peschka not sure on spelling because the spelling was changed on marriage license.Anna Kuntz was born in europe, place unknown. Grigar and Sulak area from czech area.Alfred Grigar was my grandfather.Any information on these people would greatly be appreciated. Thank You.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: SOPKO, MAZUR
Researching the names Sopko and Mazur. Michael Stephen Sopko married Mary C. Mazur. They immigrated to the United States in 1905, and ended up in Star Junction, Washington CO, Pennsylvania. Eventually around 1925 they moved to Cleveland, Ohio. We just know they are from Slovak Land.. and not sure where as of yet. Visit our Page at
email: Cin Sopko - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: TUREK
I am searching for family of Turek, name Mojmir. He was born in Bratislava, Slovakia in 1958 or 1957 or 1959 and he emigrated in 1968 from Slovakia to Svitzerland. Please help me find him. Thank you very much.
email: Adrian Petras - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: BAGAR
Please search for my relatives in area of western Slovakia by family name Bagar.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: PORTASIK, PALKO
I would be very interested to find any history on the last names Portasik and Palko. My grandfather (Portasik) was from Banova and my grandmother (Palko) was from Secovce. Thank you for any information.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

I am researching 6 Slovakian names, Ohodnicki from Czechoslovokia, Zamba or Zambo from Kazimier, Hoonak or Koonak from Kazimier?, Sandor from Kazimier, Swacus, and Skvarla. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: JANOSIK
My surname of interest is Janosik.
email: Tim Janosik - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching my Great Great Grandfather and Grandmothers Families. The Bahrik and Mnich families are from
Slovinky, Spis CO, Slovakia. Michael Bahrik b. 21 Nov 1875, Slovinky, d. 27 Jan 1905, Brookside, Alabama. He married Anna Mnich, b. 27 Jun 1879, Slovinky, d. 29 Sep 1944, Gary Indiana. Anna's Father and Grandfather are named Mike Mnich, no other info. anna's Mother is Mary Soltis. Michael Bahrik's parents are Mikulasa Bahrika and Anny Spiczovej. I presume all born in Slovinky or surrounding area. Any information on these families would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: SKROBAK
Lookinbg for information on Martin Skrobak.
email: Brian Brennan - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: LEHAN, OMASTA
I am searching for information about the Lehan family. Specifically, Mary Lehan who married Frank or Francis Omasta. They settled in Minnesota. She was my grandmother. Any information or traces to Lehan would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: TRUPP
I am searching for a "lost" branch of the family. My great-grandfather was Josef Trupp. He and his wife,Basheba had 7 children, Mendel,my grandfather . The story goes that they "adopted" or took on another boy,who in turn took on their Trupp name. When my great grandparents immigrated to Argentina (I believe they left the Ukraine) this young man wanted to stay behind. If the "story" is correct, he was already engaged or married and didn't or couldn't leave. He eventually moved to what is now Slovakia (I don't know where) and he was in comcunication with my grandparents until WW2. If he would be alive today he would be in his 90's. If this family survived the wars, we would like to reconnect with them. B'shalom.
email: Mirta Trupp Dreiman - - Posted 13 March 1997

Desire any information on ancestors of Paul / Pawlo Rajca born 1894 Lloda Sloboda, Austria ?; immigrated alone 1913; died 1962 Baltimore, MD. In 1919 he married Catherine Ida Harpij born 1901 Galacia, Poland?; immigrated 1912 with parents; died 1986 Baltimore, MD. Paul's father might have been Bartha. Catherine's parents were John Harpij (1875 Poland - 1945 Baltimore) and Albina "Mary" Popiel (1879 Poland - 1953 Baltimore). Who were parents/siblings of Paul, John and Albina "Mary"? Where is Lloda Sloboda, Austria? I would appreciate any assistance with these lines.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: CECHVAL
I am looking for information on the surname Cechval, I believe from the Bratislavia area. I am trying to locate cousins I may have in America.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: MUDRAK, TOUCEK
I am searching for information about John Mudrak. He emigrated to the US in 1907 with his wife katherine (nee Toucek). I amnot sure where they are from but I have two towns which might be relevant. They are Drsenice and Sazu. John and Katherine settled in Hahntown, PA at first and quickly moved to Rillton, PA (both in western PA). John had a brother Paul who maried Suzie Toucek (Katherine's sister).
email: Sam Mudrak - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: HERCEG
Researching Stefan Herceg born in Pata.
email: - - Posted 13 March 1997

