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Researching: PLAHUTA
My sister and I are interested in learning about our family history. It is my understanding that our great grandfather came to the U.S. from the Pilhov area in Slovakia. Any information regarding the Plahuta family would be helpful.
email: Michael Plahuta - - Posted 21 March 1997

Researching: RUMAN
Looking for Rumans, grandfather Steve and his brothers, Walter and John.
email: - - Posted 21 March 1997

Searching for Maria Kvitka, b. 1883 in Dobsina, Gmor. Immigrated to US in 1902, m. Joseph Nemeth in Pennsylvania, m. second William Nagy, and moved to Logan Co., West Virginia, where she and William and children are listed on 1920 census. Having difficulty documenting dates.
email: -
vhestej@vccscent.bitnet - Posted 21 March 1997

Trying to find information on Hanna(h) Weiss and Jakob Lieberman. Hanna was suposed to be born in Kezmarok in 1874, married Jakob (jacob) Lieberman. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
email: -
Bryan_Simpson@Novell.Com - Posted 21 March 1997

My great grandmother was Maria Plyuta from Kaminka, Hungary and my great grand father was Nicolaus Bibely from Noloveer Palicia. For some reason the name spelling changed to Bybel. They were married in Leisenring, Pennsylvania, but I don't know what date. Thanks for any information that you can give me, I have just begun my search.
email: Tina Milacek - - Posted 21 March 1997

Researching: VARACKA
Looking for relatives with the surname of Varacka located in or near village of Drahaovec, about 60 kilometers from Bratislava.
email: Thomas E. Waracka - - Posted 21 March 1997

Searching for surnames Alaksa, Kurchina (Kurcina), Adamica, Dobrocky, Kupco Krvin, Svyba, Juricak. These are some of the known names of my ancestors in Slovakia. They come from places like Babin, Orava; Dolny Kubin; Bratislava; Banka Bystrica. I am looking for common links throughout the world. Any out there?
email: - - Posted 21 March 1997

Jo Ann Ondrejicka, Lucan Ontario Canada searching for Fagala or Ondrejicka relatives in Slovakia. Know some but are searching for others, particularly the Fagala name from my grandmothers side. Anna Fagala is 93, living in London, Ontario and fit as a fiddle. Has a brother, Rudy remaining in Slovakia.
email: - - Posted 21 March 1997

I am searching for information about my parents. Peter Pukica born 12 July 1886 in Buda Austria. Immigrated to U.S. between 1902 and 1906. My mother, Mary Scubanich, born 10 June 1886 in Buda, Austria. She met my father and married him in the U.S. Thank You.
email: Pauline Leonard - - Posted 21 March 1997

Researching: CSELLAR, BOMBA
My mother-in-law still has relatives in Slovakia, in a town called Bratislava, or some other villages in Banska Bystrica, Zvolen. If you have any information on the Csellar and Bomba surnames, please contact me.
email: - - Posted 17 March 1997

Looking for relatives with the following names, Osifchin, Sedlak, Chanda, Youpa. Please email me if you have any info.
email: - - Posted 17 March 1997

Researching: ZDINAK, YONIK
My Grandfather, Peter Zdinak is from the village of Livovska-Huta in Sarish county Slovakia. My Grandmother, Helena Yonik is from the village of Krize in Sarish county Slovakia. They both came to the United States in 1918 and settled in Empire Ohio. They were members of St. Joseph's Greek Catholic Church in Toronto Ohio. They had four sons, Nicholas, John, Peter and Paul, all are deceased. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
email: Jeffrey Zdinak - - Posted 17 March 1997

My great-uncle says that his father, Joseph Gabris, was born in 1885 in small town called Caca near the Matra Tatra Fatra (?) Mountains in what was then Austria-Hungary. Joseph married Anna Svabek, from Rovne on the other side of the mountains, in St. Louis in 1904 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Anna Svabek's parents were Andrew and Mary Kuruzhar Svabek. Any information would be appreciated!
email: - - Posted 17 March 1997

Researching: MIHALOVIC
I am searching for information on the name Mihalovic. My grandfather, Michael J. Mihalovic was born in Bratislava in Jan. 1912. He, along with his parents and brothers(Louis and Samuel), entered the U.S. through Ellis Island around 1924.Samuel returned to Slovakia approx. 1940?
email: Marianne - - Posted 17 March 1997

