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The Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogical Research Page offers tools, resources, and information to help you search your Slovak or Carpatho-Rusyn family history and ancestry. You will also find links to a wealth of information on the area now known as Slovakia.

If you have questions about genealogy and research relating to Slovakia, stop in at our Eastern Slovakia Genealogical Research Question and Answer Forum and post your question.

If you haven't listed your surnames already, stop in at Searching in Slovakia and post the surnames you are researching.

The book Culture and Customs of the Czech Republic and Slovakia By Craig Cravens just published last year makes great reading.

Slovak Song and Dance

The brand new Slovak Music Shop where you will find a great selection of Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn folk music and more

Redovy - The bridal dance from eastern Slovakia, complete with words, music, and associated customs
Select from an extensive catalog of Slovak and Rusyn folk music, brass band, and sacred music at the Slovak Music section of CDstreet
Comparison of Native Slovak Folk Music with the music of the American Indian by the Smithsonian Institute
12 noon to 1 p.m. EST Saturday, Real Time net radio Slovak Hour from Windsor, Ontario, Canada - CJAM 91.5 FM - They take requests too!
- I can Name That Tune ( General MIDI ) in four notes. Can you?
Slovak Sheet Music
Tancuj, Tancuj, the first in a series of folk songs of Slovakia in midi format with words and background information is now available
- The all-time favorite classic Christmas Koledy, Nebo i Zeml'a, Heaven and Earth in a new midi arrangement by Randall Kopchak
Slovak Historic Organs CD

Slovak Csardas Dance Tunes from the Pennsylvania Coal Mines 1928-1930 CD

The Czech and Slovak Video Shop has video tapes and movies related to Eastern Europe and the Czech and Slovak Republics along with a special offers.

Listen to Slovak Radio on your computer

FunRadio Slovakia

Radio Slovakia International - Daily Slovak political news, economic news, cultural news and information about social life in Slovakia. It aims to provide a link between Slovaks living abroad and their original home country via RealAudio directly from Radio Slovakia International in Bratislava. Both a North American and European server is available for the RealAudio feed with interludes of folk music.

Radio Twist now has a North American Relay for better results in North America. To listen to them, you need the Real Audio player installed for your www browser.

The Tarogato Page
JewishMusic.com - See world's largest selection of Jewish Music! Check out the world's largest selection of Jewish Music books! JewishMusic has recently added several hundred Jewish content videos to their site and are adding more daily

Read the Current Newsletter of Jewishmusic.com

The Music and People of Terezín concentration camp
Rus'kyj Muzikanty - Carpathian Folk Musicians
The Tamburitzans - the essence of their internationally-acclaimed world famous folk ensemble has been the rich heritage of Slavic music
George Dorunda, International Multi-Media Mega-Star and son of Slovak parents
The Lemko Association has a cassette of Rusyn folk songs available.
The National Anthem of the Republic of Slovakia

- Watch a most inspiring video presentation of the Slovenska statna hymna - Slovak National Anthem sung in Slovak

- Hej Slovaci! with English translation

Ruthenian Internet Radio
The Slovak Hour is broadcast from Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania on WPIT-AM every Sunday from 3 - 4 pm EDT, join in some great Slovak music.
- Bohus' Czech Polka/Waltz Midi Page
The Slovak Bluegrass home page
Ekonom Slovak Folk Ensemble with an interesting folk culture area
The Dobro Festival in Trnava, Slovakia. John Dopyera of the small village of Straze, was inventor of the Dobro.
Polish American Journal dedicated to the promotion and continuance of Polish American Music
Rhodes College Music 120, the Musical Heritage of Eastern Europe
The Slavjane Folk Ensemble Page features the famous folk group from McKees Rock, Pennsylvania
The Youngstown Slovak Male Chorus circa 1946
- RealAudio Csardas Sampler