Researching: SLOVACEK
My father is Anton Slovacek from Nitra, and I wonder if you have any information about the roots of this family?
email: Antonia Slovacek - - Posted 12 March 1997

The following surnames are possible relatives of mine in the Orava area of Slovakia: Odrobinak (Odrobinyak), Hanulak, Mokos, Grigell, Tomastik, Lestucky, Valek Hrubec. The villages of possible location of relatives in this group would include Bobrov, Tvrdosin, Trstena, Namestovo, Ustie Nad Priehradou. The following surnames are possible relatives of mine in the Saris area of Slovakia: Kisela, Simcik (Simcsik), Podsedla, Revak, Krajnyak, Jurcsak, Sedlak, Juda, Marton, Vavrek, Sechny. The villages or cities of possible location of my relatives in this group would include Uzovsky Salgov, Sabinov, Presov, Peklany, Jakubovany, Nyars, Raznany. I would appreciate any information available on any of the foregoing. Thank You.
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: SALIS, SRNKA
I have been searching for some sort of link with my last name to Slovakia. I know that both of my Grandparents are from Okolichne near Liptovsky Mikulas. The two names that I know are Salis and Srnka. My Grandfather's (Srnka) name was Stephan (born in 1901) and my Grandmother's (Salis-Srnka) was Anna (born in 1906). Could you please help with any information either book or other URL's. Thanks.
email: Dale Srnka - - Posted 12 March 1997

My father's family names are Bukzar, Demeter and Lesondak; they immigrated to America in the early 1900s. Eventually settling in the state of Pennsylvania, I believe they are originally from the area around Budapest although there may be family elsewhere in the region. Any information is greatly appreciated.
email: Paula Hart - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: SKULETI, KRENN
It is believed my mother was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1905. Her father was Mihaly Skulteti, who died when she was about 2 years old, so she and her mother came to the U.S. in 1907/1908. Mihaly Skulteti was supposedly a hansom driver, and I have some papers from one of his employers recommending him for a job and saying he was a good worker and did well with the horses. My mother's mother/my grandmother was Anna Krenn Skulteti. It appears the Krenn family was from Oroszvar, Hungary, which I am told is now part of Czechlosovakia. I believe her father's name was Michael Krenn and from info received from deceased family members, he was married at least once and perhaps 3 times or more. May have died in his 90s. My mother's name was Anna Patricia Skulteti, and she died when I was 11 years of age. We have a picture that is supposed to be of him and he is in a military uniform with another man. I would like to know if there are any records of marriage, birth and death records on Mihaly Skulteti, Anna Krenn, and Anna Patricia Skulteti. It would also be nice to know if I have any Skulteti distant relatives still living in Hungary. My mother was an only child and some of the relatives' documents that I have show that they were baptized in St.Stephens Catholic Vienna, Austria....possible? I would be thrilled if anyone could find any kind of records of the Skulteti and Krenn families. Thank you!
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: KREKOSKA
I am looking for information on the family name of Krekoska.
email: John E. Krekoska - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: JAKUB, SMOLJAK
I am searching for my great grandmother who was married to George Jakub. She died in "old country" after bearing three children: George, Jan , and Zusanna. Children all imigrated to US before their father and after the death of their mother. My grandfather Jan Jakub was about 14 years old in 1904 when he left. I do not know his mother's name, but I know they were Catholic and were probably married in the Catholic church. I am also looking for the family of my grandmother Elizabetha Smoljak who was orphaned before coming to US. She came to us about 1902 and was married to Jan Jakub in Akron, Ohio in l909. She had one brother that I know of named John Smoljak who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1948 when she died in a vehicle accident. My dad told me she was an orphan and was adopted , so I don't know if Smoljak was her birth name or if it was her adopted name. I will be traveling to Eastern Europe in May and would appreciate any help anyone can give me in finding "lost" relatives.
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: HREBIK, VOLOSIN
I am researching the Hrebik name from Jakubany also the Volosin name from Stare near Michalovce.
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Searching for Semancik; Zales; Ferenchik (Ferencick / Ferenchick). Village for Ferenchik might be Presov. Can you help me or help me start a web page for Semancik or one of the others?
email: Joyce Hale - - Posted 12 March 1997