Looking for ancestors of Steve Marian, born Lorain County Ohio, USA approx 1907-1910, relocating to Hungary approx 1910-1912 in a town I think is/was called Tiszalok. His mother was Elizabeth Marian (maiden name Komaromi). Steve had a brother George, who returned to the US in approx 1928. Steve and sister Elizabeth remained in Hungary. Steve was in the Hungarian Army, he was married to a woman named Magda and had about six children. Steve disappeared around 1939-1943, we believe he was killed in the war. ??? Any info on Steve or family or Elizabeth her husband was also in the Hungarian Army and they had at least one daughter) and family would be of interest to me. Also, any info on prior ancestry of Elizabeth Komaromi would help. I know that she returned to Hungary to care for an ailing mother. I believe her father died approx 1926 - 1928 in Tiszalok. I am uncertain on the name of this town but do know it began with Tisza. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 17 March 1997

My grandfather came from Austria but I don't know whether he was from this part that you are researching. If he isn't I will start looking in the Austria section. He was naturalized in Pennsylvania 1900. Thank you for your help. Their surname was Kacenak or Kacenk or Kocenak.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Slava Isusu Christu ! Anyone know any Sefchik's from Spis county? Fedorko from Irljava in Uz county now in sub Carpathia Rus. Sztanko from Kuzmyno in Bereg county also in Sub Carpathia Rus. Banyas from Kyjov, Saros county Slovakia and Sholtis from Sarriske Jastrebie , Saris county Slovakia. They all came to America around 1900 and settled in Westmoreland county Pennsylvania in Towns of Wilpen, Norvelt and Bradenville. Mostly Coal mine work. Z Bohom, Daj Bohzhe Shchestija!
email: Joseph Sefchick - - Posted 16 March 1997

I am researching Holanik family from Dhle Pole, Slovakia (Johann, Stefan); Sojka family (Josef, m. Veronika Kosinar) and Maceranke family (Michael, Katharine) from Vysoka nad Kysucou, Slovakia; Julius Urbanovsky, believed to be Slovak, also possibly Polish.
email: Cecelia Urban - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: DURAN, STRAKA
I am searching for people with the last name of Duran or Straka. Still have family over there, a cousin of mine played soccer for the national team. If you can find anything, please contact me.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

I am looking for information on Olejar / Kadlic / Ostrochousky / Keduc.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Does anyone know the John Sedlak family of Sonohrad? What about the Smeloskis of Nitra or Soricha? My father was a Sedlak, and my mother was a Smeloksi; my parents were born in 1897, so I suppose that their parents were born about 1850 - and probably migrated to the U.S. in the 1890s. Any help would be appreciated.
email: Joe Sedlak - - Posted 16 March 1997

I am researching Bartko from Maly Lipnik and Brusco and Dubrava from Myjava.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Looking for any information regarding Martin Holasek b. 1870 Borsky Svatum Mikulasi married Magdalina Posirova b.1875 Bor. Sv. Mikulasi.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: BACHA, BATCHA
My ancestors came from the village of Bardejov, but the original spelling of our lastname was Bacha. My Granfather was Andrew Batcha. If you can help locate his records from Carpatho-Ruthenia, I would appreciate any information. Thank You and God Bless You! Slava Isusu Christu!
email: Father James J. Batcha - - Posted 16 March 1997

We are tracing family Michael Kovalik and Mary Havrilla emigrated to the USA in 1910 lived in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and settled in Mingo Jct (Steubenville), Ohio. Some relatives in Chicago, Cleveland and New Jersey George Kovalik (my uncle) was about to enter Czechoslovakia May 1945 w G Pattons 3rd army but politics and war intervened. We would like to know where our family resided in Europe before immigrating to USA.
email: Michael Kovalik - - Posted 16 March 1997