Chad Przybylski & The Polka Rythms Summer 2001 Schedule

- The RealAudio page of Matej Lunter featuring the music of the Upper Hron region and Telgart

- Russia's Foremost Christian Singing Group, The Ecclesiastes Chords of Love in RealAudio format
- The Folklore Ensemble Lemkovyna in RealAudio
Róbert Puškár, central Slovak folk musician and the Ensemble Sluk
Folk Music Dance & Handicraft in Hungary
- The Csík Band plays Hétlépés (Erdőszombattelke)
A Vanishing Tradition: Gypsy orchestras are getting hard to find
Folk and Culture about Horehronie
There is a very extensive article on Carpatho-Rusyn Folk Dance by Jerry J. Jumba at the Carpatho-Rusyn Knowledge Base site
The Czech and Slovak Music Society web site
The National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall of Fame and Museum

- The PolkaNet Theme song in RealAudio at PolkaNet

- RealAudio sample tracks from Squeeze This! Those Darned Accordions! by Flying Fish
- The Polka King Frank Yankovic and his All- Time Great Polkas in a RealAudio track sampler

- RealAudio preview of Volume 1 of European Polka Hits

Close Harmony Friends, a chamber ensemble consisting of eight singers from Nitra
Alliance Publications, Inc., specializing in Czech and Slovak music treasures
MC Erik & Barbara, Slovak pop group

Current Pop Music of the Slovak Republic

- The Troparion of Easter, Christos Voskrese!
The Czech and Slovak Pink Floyd Fan Club
- A report on Slovak Day at Kennywood Park, Thursday, 18 July 1996 and photographs circa 1906 of Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh as your immigrant ancestors saw it on their arrival in America
Slovak Repertory Theatre
The annual Art Film Festival in Trencianske Teplice
Slovak Music On Internet
- The Nation's Forum Sound Recordings- 1910 - 1920 has RealAudio playback of 59 sound recordings of the World War I era
Slovak Fonts, Software, and Keyboards for Windows including Slovak spell checker, thesaurus, and hyphenation for Word 97

Foods and Recipes

The Recipes of Slovakia Remembered by the members of the Slovak-World Mailing List or the Great Slovak Cheese War of 1996. Stop in and find some great foods and the traditions behind them.

Slovenska restauracia "U Michala" in Trnava, Slovakia has their Menu in English and Slovak on line. It's a great way to get the correct Slovak name and spelling of traditional dishes
Slovenske Jedlo - Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Soul Food
Cooking with Baba Slovak home cooking cookbook
The Eastern European Cookbook Shop
Eleanor's Kitchen for Czech and Slovak Foods
Kolbasa (Slovak Sausage)
An Easter tradition, the blessing of the Easter Basket

Microwave Sirok (Easter Cheese) and a more traditional version
The Meat Smoking and Curing FAQ page
Zemiakova placka plena masom (Potato pancakes stuffed with stewed meat)
Bryndzove halushky Potato dumplings topped with sheep cheese and fried bacon)

Heritage Kitchen a production of WJAC-TV and the Bottle works Ethnic Art Center has some great Slovak recipes

100's of Sweetened Farmers Cheese Pastry Recipes in Slovak and Czech
Recipes from Slovakia in Slovak at Receptar
The Zlata Praha Restaurant in Astoria, New York has their menu on line
The Foods and Recipes Message Index for Genealogy Czech and Slovak at Delphi Forums, 1998-2007
Check out the Anniversary Slovak-American Cook Book by the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association - Linked 24 September 2007
The Slovak Medovnicky is more than a cookie. It is a form of folk art
The Kolarik family Slovak cookbook and recipes on line
Making Sauerkraut and Pickled Vegetables at Home - Creative recipes for lactic fermented food to improve your health by Klaus Kaufmann and Annelies Schoneck is a great book for under $10.00
A doughy ritual for makers, takers - The Art of Pierogi from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Mrs T's Pierogy