Rudolphus Hupka Leonhard was born and lived in Kassa (Kosice) until adulthood. He was probably married there around 1912 (married Iren Leidolf, born in Tasnad). I am looking for any of his relatives. He was my grandfather. Eventually emmigrated to the USA. Are there Leonhard's or other relatives in Kosice or other area of Slovakia now. I need your help.
email: -
N5228T@AOL.COM - Posted 12 March 1997

Hoping to find as much as I can about the Vasilishin and Balint surnames.
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Searching for Fejes or Nigrini of Vysni Skalnik. Also Spirko, Palicka, Pialiska, and Hlavaty families. Thanks.
email: Christopher J Fejes - - Posted 12 March 1997

I am doing research for my in-law's and family, Honicak, Honeychuck, and Sedlacko. They grew up in Scottdale and Mt. Pleasant Pennsylvania their parents came to the states sometime I beleive in early 1900's or late 1800's. Anyone with any info will be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Searching for my European roots. My grandfather Martin Joseph Reschak , spoke Slovak and verbally told me that he was born on 19 October 1875, to Joseph and Sophie, in the Fratre-Matre Mountains, in a small village called Neupurciuis, Austria-Hungarian Empire. Can someone help me locate this village? He spent his childhood in Nisny Lapse, Austria-Hungary (currently within Polish borders), about 10 miles south east of Nowy Targ, Poland. He emigrated from Bremen, Germany arriving in New York on September 15, 1893. He married Mary Agnes Novak, in Pittston, PA, in 1900. Mary Novak came from Nowy Targ, Poland in 1900. All official U.S. papers (Immigration, Naturalization, Census, Marriage/Death Certificates, Social Security) list Martin's surname as Reschak and place of birth as Austria or Austria-Hungary. A 1910 U.S. Census phonetically lists surname as "Restchalk." Has my surname been "Americanized" and if so, from what? In Polish-Catholic Grade Schools, the nuns spelled my surname as Reszczak, but I have been unable to trace back either Reschak or Reszczak to the Slovak Republic or Poland. I would like any advice on what to do next to locate Martin Reschak's birthplace and any siblings he may have had and any relatives who may still be in the Slovak Republic or Poland.
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: GRANTNER
I am researching and compiling information on the Grantner surname, both current and ancestral. Villages of my direct ancestors are Kosice and Bikas (late 1800s), but Grantners are known to also be in Hungary, Germany and Austria. Religion is often Roman Catholic. There is a Grantner Family Home Page for genealogy at
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Looking for relatives of the John Pelczar family, Fathers name (Andrew Pelczar and Mothers name Anna Stec, both born in Poland) Andrew was born in or near Brsdzg had a sister Honorata who's parents were John and Mary (Leonard) Pelczar. I don't know Honorata's married name but she has a daughter named Czeslawa Zimma in Brsdzg and a daughter name Jonia who also lives in that vicinity. If anyone out there could help me I would greatly appreciate it. I'm in great need of leads. If you know someone that only speaks Polish I can have it transalated. Thank you.
email: Joyce Ann Pelczar Loucks - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: CEPKO
My grandfather Imrich Cepko was from the villageof Trakovice in the Okres of Trnava. I'm looking for any other Cepko's from that area. His brothers names were Rudolf, and Ambroz.
email: Gary Cepko - - Posted 12 March 1997

I am searching for information on the following surnames, Tatarka, Toman, and Jicha (pronounced Jeka), I know that my Grandfather Tatarka and his brother came from a small town called Trebisov and settled in Cleveland Ohio.
email: Lee Tatarka - - Posted 12 March 1997

My grandfather Stephan Yatz (his last name also has other spellings -- Jac, Yotz, Yacz) came to the U.S.A. about 1913. His home village was Novovesi, Okres Presov, Czechoslovakia. His parents' names were Stephan and Theresa Lukacs Yatz. My grandmother's name was Vera (Veronica) Misko which was changed to Lesko before she married Stephan Yatz. She also came to the USA in 1913. She came from Hminanik, Okres Presov, Czechoslovakia. She belonged to a Church which had the name St. Michael's in her home village. They married after they came to the United States. Her parents' names were Matay (Matthew) Misko Lesko and Barbara Smolko. They had 6 children: John Misko, Mary Misko (Lesko), Vera (Veronica) Misko (Lesko), Andrew Misko (Lesko), Susan Misko and Elizabeth Misko. If you could help me with my search or have any suggestions-please feel free to contact me. Thank You.
email: Marilyn Miterko Asplund - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: ZIDO
Searching for any information on name Zido. George Zido was born in 1898 and came to the United States in 1920. i beleive he came from Kosice.
email: - - Posted 12 March 1997