I am searching for information for the Slovak surnames of Tomcho and Kopnitsky. These names are Americanized.I think that the Slovak spellings were Tomco and Kopniczki. I believe that Tomcho's lived in Haslin. I'm not sure of the spelling of that village. I don't know where Kopnitsky's lived.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: SUBJAK
My great grandfather Stefan Subjak lived in Lysa pod Makytou in the early 1900's prior to WWI. He emigrated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin after passing through Chicago, Illinois.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: BABINEC
I am currently looking for information on the Babinec family from Rudno nad Hronom. I would be grateful for anything that you can provide. Thank you.
email: Norm Babinec - - Posted 16 March 1997

I am searching for information on Charles Fekula who migrated in Western Pennsylvania from Galecia. His wife was Anna ? They had a daughter named Eva (25 November 95) who was born in Galecia. She married Harry Zahirsky who also migrated to the United States. He was Russian Orthodox. He also migrated to Western Pa. I am also looking for information on Kathryn Pear (9/22/1880-1943)from Yugoslovia. She married John Marchok from Yugoslovia.
email: Linda Baxter Zahirsky - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: LESKO, KADLICEK
Enjoy browsing this site. Can anyone suugest a gazetteer to obtain info on the towns of Svaty Jur & Dojc in Bratislava? I am researching the surnames of my grandparents Lesko & Kadlicek and am trying the sources recommended in your site.
email: John Lesko - - Posted 16 March 1997

Searching for information concerning Bodnar and Kundrat ancestors. Grandfather is Mike Bodnar (may be spelled Bodner) Born 1862, Velatiky, Velaty, Kosice District. Married Anna Kundrat born 1867. Married 1891. Emigrated to America 1894. Eventually settled in West Virginia to work in Coal mines. Had 4 children - Mary, Mike, Anna, & John (my Father).
email: Linda Berlin - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: LANCOS
Searching for relatives in Slovakia. Michael and Anna Lancos moved from Slovakia in late 1800's and moved to Alliquippa, Pennsylvania. Relative of Lancos in USA is Stan Musial (Baseball Hall of Famer). Request information of decendant's still in Slovakia. Thank you.
email: Joey Lancos - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: MURCKO, SLOSAR
Searching for information about the genealogy of Paul Murcko who married Anna Slosar from Plavec (?) in Austria-Hungary and later Czechoslovakia. Immigrated through Ellis Island after WWI and settled firmly in Bridgeport, CT. Any Information appreciated.
email: Steve Murcko - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: ZAVACKY, SLUK
Looking for information on the Zavacky and Sluk families. I am looking for information on the village of Mikova in northeastern Slovakia near the Ukranian border. My grandfather came from that village and I would like to know if it is realistic to travel to that part of the world if one does not know anyone there or speak the language.
email: Dennis Zymboly - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: CYPRICH
Searching for ancestors of Joseph and Anna Cyprich from Zakopcie, in Trenchin County (zupa) district (okres) Cadca. Came to United States cira 1907.
email: Ed Wojtowicz - - Posted 16 March 1997

Trying to locate relatives of my husband from Osada, Slovakia, a city which no longer exists. It was moved so the area could be flooded to make a man-made lake to generate electrity. Ignatius Pavlak married Elisabeth Kubala, their son George Pavlak b.1883 came to the USA and married Anne Zbunak from Bobrov dau of Anthony Azunak and Theresa Vlosak. Any help with these names and towns would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: GRECNY
Searching Stefan Grecny from Myjava, Slovakia, born on November 5, 1873.
email: John Grecny - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: HREBIK, VOLOSIN
Searching for information on the Hrebik family of Jakubany and the Volosin family of Stare near Michalovce.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Anthony Rigelsky was born in Levocha on July 21, 1892 and came to America in 1906. Settled in Youngstown, Ohio. He married the former Katarina Sefcik of Spisska Zupa, Nova Ves.I am his granddaughter and am interested in any information about any living descendents.
email: Jayne McNeely - - Posted 16 March 1997

