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The Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research Page offers tools, resources, and information to help you search your Slovak or Carpatho-Rusyn family history and ancestry. You will also find links to a wealth of information on the area now known as Slovakia.

If you have questions about genealogy and research relating to Slovakia, stop in at our Eastern Slovakia Genealogical Research Question and Answer Forum and post your question.

If you haven't listed your surnames already, stop in at Searching in Slovakia and post the surnames you are researching.

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Services and Information:

Survey of Slovakia Church Records (cirkevena matrika) Held by the Mormon's Family History Library (FHL) as of May 9, 2007 by Bill Tarkulich

Czechoslovakia at the Century of Progress, Chicago, Illinois 1933
Burials in the Military Cemetery of Kocise for the years 1914 - 1919

The West-Ukrainian Jewish Historical Research Center - Zikaron offers cemetery services and searches in Transcarpathia

A great new book called Eight Centuries of Slovak Heraldry has just been published. It's a great reference work
The book Culture and Customs of the Czech Republic and Slovakia By Craig Cravens just published last year makes great reading
The Slovak Genealogical Heraldic Society at the Matica Slovenska has a special genealogy project planned. Please take time to read their letter
The Survey of Czech and Slovak Historic Sites and Monuments in America can use your help
The Foundation for Cutural Heritage Preservation, sponsored by UNESCO, has many projects in the works in Slovakia. Visit this site to see what projects are currently being planned.
Nase Slova is published by the students of the Journalism School, Comenius University, Bratislava, in the hope of informing the world about their country, Slovakia. The newsletter is in Slovak and English.
Magazines for the Historian and Genealogist
Slovakia Document Store, rated as one of the best internet sites in the world
Discovering New Databases with the Database Card Catalog
Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base should be the first stop for anyone with Carpatho-Rusyn ancestors. When you stop there be sure to read "Researching the People of No Man's Land, The Carpatho-Rusyns of Austria-Hungary" by Thomas A. Peters, recently updated and includes a super list of additional sources of information

Encyclopedia of Rusyn History and Culture by Paul Robert Magocsi and Ivan Pop

Carpatho-Rusyn Society Genealogy Committee Home Page

Slovaks on the Hudson a history of Slovaks in Yonkers, New York
Great reading for all ages - The Carpatho-Rusyn Americans by Paul Robert Magocsi
Lemkos - those people of the Carpathian Mountains - a most extensive site

A Fractured Identity: The Lemko of Poland, the Lemko are finding the reconstruction of their ethnic identity hindered by a variety of internal divisions

Galician Research, historical perspectives
Carpatho-Rus' House for the Carpatho-Russian Community at the East Europe Connection, Laurence Krupnak who has been answering a lot of questions in our Slovak Genealogy Question and Answer Forum is host for the site
The Carpathian Connection is a resource for those whose ancestors came from the Carpathian Mountains
Visit Our Slovakia, a very nice site with lots of background information
The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Slovakia Org, the guide to the Slovak Republic with sections on travel, history, culture, economy and society. Be prepared to spend some time there
Slovak Rusyns to Romania - A study about the settling in the 17th and 18th centuries of Rusyns in the districts Ugocsa and Szatmar, Romania, being presented between 26-29 November 1998, at Satu-Mare District Museum at the Rumanian-Ukrainian historical seminar. If you have ancestors from eastern Slovakia, make sure you check this surname list.
The Museum of Ethnography, Budapest, Hungary

The Friends of Slovakia Association has a genealogy center in Martin as one of their proposed projects

The Patrin, dedicated to Romani (Gypsy) culture and history and to extending awareness of the continuous Roma struggle to achieve and maintain dignity and freedom.

The Roma in the Slovak educational system

SLOVAK-WORLD - If you are interested in genealogy and Slovakia, subscribe to this mailing list. Send a blank message to

You will receive the message thread at your email address as they happens.

The help file that Slovak-World told you to keep when you signed up and didn't or can't find it now.