Researching: KUNA, ZOOSKA
I am trying to find any information on the name Kuna or the name Zooska. I am sure that Zooska is not the way to spell thet name,but it is the only way I know. The family came from Salgo, near Nitra.
email: - - Posted 11 March 1997

Am trying to find info about my grandparents, Michael Dubravec and Hedwiga Gec who emigrated from Ruzindol (Bratislava county) in 1912 and 1920 respectively; married in Trnava. Would like to talk to folks with relatives from Ruzindol (Rosindol).
email: Matt Stith - - Posted 11 March 1997

Svarny from the village of Pritrz Okres Senica and Vedareny or Vidareny from Krajne (?) Okres Mijava (?).
email: - - Posted 11 March 1997

Researching: PALYA, JEDINAK
Any descendants of the Palya surname? Looking for this surname from the Kukova, Saros, Hungary and also Kracunovce, Saros area. Couple of the sons changed from Palya to Jedinak, using both names together for many years. Please E-mail any info that may be a possible connection. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 11 March 1997

Researching: KULIK
My Grandmother's maiden name was Kulik (Elizabeth Kulik). I do not know where her family came from but I do know that she lived in Philadelphia and then moved to Bridgeport, Pennsylvania and attended Our Mother of Sorrows Church.
email: Rod Gavin - - Posted 11 March 1997

Ahojte! I am researching the following family names Warady, Varady, Sotak, Zomory, Gorzo. My grandfather Michael Warady was born in Pennsylvania but went to seminary in Uzhorod. He was married in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary to Elizabeth Zombory and ordained in Iszka Mamaros into the Byzantine faith. Please e-mail me with any info on these names. His name was changed from Varady to Warady when his family came over. Many thanks.
email: Jennifer A. Palmer - - Posted 11 March 1997

I'm searching for any information on Dan (Demiter) Lucas (Lukac) and his two wives, Anna Lovas and Ann Dzurko. Dan emigrated to Grassflat, PA in the late 1800's. He was born Nov. 18, 1866 somewhere in Slovakia and died in Grassflat, PA August 24, 1920 in a mining accident. He married Anna Lovas who was born in 1877 and died July 23, 1903 in Grassflat, PA. Anna Lovas and Dad had three children John, Joseph and George. He then married Anna Dzurko and they had 5 children - Stephen, Michael,Anna, Andrew and Veronica. I am looking for descendants of Paul and John. Paul had a daughter named Josephine Peters who died about 1982. Dan lost contact with his brother John who also lived some place in America. Paul lived in Cementon (Whitehall), PA. I am also looking for any Perzel that might be realted to me on my mother's side. Elizabeth Meyer, my grandmother married John Meyer (Majer) in Zamutov, Slovakia and they had on child (Mary (my mother). Mary married George Lucas - son of Dan (Demiter) Lucas.
email: Anne Ryba - - Posted 11 March 1997

Searching for information on these great grandparents. I believe they were born in the Beharovce, Granc, or Broutz areas. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 11 March 1997

My grandfather came to the USA in April of 1902 around the age of 30. We know little about his roots. His marriage license lists his name as Andria Czibuljka, but subsequent documents list it as Andrew Cibulko, Cybulko, Cybulka, and finally, Cebulko. Though the handwriting is hard to read on some of the documents, it looks as though he was from a town spelled Giraltre or Girartka. Any help would be appreciated. Searching for information on the Rusnak and Verost families who settled in the coal mining area of Central Pennsylvania (Snow Shoe, Pennsylvania and Hawk Run, Pennsylvania).
email: - - Posted 11 March 1997

Researching Zicherman or Sicherman from the town of Riske, near Starina in Eastern Slovakia. I heard that the area of Riske was turned into a water reservoir after WWII. Is this true?
email: Larry Mark - - Posted 11 March 1997

Researching: SEBLONKA, DINDL
Ludwig Seblonka, my grandfather, was an orphan in Vienna and brought to Pressburg as an infant. He was born in 1886. He was raised by the Filapec family and migrated to the USA in about 1913. He married Maria Dindl whose mother's last name was Blanarec.
email: - - Posted 11 March 1997

