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The Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research Page offers tools, resources, and information to help you search your Slovak or Carpatho-Rusyn family history and ancestry. You will also find links to a wealth of information on the area now known as Slovakia.

If you have questions about genealogy and research relating to Slovakia, stop in at our Eastern Slovakia Genealogical Research Question and Answer Forum and post your question.

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Stanislaw / Stanislav Family
The parish records of Porac, Slovakia, are now available! Check the status of recent research. - updated 05 July 2001

Kopchak / Cebula / Macala / Galayda Families
Sandor (Sanders) / Smik Families

The Halcsin Family Records were found in the Odorin registers. Watch for information. Joannes Halcin Sandor, son of Josephus Halcin and Catharina Szanetrik, born 05 May 1859 - Updated 27 April 1998

Baluch Family
Four generations of the Hoza Family from the Spisska Nova Ves area of eastern Slovakia to Farrell, Pennsylvania
Growing up in a Carpatho-Rusyn family on Bald Mountain near Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania - Growing Up on Bald Mountain - Great reading
The Family Tree Pavlovic has 460 members mostly from East Slovakia
The George Rabatin Family from Valkovce, Slovakia
The Tollassy Family of Rudnany, Slovakia
The Bodnovic Family of Rudnany, Slovakia
The Skvarenina Family originates from what is now known as Bosany, Slovakia
Family names Flautner and Kehler from Sitnianska and Kezmarok
Of Jastrabie, Slovakia, the Soltis Family Genealogy Forum
Jesse "The Body" Ventura, Governor of Minnesota, is a Slovak and his real last name is Janos
George Dorunda, International Multi-Media Mega-Star and son of Slovak parents
Obituary of Czechoslovak Freedom Fighter and World-Renowned Housing Economist Michael Sumichrast
Fridrich and Kindl Families of Divin, Novohrad, Slovakia
Richard Milan Komzik's WWW Home Page
Peter Nagy Family Tree Chart
The Biskupic/Bisko Family Information and a pedigree sheet in Slovak that you can print out
The Family of Emrich and Barbara [Hricko] Belensky -- Margecany, Spis, Slovakia to Taylor, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
The Dollins Family Genealogy - The families of both my parents trace their roots back to three towns in the western part of what is now the Slovak Republic: Banovce nad Bebravou, Brezova pod Bradlom, and Myjava
Dennis Ragan's HomePage, Flynn, Mullen, Jakuba, Revak, and Price Families
Paula's Genealogy Place researching Matty, Matyi, Matti, Hrubovcak, Dobransky, Fecho-Bindas, Rosputinsko, Scurek, Hlatky and more
The Malec and Sarna Family Page
The Yakov Mylech Miller Family of Lenartov and Obrucna, Slovakia
Goldstein and related families of northeastern Slovakia
The Jaso and Hudak Family Page has Heading Translations for Parish Records
Shogan / Sogan & Figulski Family Tree by Regis P. Shogan and photos of Lekarovce (Lekart) and Velke Ozorovce 
The Kustra Family Home Page
Podmajersky / Podmayersky Heritage
Biography of Joe Fedorchak
Biography of Michal Kovac, former President of the Slovak Republic, in English
Budai - from Velky Grob, Slovakia (Nemetgurab, Hungary)
The Kuruc Family Genealogy Forum
Chubon Family Web Page
The Jawornicki / Javornytskyj / Yavornitzky family of Sub-Carpathian Rus
Iwaniw Family Research Web Site
The Zeman-Adamek Family for the descendants of Michal Zeman (born Myjava, August 25, 1854) and Kristina Zabka Zeman (born Sviniarky, November 1, 1863)
The Krispin / Krispinsky Family page features an introduction to the Krispinsky Family of Koterbach, Slovakia.
The Trojanovich Webpage chronicles the descendents of Matt(Met) and Mary Manyik Trojanovich and specifically the family of their son William and Marie Kobilan Trojanovich
The Szedmáky Family of Budapest, Hungary and Vajk, Slovakia pages has some good research information as well as family history
The Funeral of Emy Juliana Czismarczik, Spisska Nova Ves (Iglo) Slovakia circa 02 February 1898
The Palus Family Page
D.R."Doc" Begnal-Young's Personal Genealogy Page
The Kundrat Family information page, Slovakia to Cleveland, Ohio
The Dzyak Family Tree
The Yurkovic and Shigo Families from Slovakia
J. Michael Deigan's Homepage features family trees and pedigrees from Hungary and Slovakia
Slovakia to Pennsylvania Lines - Lackawanna Co., Olyphant/Jessup
Gabris / Slaning - Rosipko / Lemesh - Smelik (Cmelik) / Harvaniak
The Paul Robert Chenevey Homepage, Genealogy of the Chenevey, Gruber, Brecht, Helmeczi, Kocsis, Gunther, and Ellerbruch families
The Gottsegen Family of Hummene, Pribenik, and Kralovsky Chlemec