Poland Border Surnames, mailing list of surnames for anyone researching genealogy in the former historical borders of Poland including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Moravia, Hungary, Russia, the Balkans, and East Prussia
Parsec's Who? Where? People Finder This is a super internet utility!
Ship Arrivals from Europe 1727 to 1930
Translations of Slovak and Czech documents, Martin Gregor and the Czech and Slovak Yellow Pages

English / Czech / Slovak Translation Dictionaries:

If your doing family research in parish registers, sooner or later this 50,000 word English-Hungarian and Hungarian-English dictionary will come in handy

Certified Genealogist, Duncan Gardiner, Editor of Rocenka, the yearbook of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society at the Federation of Eastern European Family History Society The FEEFHS has a Slovakian Cross-Index. They also have a Carpatho-Rusyn Cross-Index at their site

German Places in Slovakia by Duncan B. Gardiner, Ph.D., Certified Genealogist

The Carpatho-Ukraine Database 97-1 of Austrian Immigrants at the FEEFHS now contains 4,000+ names
Slovak Roots - Getting Started, A Guide for Researching Your Roots in the Slovak and Czech Republics by John A. Hudick, is required reading for anyone doing Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn family histories.

Introduction to Beginning Slovak Research

The Slovakia GenWeb Project
The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History and The Dictionary of Cleveland Biography

In 1930, Slovaks from Cleveland, Ohio were members of or sponsors for the printing of religious book and music in the Slovak language by the Sv. Vojtech Society, based in Trnava, western Slovakia

The Cleveland Necrology File contains local cemetery records and newspaper death notices for the following years: 1833, 1847-1848, and 1850-1975

Life in the Mills of Pittsburgh by Larry Ciptak, summaries of ethnic migration from Europe to western Pennsylvania, was America the promised land for immigrants?

Hungarian Emigration to Pittsburgh included the Slovaks

Access historical records through the new State of Pennsylvania PA PowerPort on line records system

The Pennsylvania Department of Health - Division of Vital Records can hold the key to long lost family information for immigrants that settled in Pennsylvania

If your immigrant ancestor came to America to work the mines, don't miss Life in the Immigrant Miner - stories, photographs, and background on the life of the immigrant coal miner

Inside an American Factory, The Westinghouse Works, 1904

The Roma (Gypsies) in Slovakia by Klara Orgovanova with mention of the gypsies of Spisské Podhradie, Kezmarok, and Rudnany

Northern Spis Area Research Project

Old Homes of New Americans was written in 1913 to explain what an Austro-Hungarian was to their new neighbors in America. It offers an interesting perspective on the stereotypes and prejudices facing the Austro-Hungarian immigrant in their new country

Who's Who in Central Europe - 1933

The Slavs of America
The ethnic breakdown of the Slovak Republic, Part of Ethnologue
Peter Ratoni-Nagy's Cyberhome and Eastern European Genealogy Guide
Czechs and Slovaks Around the World CSworld
An intersting book, The Vampire in Hungary and Czechoslovakia by Montague Summers
The Slovak Garden of Florida information pages has information on their Library and Museum with more than 8,000 books in either the Slovak or English language, related to the Slovak language, history, culture, music, costumes and crafts of the Slovak people along with their Mission Statement and an application for membership
European Centre for Traditional Culture
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Rapid City, Iowa
The Slovak National Museum
California Czech and Slovak Club
Northeastern Pennsylvania Slav-Americans, The Genealogical RESEARCH Society of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Inc., Olyphant, Pennsylvania. Visit their Homepage.
Surname Location Reference Project for Saris County in Northeastern Slovakia and a village list for Saris
The Slovak Heritage and Folklore Society International, publishers of Slovakia, a Slovak Heritage Newsletter sent free to members four times a year, Helene B. Cincebeaux, editor. The Slovak Pride Data Base with over 6,000 surnames is now shipping!
Slovak Genealogical-Heraldic Society at the Matica Slovenska

Recollection of the Grandiose Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Arrival of Slovaks to Petrovec

Rare Books Department of Matica Slovenska

Slovak Cultural and Information Centre, Canada
The Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, publisher of the nase Rodina

"Celebrate Your Heritage" will be the theme of an international Czechoslovak genealogical/cultural conference to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska on October 13 - 16, 1999, at the Cornhusker Hotel. The conference will be sponsored by the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI)

The Czech and Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois has a selection of shareware tools to help in the translation of Czech, Slovak, German, and Latin documents
The Czech and Slovak Culture Club has books, records, tapes, and software with some pages in English
The Franco-Slovak Friendship Association
The Slovak Catholic Sokol Slovak Gymnastic and Athletic Organization

Souvenir book of the Slovak Catholic Sokol golden jubilee : 1905-1955

The Rusin Elite Society in a 1928 photograph
The Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU) HomePage