All surnames apparently come from the village of Lenartov, Saris county (near Bardejov) in eastern Slovakia today, although at one time a part of Hungary. George Bena and wife Anna Blandova (Blanda), had children born in the 1860's. Welcome all inquiries and any possible information about these surnames, or the village of Lenartov in general.
email: Chuck Ockrassa - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: SUTANICH
I am looking for information about my grandmother. Her name was Anna Sutanich and came from a town called Vyska. It was near a town called Zahorb. They were near the Polish border. She had two sisters, Eva and Sofia. She had three brothers. One was killed during WW I. I cannot find the towns on current maps.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: KREMA, KRCMA
My name is Erik Krema and I live in Poulsbo, Washignton, USA. I am researching my ancestry, but unfortunately have very little information to support the effort. I have been told by relatives that our family originally came from Slovakia. Once at Ellis Island, the family was required to change its surname from Krcma to Krema. Being a "made up" name, Kremas are few and far between. I would appreciate any guidance on how to proceed in searching out whether Krcma is in fact a Slavic name, and what if any connections that name has to Krema. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: CERNY, BORATKO
My beloved grandmother's maiden name was Magdelena Cerny. She had many brothers and sisters.Some names I remember are Elizabeth (moved to the United States) Veronica. She married John Boratko in New York and had two daughters, Gizella and Valerie. The town she came from was (I can only do this phonetically) Hlohlovec???. She may have had a brother Ferrence. My name is Pamela, I am Gizella's daugher.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: VASZILY, MIZAK
I am looking for any information on Stephen Vaszily or his wife, Mary Mizak who grew up possibly around the city of Kosice and he immigrated to the United States around the 1900 - 1902 with Mary following several years later.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: JACKO, BOLDIZAR
We are looking for information for the following family names: Jacko and Boldizar. We come from the Vranov area. Thanks.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: SPERKA
I am interested in information about our family, Sperka from Benus in the Banska Bystrica district. Benus is located 10 km east of Brezno. My grandparents settled in Cleveland, Ohio Thanks and best regards.
email: Bruce Sperka - - Posted 16 March 1997

I am looking for any info on my family, Joseph Schneeveis was born in Albertdorf, Hungary in 2 February 1878. Also my great great grandmother was Rosalia Lederer, born 13 March 1882, in Bellja, Hungary. I have many more names, but have not been able to find anything. One more name may be helpful, Regina Schneeveis, daughter of John and Regina, fled from Hungary, in the year 1946 to Hebstahl, Germany by way of Transport train called Margyarbol (I think) and this is last work of them.
email: Lisa Douglas - - Posted 16 March 1997

Ancestors of my maternal grandparents: Michael Hanik - born 20 November 1899. Died 10 July 1985 Maria Federonko - born 9 January 1903. Died 20 November 1990 Emmigrated to Canada sometime during the 1920's, settled in Princeton, British Columbia. Any information concerning Petre Hanik and Anna Brnza (Mlynarovce) and/or John Federonko and Helen Mizenko (Town of Rakovcik?) I am second generation in Canada - helping my mother complete our family tree. I would also really like to know my mother's culture.
email: Teri Burke - - Posted 16 March 1997

Iam looking for any records fo Stephan Dufala married to Mary Stefonscak or Andrew Pavlik married to Anna Furman came from Lubenec.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

I'm searching for info on the following surnames: Granat, Munijak, Murnyack, Matsko, and Matala. Also the town of Orizovand.
email: Daniel P. Granite - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching Michael Plavchak (born 1879 in Breznicak, Zemplin Co. He married Helen Hutynan in 1907 in Breznicka before they emigrated to Clairton, Pennsylvania.
email: Donna Doyle - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: HLAWA
Currently searching for info on Edith Hlawa who mysteriously died on 30 August 1969 in Deggendorf, Germany. Edith was born in 1935 in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia to Marie and Richard Hlawa. She had one child, Vera Hlawa born 25 May 1957 in Regensburg, Germany. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: BUDAI, RAU
I'm searching for any Hungarian members of the Budai family or the Rau family from either the village of Velky Grob or Slovensky Grob (I'm not sure where they came from, yet). The old name of the village was: Nemetgurab (Nemet Guraba) (Magyargurab) formally of Hungary. They came to America around 1906 and married in St. Louis, Missouri. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
email: Tom Budai - - Posted 16 March 1997