Gottsegen Family Research update

The Richard A. Uher Home Page includes many of the ancestors of Richard who came from the village of Benkovce which is near Vranov on the Topla River in eastern Slovakia. Other villages include Tovarne, Ondavske Matiasovce, Tav-Polyanka and Stefanovce, all within a five mile radius of Benkovce.
Gabler Homepage for Genealogy Research
The Havlicek Cooperative has a comprehensive list of related surnames
Dorothy's Genealogy Center featuring the Buczko, Orlik, Babon, Vodzak, Iglar, Prutz, Gabrysh, Stokosa, Bigos, Banka, Pojedinec, Tomaskovic, and Maskala families of Frydman, Krempach, and Kroscienko in Spis and Liezensk and Adamowka in Jaroslaw, Poland
Smolenak Family Newsletter Researching the following names from Osturna: Smolenak, Homza, Figlyar, Talyascak, Harabin, Rusnak, Zavacsky, Vanecko, Vasicak, Kopral(y), Krolyak, Tuszak, Vach, Repcsak, Mudrak, Bednar, Krupjak, Szibjak, Drugacs, Pavliscak, Petrulyak, Lyach, Jascenscak, Romanyak, Kasmarek, Glevanyak, Kusnirak, Gorely, Lazarak, Lavenjak, Bassar and Penza.
- The Virosztko / Verostko Family of Baska, Abov Province, Slovakia, covering 160 years of family history through seven generations in Slovakia and America
- The Rosenberg Extended Family Pages
- The Harvilla Family of Huncovce, Slovakia
- The Melioris Family of Tranava, Slovakia
The Slovak website of Jan Liptovsky
The Historical Dracula of the Austro-Hungarian province of Transylvania, now part of Romania
John Snow, researcher in the 1800's in the battle against cholera, one of the biggest killers in the villages of Slovakia
How Speculation Becomes Fact in Genealogical Research
The complete list of Slovak Name Days for the entire year

Patron Saints Patronage Index

You can Order Birth and Death Records Online!
A Dictionary of Period Russian Names and some of their Slavic roots being a compilation of over 25,000 Russian names taken from period sources by Paul Wickenden of Thanet - Online Edition

Female Czech and Slovak Given Names and Male Czech and Slovak Given Names at Kabalarian Philosophy

BabyZone Czech and Slovak Given Names

The Kresni List, (Slovak Baptism Certificate) - finding one of these can be a key to unlocking your family history. From the Ancestors of Kim Marie Glass web site

Surnames: What's in a name?

- Carpatho-Rusyn Names from the Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base

A Note from Richard Custer to people with ancestors from Slovakia and surrounding areas

Hail Ruthenia! by Timothy Garton Ash

Dave Kuchta provides a look into the History of the early immigrants coming to America
Don Havlicek writes about his Sastin Search Adventure, finding ancestors on a trip to Sastin, Slovakia

My Trip to Visit Family in Slovakia by Bob Pollak

A trip report from Helene Cincebeaux on her recent visit to Slovakia

Frank Plichta offers some advice on travel to Slovakia, Enjoy the Adventure

Looking for Signs in Slovakia

The Ukrainian Page features a recount of a trip to the western Ukraine (Lviv) in 1993

You'll enjoy reading the Slovakia Adventure Report by June A. Malina

Search the 1930 US Federal Census

- A regular on Slovak-World writes about their First Trip to Slovakia

A visitor to Slovakia asks What Kind of People Are These Slovaks?

An American Cousin finds his relatives in Slovakia

The Spirit Lives On

The Story of Ernest Berger from Dunajska Streda, an Auschwitz Concentration Camp Survivor from the Slovak Heritage Live quarterly
Notes of a Teacher from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, circa 1905, on emigration from her village to America - Required reading for everyone with ancestors from the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Hungarian, English, Latin, and German translation chart for given names
Duncan B. Gardiner, Ph.D., C.G. offers a Checklist for seeking genealogical information

To everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary this month, we would like to wish you Many Happy, Healthy Years!

