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Slovak, Czech, and Carpatho-Rusyn Gift Ideas

We will have some very unique Slovak, Czech, and Carpatho-Rusyn gift ideas here for all occasions. Many items are imported from the Czech republic, Slovak republic or the Carpathian Mountains area of Ukraine.

Email us your order and we will get your items out along with an invoice. Add only one $3.00 shipping charge no matter how many items you order.

All items are available as of 01 April 2004. The selection will change on a regular basis. Be sure to stop and see what we have new on a regular basis.

Send your order to and we will confirm receipt and shipping via return email.

Don't forget your Oplatki for Christmas Eve.

If your looking for a gift, we suggest My Mother's Words of Wisdom, a book of Slavic proverbs.

For music, visit the Slovak Music Shop for Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn music and the Czech Music Shop for the Czech, Bohemian, and Moravian music. Be sure to visit the Carpathian Cross Shop for a great selection of hand carved crosses from the Carpathian Mountains.

These wooden pen whistles were crafted in the Carpathian Mountains. They are made of wood and are hand painted with a traditional Carpatho-Rusyn folk pattern. They are 6 inches long. Makes a great decoration to add to your Christmas gift box. Just tie it on with ribbon. $1.00 each.

Wooden fife hand made and painted by Carpatho-Rusyn village craftsmen. No two are alike. Colors and painting will vary. All have a carpatho-Rusyn floral pattern. About 12 inches long. $3.00 each.

Wooden rosaries from the carpathian Mountains. Specify dark tan or brown. Carved from native wood, the rosaries are hand made and no two are alike. $5.00 each.

While the carpatho-Rusyns are know for their woodworking, the Czechs are know for their skills at glassmaking and beads.

These Rosaries are hand made in the U.S. using glass beads from the Czech Republic.

The Rosaries are available in Amber, Green, Smoke, Black, or Purple Czech beads.

They also come in Amethyst, Montana Blue (Smoky Light Blue), Black, Olive, or Teal Czech beads with contrasting Paters of cloisonne beads. $25.00 each.

While the Roasry is best known in the west, the Chotki or "Jesus Beads" were used by the Eastern Churches and the Carpatho-Rusyn people. These are 33 bead versions of the Chotki and were hand made in the Carpathian Mountains. The beads are slightly larger than that found on the standard sized rosary. Specify medium or dark wood. $5.00 each.

While the Roasry is best known in the west, the Chotki or "Jesus Beads" were used by the Eastern Churches and the Carpatho-Rusyn people. These are 103 bead versions of the Chotki and were hand made in the Carpathian Mountains. They are brown oiled wood beads. Read more about the Tradition of the Chotki Beads.

The Chotki beads come with a booklet on using the Chotki and the Jesus prayer. $5.00 each.

This bracelet was created in the Carpathian Mountains of Eastern Europe by Carpatho-Rusyn village craftsworkers. Made in the villages, no pieces are exactly alike and every bracelet is one of a kind. The beads were made from walnut wood grown in the Carpathians. The hand-crafted wooden beads are strung on a triple stretch band with gold accents Walnut strips tie the three bands together. $5.00 each.

Cherry and Walnut bracelets hand crafted by Carpathian craftsmen from native wood. Color and size will vary from piece to piece. This is a really nice bracelet with 18 to 20 wooden segments per bracelet srung on a double stretch band. $3.00 each.

Proclaim your heritage in your kitchen with these refridgerator magnets. Ready to stick on your refrigerator door. The magnets are 2 1/2 inches in diameter. They are also available in Slovak and Rusyn. Be sure to specify the country with your order. A great stocking stuffer idea. $2.50 each.

Proclaim your heritage with this "It's Great to be Rusyn" button. The button has a pin back and is 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The "It's Great to be..." buttons are also available in Czech and Slovak. Be sure to specify the country. A great idea for picnics, parties or favors. $2.50 each.

This hand carved eagle is the perfect size for desk or work station. The eagle has wings upright and is standing on a rock. It was carved from lime wood in the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine by Carpatho-Rusyn woodcrafters, The eagle stands 7 1/2 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches wide. It is finished in natural color stains of grey, black, and brown. A most interesting piece from Eastern Europe. The Carpatho-Rusyns are known for their wood craft and this eagle is a nice example of Carpathian carving. $9.00 each.

Three Carpathian storks in a 7 inch tall carving. Mother, father and baby in the wooden nest. According to Carpatho-Rusyn tradition, this carving symbolizes a happy family and will bring good luck to the family that receives it. $10.00.

We have 50 different stamps, all over 40 years old, from Czechoslovakia for $5.00. Read More about the stamps.

Check out our Easter Ideas for great Pascha items available all year round.

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Shipping and handling is $3.00 per order no matter how many items you may order.

Have your Ancestral Village photographed, churches, schools, homes, cemetery and whatever else you request.

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