My mothers parents came from what is now Slovakia about the turn of the Century. My Grandmother, Mayr Majdik, came from a village called Benedova. Can anyone tell me anything about the village, or about the Majdik family? My Grandfather, Andrew Lihockie, (later Americanized to Lehosky) came fro Niznia Nad Oravo. Andrew was the born the son of Theresa Litek and Thomas Lihockie. Thomas was a land owner and I was told possibly a mayor of Niznia. Andrew was born in 1881 and was baptized at "Sigillum Ecclesiae Niznaensis Divecesis Scepusiensis" (the seal on his original Baptismal certificate. He was the oldest brother but refused to return to home from America to claim the land upon the death of his father. A man named Matula care for the land during the 1940's and 50's. Andrew Died in 1957. Can anyone tell me anything about the families or the villages? Can Anyone Help with any information?
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: SLEKAR, SZLEKAR
The current spelling of my last name is Slekar; My father thinks it was Szlekar. Pittsburgh area immigrants between 1890 and 1930.
email: Tim Slekar - - Posted 16 March 1997

We are searching for relatives of grandparents George Elmer Birchak and Anna Elizabeth (Majiros) Birchak, formerly of Salem, Ohio. We believe they came here from Luchy County in Slovakia. One other possible name associated would be Darak. If you have any information, please E-mail us.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: CSINOS, BODO
I am researching the surnames of Csinos and Bodo. My grandparents Frank and Barbara (nee Bodo) immigrated to Canada from a village near Debrechen Hungary in the early 1920-30s. I am looking for anyone who has information about, or related to Frank Csinos or Barbara Bodo.
email: Barbara Csinos - - Posted 16 March 1997

We are seeking information concerning Peter's grandparents: Andrew Kubinec born abt 1850; Ann Novotny born abt 1850; birthplace not known other than Czechoslovakia; Peter Huchala born 1857 in Nizna; Terezia Novotan born 1857 in Chlebnice. Any information would be apprerciated as we know nothing more than the above. Thank you.
email: Peter G. Huchala - - Posted 16 March 1997

Searching for relatives of the Ungerleider, Hungerleider or Atlasz families. Abraham Ungerleider (abt 1820) born in or near Medzilaborce in an area called Monastir. He had 9 brothers and 8 known sons. Most of the sons emigrated to the United States in the 1880's. Family known to have moved to Vranov,( a Paul Ungerleider was deported from Vranov in 1942) Michaelovce, Presov, Kosice, Bardejov. Family members also known to have lived in Teplitz-Schonau (Czech Rep.) and in the Hungarian cities of Eger, Budapest, Ozd, Karcag, Mezokerestztes, Miskolc, Arad, and Hejocsaba. Any information about these family memebrs would be appreciated.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: FATIN, BALKO
I am doing research into my family history. My father Andrew (Ondrej) Fatin migrated to Australia fron Slovakia prior to WW II. His father's name was John Fatin and mother Caroline Balko, I have them listed as farmers in Hrboltova. I would like to know more about the family and more importantly if John and Caroline Fatin had more than one child and if they or their relatives still reside in Slovakia. My name is Brian Fatin and I am 55 years of age. Ondrej (Andrew) Fatin was born in 1904. I do hope someone can be of assistance in this matter.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: PUPAVA
Hi, my grandmother was born in Krupina which is near the Hungraian border in 1903. Her maiden name was Pupava. What would be the chance of finding any descendents? Her entire immediate family came to the USA in 1912. Thanks.
email: Barbara Glover - - Posted 16 March 1997