I am searching for relatives lost during WWII in Budapest. The family name is Krauss, probably Krausz at that time, father's name is Armin, mother's name is Louise (maiden Froend). She may have been born in Noszlop, Veszpram Hegye. He was born in Budapest. Children were Rene and Elemer. Elemer emigrated to US about 1919. Rene lost during WWII also. A third child, female, unknown name. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you.
email: Elliot Krauss - - Posted 11 March 1997

My grandparents came to America about the turn of the century. My grandfather's name was Frank Wicktora and my grandmother was Hermine Krauklauer. The story my grandmother told was: Her father was a baker. He baked pastries for a local potetate. She had a number of sisters and her favorite tale was how her sister and her friends raided the kitchen and ate pastries which were prepared for a major event at the castle. My grandmother was sent to America when she was 15 to live with relatives, the Sonheimers, in order to seperate her from my grandfather. The Sonheimers lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. No luck! My grandfather booked passage and followed her. My grandfather said his brother was a game warden on an estate. My grandfather told stories of snaring partridges and hunting deer. He said there was quite a bit of danger in the latter since poachers were dealt with severely. Needless to say, his brother had some anxious moments when his little brother was around! I understand that my grandmother had at least one sister who lived in Bratislava. I never heard any information about the Wicktoras.
email: - - Posted 10 March 1997

Researching: SOCHAN
I have been searching for my family history - surname Sochan from Smrecany or Liptov. My father was born July 9, 1898 and had one brother, Peter, and five sisters - Suzanne, Anna, Marka, Ethel and Emma. Any information would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 10 March 1997

I am looking for any information on family/descendants of Martin Szekely from Hungary. I am not certain of the particular location as the only place of birth listed on his daughter's birth certificate was Hungary. His wife's name was Julia Moritz and any inforrmation on Martin or Julia would be appreciated. His daughter, my mother-in-law is very interested in knowing more about her family. His D.O.B. would be around the 1890's.
email: - - Posted 10 March 1997

I am helping a friend locate Ivan Tyciak, believed to be living in Kosice, Slovakia. I have also been asked to research Viholat Zlievarne. This is in connection with a foundry in the area. I was also given the letters VSZ. Any help would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 10 March 1997

Researching: TUCEK, OKRUTSKI
Researching Tucek from Puchov and/or Lysa pod Makytou, Slovakia I am searching for information on the name Tucek. Jan Tucek, b. 1879 in Puchov, Slovakia, came to America in 1903 through Ellis Island by way of Germany. He went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, then to Texas and finally to Irwin, Pennsylvania. He married Sydka Okrutski (sp?) (b. c1879 in Slovakia) in Germany. She came to America in circa 1905 with her daughter Mary from a previous marraige. Jan Tucek's niece (name unknown) and her family were killed during WWII at Lidice, Czech Republic. Any assistance would be helpful.
email: - - Posted 10 March 1997

I am looking for the parents of John George Usak, born 1876 in Katlovik, Austria-Hungary. Immigrated to the US in 1906. Had a son John Paul Usak who was born in 1900 in Katlovik and immigrated to the US in 1913 with his Uncle Emery Usak and i believe his step-mother, Paulina Szorentini's brother, Joseph. Paulina Szorentini married John George Usak in the US in 1908 or 1909. George Usak died in Martinsburg, West Virginia in 1955, Paulina died in Martinsburg in 1920. The Szorentinis were from Katlovik also. Paul Usak disappeared about 1930 or 1931. I am trying to find out what happened to him since he is my children's grandfather.
email: - - Posted 10 March 1997