Piroghi Maker - kitchen tool
Cryllic Cookbook from Lviv
Chris' Perogie - Pyrohy - Varenyky Recipe Page
Slovakia Document Store Slovak Recipes
Stuffed Cabbage
Otto's Hungarian Import Store & Deli has their 1999 Catalog online
GourmetKosher.com for Kosher recipes
Vino a.s. Kosice, the wines of the Slovak Republic
A guide to Bratislava's 70 best restaurants
The Cultures and Cuisine of Eastern Europe
The Ukrainian cookery recipes
The Coal Stove, recipes from the coal fields of Pennsylvania

Cake Recipes and Cookie Recipes with an extensive international recipe section

The Cooking Information Center and Recipe Exchange Group has a large international section

Slovak Society and Alcohol at Slovakia.org

Food, Wine, and Brewing magazines

Slovakian Beekeeping

Folk Art and Painting:

Slovakia was spotlighted in an exhibit Mountain Treasures - Slovakia's Shepherds and Their Art which opened on Fri., Jan. 30, 1999 at the National Czech & Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Stitched With Love - a review of the Czech & Slovak folk art and folk dress exhibit from the Baine/Cincebeaux Collection and Ethnic Heritage Festival in Baltimore

Photos and story of the massive Slovak Animated Wood Carving Display by Slovak Master Woodcarver, Jozef Pekara in Grove City, Pennsylvania
Slovak Folk Costumes photgraphed by Regina Haring at the Slovak Festival, Garden State Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey
Majolika Modra is the world famous ceramics maker in Slovakia with samples of their work on line
Jenny June Fancy Work Fine Needlework and Embroidery Supplies

An interesting History of Crocheting by Crochet with Dee

Over 25,000 books and magazines on Crochet, Cross Stitch, Quilts and Crafts

The home page of Roman Joseph Verostko, American Slovak artist

Kristin's Slovakia Art
- Eva Kyselicova, the Painter of the Pinelands
- Contemporary Painters in Slovakia and a Virtual Exhibition of their art
Martin Jonas, Painter
Robert Béla Wilhelm, Storyteller
The Tinker Craft of Zilina
The Ninth Art Film Festival will take place in Trencianske Teplice, Slovakia on 22 - 29 June, 2001

The Slovak National Theater in Bratislava

Slovak Graffiti
Czech and Slovak Staged photography
- The Andy Warhol Museum of Pop Art in Medzilaborce, Slovakia and the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
- Mikulas Klimak, Greek Catholic painter, of Humenne, Slovakia
- The Horehronie Photo Exibit - 1994 with great pictures from Slovakia
The Slovak Gift Shop


Pavel Orszagh Hviezdoslav, poet laureate of Slovakia
Milan Markovic, the Jay Leno of Slovakia

Helena Wajtczak, the first female railway guard employed by British Rail

The books Guide to Czech and Slovak Glass by D. Foulds and Folk Painting on Glass by Josef Vydra are worth getting from your library
Magazines about Crochet, Cross Stitch and Quilting
The major museums of Europe, commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Armistice of 1918 under the patronage of UNESCO
Prudential Preferred Properties, Josephine Kopchak, agent

Irene Kopchak's Ship of Dreams page

Czech-Slovak USA Queen Pagent in Wilbur, Nebraska

Vladimira Hrenovcikova, Miss Slovak Republic 1998

Charlie's Slovak Badge (Pin) Collection
The Slovak Craft Shop has some interesting hand-crafted items
The Slovak Olympic Committee

Slovakia is IIHF World Champion in hockey for 2002

The family of Martina Hingis

Team Slovak Hockey

International Art Agency

Photo of the Week:

Every Sunday we will be posting a new Photo of the Week, featuring a photograph relating to Slovakia, the people of Slovakia, family research, the culture, or the history of the area. Stop by every week and see what is new.

Find out how you can have your favorite picture featured as the Photo of the Week too.

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