Searching for great grandfather Josef Surman, born around 1850 in Soltis, Czech. Wife's lst name unknown (maybe Suzana) Libal Died 15 Jan 1920 in Turcok, Czechoslovakia. wife's mother was Suzana Vitko, in Soltis. Grandfather Jano Surman born August 20, 1885 at Bratislava, Slovakia. His wife was Maria Hrivnak born 1886 in Dihaluka, Muanska, Czech. and her mother was Maria Rosiar. Jano and Maria Hrivnak Surman lived in Turcok, Czech. They left there in the early 1900's to come to this country.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching Michael Zelunko (Possibly Zelunka). I am in the process of trying to verify that my grandfather lived in the Carpathian Mountains sometime before immigrating to the United States circa 1907. Im sorry I don't have a township name to help with the research. I only saw my grandfather once when I was 8 years old and then he passed away shortly thereafter in 1956. My mom does not have much information about him except that her father told her that he was born in Austria/Hungary and lived in the Carpathian Mountains. At this point in my life, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to at least be able to trace my roots as much as possible and at least verify (if nothing else) that my grandfather lived in Carpathia. Any information would be greatly appreciated both for myself and my mother. Thanks!
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: PUSKAS
Looking for info on Rudolf Puskas.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: HIRKO
This project officially got underway in January of 1977 with the purpose of identifying and linking the various branches of the Hirko surname. To the best of our collective knowledge the roots of this family come from Eastern Europe and we have thus far identified origins in present day Slovakia and Hungary. You are encouraged to view our progress and contact us if you have information to offer or questions. We now have approximately two dozen individuals from New Jersey to Japan researching their roots and happily welcome new members. With a name like Hirko, we have to be related! Home Page:
email: Mike Hirko - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: HOLIC, CERNAK
I am trying to research my father's family. His parents were Martin and Elizabeth (Holic) Cernak. They migrated from Czechoslovakia near the turn of the century(?) and settled near Corinth (Porter's Corners), New York in Saratoga County. They had 4 sons, Paul, Milton, Stephan and John. My father spoke fluent slavik. Family story has it that his father, Martin Cernak, was arrested for stealing a horse and was being transported to prison when he escaped and made his way to America, with my grandmother. I understand Cernak is a common name in Slovakia. Any information would be welcome.
email: Karen Ingles -
InglesK@HARTWICK.EDU - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: REBIC, RABICH
Joseph Rebic / Rabich came from Smiki, Hungary and Julia Zatko came from Bresiovec, Spis. I believe Bresiovec is now Bratislavia. Is that true? Where is Smiki, Hungary? Since my grandfather spoke Slovak, I would believe that it is somewhere in Slovakia. They were married in Cleveland, OH on 7 September 1896. Would appreciate hearing from any long lost relatives or anyone who might know were Smiki, Hungary is. Thank you for any information you might forward to me.
email: Patricia Rabich Benetis - - Posted 16 March 1997

Looking for Resotka (Resutko) and Tibus (Tibusz) from Krampach, Slovakia area. Came to America around 1890's and 1904. To live in Passaic, New Jersey then on to Whippany, New Jersey where they died. Any info or connection appreciated.
email: - - Posted 16 March 1997

Researching: FUTROS
I looking for information on the origins of the Futros family. Some Futroses still live in or near Pracise, Slovakia and other small towns in Slovakia. And there are Futroses in Canada and I believe USA. It would be nice to communicate with someone from that family by E-mail in English.
email: Victor Dobchuk - - Posted 15 March 1997

My Grandparents came to Cleveland, Ohio in 1920 from Likavka and Ruzomberok in the Liptov Mikulas region of Slovakia. I would appreciate if anyone has any knowledge of either of these two villages, or is acquainted with the surnames Holdos (Holdosh) or Pindura. I wish all my fellow Americans of Slovak ancestry success and enjoyment in your genealogical research!
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Michael Petrov of Czaklov, Slovakia married in Ohio in 1891 Helena Hriczova of Cicava, Slovakia. Michael Petrov of Hlinneho, Slovakia married in Czaklov in 1856 Anna Hudakova of Czaklov, Slovakia. Michal Hriczov married in Slovakia Anna Gordantsikova. Any new data will be greatly appreciated.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: SUSKO
Am searching for ways to learn more about my Susko ancestors. My grandfather, Josef Michael Susko (b 18 Mar 1878) came to America in 1900 to join his half-brother Janus. They came from small farming village near Kosice. Some say the village was called Caklov. However my grandfather's ship registry listed his last place of residence as Cseklya which i cannot locate on any map. Is there a source to write to for assistance (preferrably one which can understand English)? Thank you in advance.
email: Joe Barton - - Posted 15 March 1997