Dr. Miloslav Rechcigl and the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences (SVU)

Report on the Czech and Slovak America Conference in Minneapolis April 24-26, 1999

The Slovak-American International Cultural Foundation, Inc., Don Bustion, Managing Director
The Holocaust Rescue efforts of Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandl and the Bratislava, Slovakia Work Group

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia

Jewish Post of New York

Slovakia at Virtual Jerusalem, Jewish Communities of the World

The Hungarian "Crown Town" of Máramoros, Visk, Magyarorszag now Vyshkovo Ukraine

Excerpts: From The History of the Reformed Church of Visk by Peleskey Sandor 1925 that includes surnames

Carpatho-Ukraine 1938-39, a history
The Hungarian-American Friendship Society, publisher of the Régi Magyarország (Old Hungary) Newsletter with emphasis on genealogical research in the region known as the "Kingdom of Hungary" until World War One.

Index of back issues of Régi Magyarország (Old Hungary) Newsletter and information on ordering them.

T&P Research professional researchers providing services focused on genealogical help in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
Pitt's Slovak Club at the University of Pittsburgh
The Slovak Heritage Association, Laurel Highlands, in western Pennsylvania
The The Rusin Association of Minnesota
The Carpatho-Rusyn Research Center has an on line list of publications available on the Carpatho-Rusyns
The Carpatho-Rusyn Society, publisher of the New Rusyn Times newsletter
The GCU Magazine of the Greek Catholic Union
Carpatho-Rusyn Cultural and Scholarly Organizations throughout the world
Testament to Ruthenian - A Guide to the Rusyn Language by Stefan M. Pugh
The Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base Lemko Information Index Page
Czech and Slovak Cultural Institutions Page
The official web site of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Washington, D.C. features information on Slovak presence in the United States, travel and tourism, business and economy, culture and history, consular services, and general background on the Slovak Republic
The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. email: Stanislav Polonsky, Counsellor (Trade and Economy) -

Consulate of the Slovak Republic, Denver, Colorado

Volby 98 - Election Results from the Slovak Statistical Office

Latest Information from the Embassy of the Slovak Republic on getting genealogical research done by the Slovak Archives including samples of the research forms used and a user tips message area. Current as of 01 November 1998

The U.S. Embassy, Bratislava, Slovakia

The Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

The Prime Minister and their role in Slovak government

Sister Cities International
The Association of Slovak Towns and Communities, your contact partner for 2,719 member towns and communities
Peter Nagy's CentroConsult for Slovakia
The Slovak - Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Alberta Branch

Jacksonville Florida's Chamber of Commerce has a Central European Program

The information on the Slovak and Czech Archives by Duncan B. Gardiner
February 1997 update on LDS Filming of the archives of Slovakia by Vivian Kahn
Vital And Marriage Records From Greek Catholic Parishes In Former Austrian Galicia, Ukraine, Poland, and Belarus
Listing by geographic area of the Family History Centers of the Latter Day Saints Church. The Family History Centers can order microfilms of the parish registers for many areas of Slovakia for you.

Locations of the Family History Centers of the Latter Day Saint Church

Update on LDS filming in Slovakia and tips on finding your village by Tom Peters
Genealogical Sources at the Immigration History Research Center include the records of the First Catholic Slovak Union (membership applications) and the National Slovak Society (death benefit claims).

The Immigration History Research Center of the at the University of Minnesota has profilies of their Slovak, Carpatho-Rusyn, and Czech collections on line

The First Catholic Slovak Union of the United States and Canada Since 1890, Prva Katolicka Slovenska Jednota
Slovak Last Names, a rather comprehensive listing at that is very handy for finding original or alternate spellings of your surname
Archives of the Czechs and Slovaks Abroad at the University of Chicago
Information on Archive Resources beyond parish registers
The DSSV Database for Slovak Family History Research, a surname index to 83,000 members circa 1930
Phone Books of Slovakia

Slovak Telecom, the phone company

Military Cemeteries of Western Galicia from Dusan Jurkovic
Emigrants to the Hawaiian Islands circa 1900
1828 Hungarian Land Census Translation of the Information Headings