Researching: MRIGLOT
The name we are looking for is Mriglot. I found that they came from Terna which is by Presov. We think? We are going there in March to see if we can track anything down. also for vacation.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: CIBIRI
I wonder if you could help us to discover the origin of our family name Cibiri. We have some relatives in the village of Velka Lehota, okr. Ziar nad Hronom (near town of Nova Bana) in central Slovakia.. There are actually several families there who share same family name: Cibiri. They may be all related to each other. Many people say that this name comes from Italy. Few even suggested that the name Cibiri exists also in norther Italy near Austrian border but we have no details and no evidence of it.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: ROZBORIL
Searching for the surname Rozboril from the village of Smolinek.
email: Joyce Rosboril Nelson - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: KOSINAR,
I am trying to locate my grandfather's family. His name was Anton (Anthony) Kosinar. He came to the United States in March 1912. Supposedly his parents sent him by himself. His parents names were listed as Michael and Mary Kosinar on his death certificate. My grandfather, Anton was born 13 June 1892. My grandmother remembers my grandfather saying he had sisters, but we don't know the names.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: PETRUS
I am looking for any information on George Petrus who came to the United States from near Bratislava around the year 1900. He settled in Donora, Pennsylvania. He came over with two brothers John and Tom. All of his sisters stayed in Slovakia and died during WWII. I am interested in hearing from any descendants of Tom and John and if there is any information about relatives in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: TATARKA
Please add my Tatarka surname to the list currently being searched for. I have no idea what area of Czechoslovakia my ancestors are from but am very interested in find this information out. I grew up in Youngstown Ohio. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
email: Bob Tatarka - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: JANOS, YANISH
Researching Janos or Yanish. My name is Maryann Stoop and I am researching Janos or the Americanized Yanish from Svidnik (b. ca. 1898). Michael? (not sure of the Slovak spelling) came through Ellis Island circa the Bolshevik Revolution? Would appreciate any info on this family. Are there any Janos still living in this town?
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: PIATAK
I am looking for information about Jozef Piatak , who emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio in approximately 1900. I believe he came from Spis.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: PAGAC, PAGACH
My name is Pagac now. I'm from Wisconsin originally and now in Arizona. I need info on any Pagac's or Pagach's related to me for a genealolgy class. All i really know is that my great grandparents came over from Czech. and are named Christine and Andrew. I believe they came to Milwaukee.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: WURM
Searching for Wurm family from the village of Gols.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Surname Hoferka from Unin near Senica in Nitra county. I have contacted a Pavel Hoferka there and am sure we are related although he cannot be positive because church records were destroyed in a bombing during WWII. Surname Riska from Stefanova also near Senica in Nitra county. I have corresponded with a Justin and Marta Riska who actually knew about my aunts and uncles. Surname Lenk or Leng from Dhlaluka near Bardejov in Saris county. Also from Dhlaluka surnames of Bosak, Kukla and Simkanin . My maternal grandmother Marie Rose Bosak daughter of John Bosak may have been related to the Bosaks from Okruhle predecessor of Michael Bosak the famous banker from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: MATTA
My father, Mihaly Matta, was born in Kassa, Czechslovakia 7 April 1906. The family immigrated to the United States approximately 1906 through Baltimore and settled in a Pennsylvania coal mining town before finally settling in southern Indiana.
email: - - Posted 05 March 1997

Researching: SUDYK
The surname we are searching is Sudyk, looking for relations from Carpathia.
email: - - Posted 04 March 1997

Researching Filus / Filusch / Filuss in Vrbovce and Holic; Jozefek in Vrbovce and Holic; and Stefek in Vrbovce.
email: - - Posted 04 March 1997

I am researching the Supina name and family. The earliest name I have is Michael (also spelled Michal in family records) Supina who immigrated during or before 1891, settling in Colorado. I have reason to believe that the family originated in Valaska Bela in the Nitra region, but I have no sure evidence of that as yet. Michael had two brothers who also immigrated to the United States, but I am not certain whether this was contemporaneous with Michael's journey. Michael's wife's name was Catherine Vaselino. I would appreciate any information on the name, the family and the Slovakian connection! Thank you for your help.
email: Stacey Supina - - Posted 04 March 1997

Searching for information on Maria Rozgonyi and Irena Roth, Budapest, Hungary, daughters of Andrej (Andras) Laczko. Andras was the son of Andras Laczko, who was born in Haniska pri Kosiciach in 1855, and his first wife, Maria Krisko. (The younger Andras died in about 1941 and may have had a sister. I would like to know more about this first family, long lost to us.) The elder Andras went on to marry Maria Kulvik-Filip (also written Fulop) and have two more children, Gyula and Iren. Gyula emigrated to the U.S. from Kosice in about 1902, and eventually settled in Calumet City, IL. Gyula Laczko (Americanized to Julius Latzko) was my grandfather.
email: - - Posted 04 March 1997

Researching: KUBALA, MEDVED
Looking for family records. All I have so far is a piece of paper that states that Kathryn Kubala came to this country in 1902 and my grandfather John Medved came to this country in 1907. They settled in southwestern Pennsylvania.
email: - - Posted 04 March 1997

I was recently contacted by the Slovakian branch of my family. Stanislav Dzavoronok from Kosice and I had the same great-grandfather. The family is from Pucak (Korunkova) and in the American spelling the name Javoronok. I live near Chicago but am originally from Philadelphia.
email: Robert M. Javoronok - - Posted 04 March 1997