Searching for information about my maternal great grandmother, Barbara Bares, born in village of of Kuzmice in 1875. She immigrated to America in 1896. Maternal great grandfather, Andrew Melnick, born in Humenne, Czechoslovakia in 1872. He immigrated to America in 1891. Searching for information about my paternal grandfathers family who I believe still live somewhere in Slovakia. Grandfathers name George Paul Bazar and his brothers name was Paul Bazar. George was born around 1895, 1896. Searching for information about my maternal great-great grandparents born in Czechoslovakia. Andrew Melnick and Suzanna Otavka. Great grandparents Barbara Beres and Andrew Melnick. Barbara was born in village of Kuzmice in 1875 and Andrew was born in 1876 in town of Humenne. Paternal grandfather, George Paul Bazar, was born around 1896,in Humenne and I believe he would still have family in Slovakia. His brothers name was Paul Bazar. Great grandparents immigrated to America in 1896 and 1900. My grandfather immigrated just before World War I. Thank you for any help.
email: Paula Bazar-Sandling - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: KRIZAN
I am told that my name is Slovak and that my Grandmother and Grandfather may have come from, or around, Bratislava in the early portion of this century. I'm just interested to see if other people named Krizan are out there. This name is not real common in the USA.
email: Steve Krizan - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: VIROSTKO, FECKO
My name is Virostko, our ancestors came from the villages of Matysova, Stara Lubovna, and Zamutov, Zemplin Co. in Slovakia. Also am researching Fecko.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: TIRPAK, TOMAS
Searching for any information on Tirpak and Tomas, KATONA. Great grandfather named Alec Tirpak, married Anna Tomas. Anna had a sister named Rose Tomas. Rose married ? Katona. These people came to the USA and settled in the Amherst, Ohio area. Trying to trace my Tirpak and Tomas roots. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: DRUDL
Looking for info on the Drudl surname.
email: Clint Drdul - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: SOPKO
My father was born in Slovakia and was put into a camp. He was released by Americans who brought him to American. He has several sisters and a brother that was killed in the war. His name is Frank John Sopko.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Our surnames are Husenica and Solivay.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

We would like information on our relatives from Slatvina. The names are: Martov, Gredecky, and Solcani. We would also like information on relatives in Bardejov. The names are Sabol, Kacmar, and Pavlik. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Peter Coma (Czoma, Choma, Soma) immigrated from the village of Ulic to Scranton, Pennsylvania in 1908 and joined a brother Michael. He had three other brothers one named Charles. Mother was a Gaydosak and grandparents were Polansky. Name changed to Soma from Coma in Scranton,Pa. Thank you.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: KAJAN
Looking for info on the Kajan surname.
email: -
BASKETBALL15@WORLDNET.ATT.NET - Posted 15 March 1997

I would like to have my searching information listed in your listings.I am searching for any connections to the following Surnames: Matis, Matisz, Smihulya, Rusnak, Riszely, Magerko, Bistarkey, Sirochakova, Hric, Hricova, Zemba, Gansor, Almasy, Mlinek, Forgach, Repko, and Bashar surnames.
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: SATINA
My name is Jozef Satina, Slovak citizen, living in Japan recently. I am looking for some information about my family`s background name. I know, that this name is widespread arround Valasska Bela village, region in central part of Slovakia. I will appreciate any kind of information, Thank you.
email: Jozef Satina -
SATINA@GS.NIIGATA-U.AC.JP - Posted 15 March 1997

Researching: ONDERKO
My name is Jim Onderko and I live in the United States. I am curious about any relatives of mine that are still living in Slovakia. My great grandfather Michael Onderko left Sloavakia for trhe United States some were around the turn of the century(not exactly sure of date). I would just like to find out what, if any Onderko's are still living in Slovakia!
email: - - Posted 15 March 1997

I am looking for Micheal Edward Vencilik born 24 September 1862 in Zemplen, Austria-Hungary . Also looking for Mary Svach born 21-5-1874 in Zemplen,Austria-hungary. I am assuming that they were married in that town also before they came to America. There is a large family in the U.S.A. I am the great great grandson of these two people and hope to find out more about them.I don,t have any other info than that given to help in the search though.!! Both lived in Washington state till their deaths. I am looking for John Kranzski, Kranzsky not sure which is the correct one to look for though. born 7-1862 in german Poland as that is what the 1920 Census says? He immigrated in 1874 or 5 to U.S.A. His fathers name was John or Matt. I also am looking for his wife Julia Prill born 1864 and immagrated to U.S.A. in 1876. Forgot to say that John Kranski's mothers name was Mary Guslovia. John and Julia died in Wisconsin,U.S.A. Thanks in advance for any help or info you find.
email: Scott A. Kransky Sr. - - Posted 15 March 1997

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