Information on the Zemplen Census of 1869

The 1869 Zemplen County Census page includes a scanned sample from the census

Slovinky - Tips on working with the parish registers and a partial surname extract
The Death Records of the Basilica of the Seven Sorrows in Sastin-Straze, Slovakia. The listing now has over 250 surnames from the area
Kurima to America, families across the ocean, from the Roman Catholic parish register of Kurima, Saris County
Everyone with ancestors from the area will be most interested in the Indexed Outline Malatina Detail Register 1779 - 1799
Tom Lewis's Slovakia Journal
Surname Index of all surname and locality combinations in the 1922 Census of Slovaks of Mahoning County, Ohio, with 2,069 surname listings

The US Census Bureau Census 2000 web page

Commerce Secretary Norman Y. Mineta, Under Secretary for Economic Affairs Robert J. Shapiro and Census Bureau Director Kenneth Prewitt release the first set of Census 2000 numbers: the resident population and Congressional apportionment totals for each state via internet RealVideo Broadcast

The American Slovak Cultural Association of The Mahoning Valley, Inc., Youngstown, Ohio now has a new information page of interest of everyone with ancestors that settled in the Mahoning Valley
The Ohio Online Death Certificate Index is now available for 1913-1927, and 1933-1937
Toronto Slovaks before 1934
Ethnographic and Religious Divisions of the Czecho-Slovak Republic based on the 1930 Census of the Czecho-Slovak Republic
Ethnographic and Religious Divisions of Slovakia based on the 1938 Census of Slovakia
Peaks and Waves of Immigration to America - 1821 to 1981 from the American Immigration Home Page
Census and Greek Catholic Church Record information for villages of Korunkova, Solnik, Potocky and Varechovce at the Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base
If you have Carpatho-Rusyn roots, you may be interested in the Parish Lists for: Lukowe, Tarnawa, Tarnawa Gorna and Zernica Wysna
German Genealogy: Karpatho-Ukraine Genealogy page

Carpathian German Homepage

Help wanted - Genealogie: Slowakei / Slovensko
The Theresientaler Heimatbund/Bernreuther Karpatho-Ukraine Database of Austrian Immigrants at the FEEFHS

The Slovak Surname Location Reference Project, -SLRP-, at the FEEFHS contains 3,500 Slovak surnames with village of origin. An Index of surnames for the Slovakia Surname Location Reference Project (SLRP) is now available on line

Roots in the County of SARIS - part of the SLRP Project

Krakovany / Straze, part of the Nitra County section of the SLRP

Zamagurze Area Research Project (ZARP), study in the Tatra mountains area of northern Spis, Slovakia and southern Nowy Sacz, Poland (encompassing the Spisz and northwestern Podhale regions)

The Russian (Rusyn) Brotherhood Database at the Balch Institute

Craftsmen and Shopkeepers in old Hungary (Slovakia) in 1891, according to the Hungarian National Census
The Carpatho-Rusyn Surname Listing at the Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Web Site has lots of surname information sorted by both surname and village. If you're searching for Carpatho-Rusyn ancestors, be sure to look here. Also, check out two new listings: the Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrant Listing and the Udol (Ujak) / Hajtovka Surname Listing
Joan Hendershot's extensive list of Surnames and Vital Statistics of Carpatho-Rusyn Surnames at the Carpathian Connection
Records of "Exulanten" deposited in Presburg / Bratislava and published by The Institute for Historical Family Research (IHFF) analyses about 3.600 Protestant nuptials, celebrated in Presburg/Bratislava between 1627 and 1660
Felix Gundacker offers genealogical research in the lands of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Their homepage has a Guide to Archives and Parish-Registers of what was formerly the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in the English language
Family Tree Genealogical Research Bureau of Budapest, Hungary, specializing in research in the countries that formerly made up Austria-Hungary
Family History in Hungary: Család-Történet Magyarországon (includes Slovakia) by Alex Glendinning
The East European Genealogical Society has back issues of the East European Genealogist available
Mary Vasily, past president of GCU Lodge #15, and the Ellis Island Oral History Project with links to a virtual tour of Ellis Island
List of Passengers for the S.S. Caronia sailing from Fiume to New York, Dec. 9, 1911 arriving Dec. 24, 1911
Chapter 14 from the book "The Problem of the Immigrant" published in 1905 covers Austria-Hungary which includes most of what is known today as Slovakia. A full English text of the Hungarian Emigration Law of 1903 is included