We will be adding other families from the area and more in the near future. if you have a www genealogy page with ancestors from Slovakia and related areas, please provide your URL to so we can add it to this page. If you don't have a www page, we can include your family or village information as part of this www domain. Send email to
In a major addition to our resources we have added the surname index with village of origin from the Slovak Pride Surname Reference of the Slovak Heritage and Folklore Society International. The society will also put you in contact with others researching your surnames.

Post your surnames and villages of interest on the internet along with your email contact information.

Searching in Slovakia is updated daily and now contains over 14,800 surnames being actively researched. Stop by and see if someone is researching your family name or add your surnames and email address. There is no charge for the listings.

Searching in Slovakia


Super Spis by Helene Baine Cincebeaux

Al Stoffa takes you on a 10 day Tour of Slovakia with Helene Cincebeaux's "Charming Eastern Slovakia 2000"

Look at Eastern Europe with June Hollis
The Great Slovak Flood of 1998
We have had extensive family listings and village information for Porac and Koterbach in eastern Slovakia. We are now planning to add a page for Slovinky, the village on the other side of the mountain and possibly start a tips and translations helper page for the parish registers of the area. We've posted some "causes of death" and could use some help in getting this area going.
Aeroklub Spisska Nova Ves - Spectacular aerial views of the area
Castles and More including pictures of Cachtice hrad featured in the movie Dragonheart

The Bojnice Castle

Susan Guza's Portrait of Slovakia internet site

Ken Sisitka takes you on a Picture Tour on the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Slovakia by Andrej Dula of Bratislava

Take a Virtual Tour of The Lemko Skansen in Zyndranova with Richard D. Custer and the Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base

The Croatians in Slovakia
List of Towns and Villages in Slovakia

The Day of the City of Kosice - 1998
The Telgart Reunion was held on July 26, 1998 in Cleveland, Ohio
Heinz Schleusener has just opened a web site dealing with the two Medzev villages, Unter- and Ober-Metzenseiffen

A most comprehensive guide to the capital of the Slovak Republic that includes a color indexed street map, Bratislava Inside and Out by Sally Williams with profits from the book going to the Friends of Slovakia Association, a non-profit organization and the Slovak Professional Woman's Association

Magazines for the Historian and Genealogist
Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, circa 1880, an interesting group picture from a west central Pennsylvania village before the turn of the century.


The MapQuest interactive atlas allows you to find any place in the world including the smaller villages of Slovakia

Gazetteer and and map index to close to 10,000 place names in Slovkia. This is being expanded to include links to a 1:250,000 map of Slovakia that will include additional family and place name information.

Calculate distances between villages in Slovakia at How far is it? with our easy to follow instructions

Map of the States of the Germanic Confederation - 1836 by G. Boynton
Magellan Geographix Map Store features the best-of-the-best mapping products in order to make your purchase a smart one! Order folded travel maps. These maps are great for travel or as a general reference.
Historical Atlas of East Central Europe, an atlas that covers all of East Central Europe, from the early fifth century through 1992 by Paul Robert Magocsi is worth getting from your library.

Lycos Roadmap Search of the World includes both the Czech and Slovak Republics

The towns and villages of the Slovak Republic from the Global Gazetteer
Slovak/English translations of common geographic terms
Microfiche Now Available from AVOTAYNU includes a 350,000 name gazatteer of eastern Europe
City and Town Plans of Slovakia from Generation Press
Centennia 1.21 Historical Atlas of Europe software for DOS from Gold Bug Software
FEEFHS East European Map Room with 45 maps of eastern Europe circa 1880

Hutterite Place Names in Europe at the FEEFHS East European MAP ROOM has a map of 16th and 17th century Hutterian communities in Moravia and Slovakia

Map Finder at the Indiana University
Map of Austria-Hungary, Distribution of Races (Nationalities) circa WWI
Map of Slovak Dialects
Slovakia, in the past, was part of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. András Szeitz offers a timeline of maps for the area from the 11th Century through the formation of Czechoslovakia after World War I.

View the Maps

Detailed maps of Austria-Hungary, circa 1910, including what is now the Slovak Republic giving the Hungarian names of the villages
Hungarian and Transylvanian Maps, Images, and Resources
Slovaks per Square Mile based on the 1990 United States Census and a link to the site where you can make your own maps down to the county level based on hundreds of pieces of demographic data. This is a fun site for all ages.
Looking for the village or town in America that your ancestor emigrated to, try the 1895 Atlas of the United States

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