Easter Traditions

Hand Embroidered Basket Cover
of Anna Marie Sandor Stanislav 1892-1981

Microwave Sirok, A Modern Tradition

Courtesy of Marilyn Kopchak

Mix well with hand beater or wire whisk

Place in microwave container and cover loosely with saran wrap

Microwave for 20 minutes at 70% power

Remove saran wrap (watch for steam) and stir

microwave for 10 minute intervals at 70% power and repeat until desired consistancy (looks like scrambled eggs)

microwaves differ, your mileage may vary

Strain through a cheese clothe and wrap ball of sirok in cheese clothe and tie tightly

Allow to drain, twisting cheese clothe bag from time to time removing as much liquid as possible

Wrap in saran wrap, refrigerate, bless, cut and serve at midnight.

We invite you to join us in the blessing of Easter Baskets at Our Lady's Chapel of the Saint Louis New Cathedral, Lindell Boulevard, Saint Louis, Missouri, on Holy Saturday.

Christos Voskrese!

email: Marilyn Kopchak Marilyn@iarelative.com

Sirok, The Traditional Way

Courtesy of Andy Verostko

Pour milk in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add eggs slowly to the milk. Add salt and pepper. Cook over low heat and stir constantly so mixture will not scorch. When all egg has been cooked, pour mixture into a linen towel, squeeze mixture into a ball shape in the towel and tie. Hang over sink and let it drain for several hours. Remove and refrigerate. I wrap mine in a saran wrap at this time.

There are several variations to flavoring the sirok. Some people add sugar and vanilla instead of salt and pepper or combinations of that. Parsley is used and one friend insists that only whole peppercorns should be used. So whichever way you choose to spell the name or flavor it, it is a traditional Slovak Easter food.

In addition to sirok, there are several other foods which are always eaten. Horseradish alone or mixed with beets. Kolbasi, Ham, Boiled eggs either colored, pickled, or just peeled. A sweet bread called paska and many kinds of kolacky & rozky. Also in the basket would be salt & butter with the butter being put in a mold shaped like a lamb.

There are several families here in northern Virginia that are of Eastern European ancestry and about 6 or 7 years ago we prevailed upon out local priest to bless Easter baskets for us and it has become an annual event at our church. Saturday before Easter at 10:00AM the vestibule of our church will have tables covered with Easter baskets filled with the traditional foods.

Andy Verostko email: averostko@bealenet.com

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