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Slovakia, Slovak Heritage Newsletter is a quarterly publication of the Slovak Heritage and Folklore Society International based in Rochester, New York.

The quarterly publicizes people, events of interest, services, courses, tips on travel to Slovakia, and how to find long-lost relatives. Slovakia quarterly is celebrating its twelfth anniversary.

The Winter '98 issue of Slovakia published by the Slovak Heritage & Folklore Society int'l is in the mail.

Articles in the Winter 1998 issue of Slovakia:

The issue includes an article on a famed Slovak nativity scene which is exhibited in the n.w. Slovak village of Terchov~a. Many of the Hanuliak family were involved in its production over the past 20 years.

John Lesko writes about the commemoritive booklets that are beginning to be published by villages in Slovakia to celebrate anniversaries. He tells about the history of his village of Dojc~ in old Nitra County now celebrating its 606th year.

Nick Skrovan shares Rusyn Christmas memories and an icon of the Madonna graces the page.

A mini-history of Slovakia is included along with Christmas gift ideas.

Linda Pazics Kleback write about the importance of listening for clues when doing genealogy research, her family came from Uz~ County villages.

Al Stoffa shares a fascinating photo from St. John Nepomucene Church in Freeland, Luzerne Cty with many parishioners in varied forms of Slovak folk dress and some grand military-looking outfits that might have been fraternal organization uniforms.

Also an article on interesting web sites is included. Thad Raushi writes of finding his long lost family in Hanus~ovce nad Topl'ou in old Zemplin county on a visit in 1992 and just learning that his dear relative just died; he was only in his 50s. "Don't wait too long to visit, " Thad writes in recalling their emotional meeting and the time together which he will never regret.

Those with roots in the scenic and folky village of Z~diar on the Polish border in old Spis~ County are planning a Z~dair Homecoming in the village next August 12 - 24 and in surrounding eastern Slovakia and the issue carries two wonderful old photos contributed by Slovak World's Carole Saloomey of the ancestral Andras family homestead and a Z~dair wedding in folk dress in the 1930s.

A member is a Princess - Becki Drew was named first runner up in the 19th annual Lorain OH International pageant which is not a beauty contest but recognizes the beauty of one's culture. Her roots are in Saris.

A report on the upcoming Symposium on Eastern European culture Jan.15/16 in San Diego CA at the Mingei International Museum is also included.

Articles in the Spring 1996 issue (Vol. 10, No. 1) of Slovakia:

Articles in the Fall 1995 edition included:

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