Sailings from Fiume to New York by the Cunard line in 1911

Crisis over Czechoslovakia: March - September 1938
There is a nice selection of Antique Austro-Hungarian Maps on eBay this week
Hungarian Genealogy links at Radix's Pages has a nice Resources section that has maps of Slovak immigration trends
If your immigrant ancestors ended up in Canada, the Canadian Government Colonization Co. may have had something to do with it even though they couldn't advertise in Slovakia due to the Emigration Law of 1903

Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, the first Hungarian and Slovak settlement in Canada

A Case Study of Royal North-West Mounted Police - Immigrant Relations

The Foreign Immigrant in New York City - Reports of the Industrial Commission, Volume XV (Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1901)
The Slavs in America
Lemko Wedding Traditions
Eunet Slovakia has a
searchable data base of the postal codes of the Slovak Republic
Gazetteer of almost 10,000 place names in Slovakia

Calculate distances between villages in Slovakia at How far is it? with our easy to follow instructions

Encyclopedia of Folk Culture in Slovakia in English by the Institut of Ethnology of the Slovak Academy of Science
The Rituals of Remembrance in Central Europe



More about the SSDI

The Social Security Administration's Frequently Asked Questions and on line services

The Family Finder Index
Ken's Genealogy and Slovak Links and Ken Sisitka's Czech and Slovak Photo Tour
REESWeb: Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pittsburgh

Karen Rondestvedt, Slavic Bibliographer in the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh

Getty Information Institute's Czech and Slovak search results

CASLIN Czech and Slovak Library Information Network Gopher

Libraries in the Slovak Republic with Telnet access

Allen County Public Library has one of the largest genealogy collections in the world

Selected New Acquisitions from and about Eastern Europe at UC Burkley

DOROT Genealogy Center, recording the past for the future
The Slovaks in America by Helen Fedor, Reference Librarian, European Division, at the European Reading Room of the Library of Congress

Library of Congress Page for gateway access to LC's catalog and those at many other institutions

The Czech and Slovak Collections at the Library of Congress

Interactive Map of Fayette County, where many Slovak immigrants first lived

Eckley Miners' Village, a 19th century Pennsylvania anthracite mining or "patch" town

GENCAP, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, resources

Hazelwood home to many Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants to the Pittsburgh area

A rather complete list of Named Populated Places of Pennsylvania, a destination for many immigrants from Slovakia

Pennsylvania Visitors Network - Visitors guide for all of Pennsylvania with over 15,000 listings and links of where to stay, what to do, etc. Visit Pennsylvania. There's more there than you know!

Distribution of Slovaks in Texas from the 1990 United States Census

Old Photo of the SPJST Lodge in Gonzales, Texas

Slovakia FAQ with lots of links
Going to Slovakia A handy 24-page, pocket-size guide by Lil Junas
Slovaks and Slovakia Page with links to towns in Slovakia, magazines, and newspapers online in Slovakia. now contains a list of individuals in Slovakia with Home Pages or email
Daily news in English on line with Slovakia Daily Surveyor, from the Slovak Republic

Slovak Spectator newspaper in English is available in an on line edition

The Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry web site is now under construction
Slovak Rivers Network - SRN
Slovakia Online, a multimedia online magazine that has a Contacts Page for ancestor searching in Slovakia.
Soc.Genealogy.Slavic Homepage exists to support the new unmoderated newsgroup for Slavic genealogy discussions. It can be accessed and viewed by opening: news:soc.genealogy.slavic

The Listserv for soc.genealogy.slavic is now active! To get this newsgroup via email, send a message to:

In the body of the message type:


Slavic Genealogy FAQ by Stephen Kymlicka

The SLOVENSKO Magazine has an English language version on line with articles from the past three issues.
Welcome to Slovakia
TASR - News Agency of the Slovak Republic now has daily news in English

Slovakia Today, independent on line news about the Slovak Republic in English

- Tonight's TV Listing for Slovakia, very interesting!
Information on getting a free copy of Czech and Slovak Connections
The Tragic Fate of Hungary, a Country Carved-up Alive at Trianon by Yves de Daruvar Published by Nemzetőr e.V. Co-Publisher: American Hungarian Literary Guild
Genealogy, Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
A Chronicle of Scouting in Eastern Europe: Slovakia
Cyrillic Resources from Friends and Partners that includes an audio pronunciation guide
Old Slavonic and Cyrillic TrueType fonts for Windows