Researching: ROYKO
I would like any information found on the surname of Royko. Thank you.
email: Troy Royko - - Posted 04 March 1997

Researching: GVDRICH
Looking for information on the Gvdrich family.
email: - - Posted 04 March 1997

I am looking for info on the Lebensky, Broboro and Lesko families from Kelecsen (now Kosicky Klecenov) and Garbocz-Bogdany (now Bohdanovce) in East Slovakia near Kosice. My great-grandmother Marie Lebensky was born in Kelecsen in 1857 and immigrated to NY about 1880. Her second marriage was to Edward Straube in NY in 1893. That marriage certificate says her father was Josef Lebensky and her mother was Haesin Broboro (her name is difficult to decipher from the handwriting). Marie's first husband was a Lesko (possibly also from Kelecsen), and her relative Andra Lebensky (I don't know the exact relationship) lived in Garbocz-Bogdany.
email: - - Posted 04 March 1997

Researching: BOCAN
I am searching for information about the Bocan (pronounce: "Bokshan") family in or near Kosice, Slovakia. Our great-great-grandmother was a Bocan. Can you tell me anything about this family and where I can look for more information. Thanks.
email: Eric R. Rosenbaum - - Posted 04 March 1997

Researching Eurich, Yuric, Gdovin, Manik, Sabol. My grandparents married in 1900 in Hradisko, Slovakia and settled in eastern Colorado, as did many Slovaks. Interested in learning more about relatives in Slovakia and the current status of Hradisko.
email: Dick Mead - - Posted 03 March 1997

Researching the Oleksa \ Oleska \ Olexa Families, have many Trees complete. Contact me.
email: - - Updated 01 June 1998

Researching: KORAN, KOREN
Searching for Koran or Koren.
email: - - Posted 03 March 1997

Researching: PAZURIK
I am interested in my family name, Pazurik. All I know is that my grandfather, who was born in Canada, has that last name. He doesn't speak Slovak, or know anything about it. His family wouldn't talk of their background or history. This may not be enough information for you to help at all. If and when I find out more, I'll post again. Thank you for your generous service.
email: Salan Pazurik - - Posted 03 March 1997

Hoping to find relatives & information pertaining to the BIRCHAK family, possibly changed from DARAK. Believed to have come to the United States from Lucky (Luchky) County, Slovakia and settling in southeastern Ohio and some possibly in Pennsylvania. Also would like info. on anyone with the surname Majiros.
email: - - Posted 03 March 1997

I am researching John Andy Sholtis who immigrated from Spiska Felso Lapos in 1913. Another town listed is Vysno Lapso Spiska. Mary Ann Soltis was from the same area but came in the early 1900's. Anna Mazur (Walter and Martin) lived in Cliffside Park in early 1940's. John Kuruc was from Hudson Heights, NJ in early 1930. I have no information on Faltin. If you have any information on these names please e-mail me.
email: - - Posted 03 March 1997

Researching: DOMINIK
Searching the Dominik surname. Stefan Sabo, P.O.Box 7, Posta 13, 040 13 Kosice, Slovakia
email: - - Posted 03 March 1997

Researching: STANCIK, SIMO
I am searching for anyone knowing of relatives of mine I am Glen Alan Stancik, my father is Edwin Edward Stancik. His father is John Stancik (Chicago / Bratislava area) and his mother is Katherine Simo Stancik (Chicago / Bratislava area).
email: - - Posted 02 March 1997

Researching: SESOCK
We are looking for any relatives with the surname of Sesock coming from immigrants to Illinois or Minnesota.
email: - - Posted 02 March 1997

Researching: PACKO, PATSKO
Looking for Packo (Patsko) of Bardejov, Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 02 March 1997

I am interested in locating relatives or information of Helen Trestenski born in Udoma, Hungary. She married Jonas Sarkan from Losanz, Hungary. Their only known daughter, Maria, married Jonas Kadivnik from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Their childrens' names are Helen, Anna, and Joseph. I would be most happy to receive any current information on the Trestenski and Sarkan families. The marriage date of 1875 is only a speculation. The family of Helen Trestenski was said to be from Bratislava. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 02 March 1997

Researching: VIZVARY
My last name is Vizvary, and as far as I know, my ancestors are from Galicia -- how can I find out more about them?
email: - - Posted 02 March 1997

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