Cyrillic Transliteration tables from Princeton Library

Cyrillic Alphabet Tranliteration Table from Colby College

The 1848 flag of Slovakia and the current Flag of the Slovak Republic at the Flags of the World

The Slovak National Seal

The Slovak National Emblem

Animated World Flags has some great flags for your reuse

A brief history of the Stamps of Slovakia that features the New Issues for Slovakia

50 year old Stamps of Czechoslovakia for sale

The Slovak Republic's Stamps for sale

A Slovak saying has it that everything is cheap when you have money, but pennies don't fall from heaven in Slovakia
Dollar / Koruna converter
Quad Cities meeting of the Czech-Slovak Society of America circa 1944.
The National Slovak Society published a convention book for their 19th Regular Convention in August 1946 that offers an interesting perspective on post-war Slovaks and Slovakia

Democracy in Czechoslovakia - Slovakia and Ruthenia, a 1941 perspective of Slovakian History
A Short History of Austria-Hungary by H. Wickham Steed, Walter Alison Phillips, and David Hannay, published 1914
Slovak Republic Holidays

Slovak Information Agency Public Holidays in the Slovak Republic

Profile of the Slovak Information Agency and its projects, and index of bulletins for 1998
Information on the new political division of local governments in Slovakia that will consist of 8 regions and 74 districts for the country
Slovak Regions and Counties both now and pre-1926 by Duncan B. Gardiner at the FEEFHS
Visit a Museum dedicated to the First Slovak on the Moon
Dan Romanchik's Homepage and www home of R-Squared Press, publisher of a Birthmother's Book of Memories and The Adoptee's Family Tree
Modern Architecture of Slovakia
Rent a Cottage in Slovakia through Sirius Agency and their online catalog of cottages
How's the Weather in Slovakia today?

Current forecast for Bratislava, Slovakia

Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, weather and climalogy of Slovakia

A most comprehensive guide to the capital of the Slovak Republic that includes a color indexed street map, Bratislava Inside and Out by Sally Williams with profits from the book going to the Friends of Slovakia Association, a non-profit organization and the Slovak Professional Woman's Association
Discounts on Hotels in Bratislava

Adenture Travel International = Slovakia of Central Europe will photograph your ancestral village for you
Slippery Rock University's 1996 Elderhostel, July 3-19 and July 19 - August 4, 1996 - Slovakia: History, Culture and Road to Democracy
Czech and Slovak Travel Information and Tours by Weber Travel Agency includes photos from their last Czech and Slovak tours
Armchair World's Tips for Travelers to Eastern Europe

The Global Bookstore for the traveler to the Czech and Slovak Republics

Slovak Republic Social at World Travel Guide

The Slovak Business and Information Analysis - Symsite

The Bratislava StockExchange

The Center for Economic Development, (Centrum pre hospodarsky rozvoj or CPHR), is a non-profit, non-governmental organization specializing in Slovak economic research

The National Bank of Slovakia, coins, currency, financial news, and exchange rates

Banknotes of Czechoslovakia

The Slovak Hockey world wide web site

Team Slovakia, World Cup

Paragliding in the Liptov region of Slovakia

If you need some Slovak and Czech speaking software, just contact Eurocenter and Software602, Inc., a subsidiary of biggest Czech-Slovak software producer that also offers Slovak speaking software in United States

Comsoft's Slovak Software Digest

Microsoft's Slovakia information page

Shopping at the FEEFHS Convention in Minneapolis, life beyond genealogy

Shopping in Slovakia, some tips from Gil Geras

U.S. Bureau of Census

What information you can expect to find in the U.S. Federal Censuses 1790-1920

U.S. 1990 Census Surname and First Name Search showing frequency of first names and the 89,000 most common surnames in America - find the perfect name along with alternate spellings, pronunciation, and popularity

Are you curious where other people with your same last name live in the United States? Just enter any surname into Hamrick Software's US Surname Distribution mapper and see the results

Switchboard, an on line searchable listing of 90,000,000 households in America

InfoSpace white pages, yellow pages, blue pages, 800 directory, and fax directory for the United States, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, France, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Slovenia

Yahoo! People Search surname searcher and reverse telephone look-up utility that is handy for people like me who write a number down without a name on a regular basis.

U.S. Geographic Name Server

US State Postal Codes abbreviation list

Canada's Geographical Names! Search and retrieve geographic information.

Starting Point internet searchpage

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