St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church

St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church is one of Youngstown's jewels among places of worship. Although the parish was formed seven years earlier, the structure was built in 1919 and sets on the corner of the former Hazelton estate. The original home is still used as the rectory.

The architecture was patterned after the Cathedral Church in Uzhorod, Czechoslovakia, which was the mother diocese of the present Byzantine Catholic diocese in Pittsburgh. St. Nicholas in turn, has served as a resource example for other structures. The once gold-leaf domes now bear the soft greenish blue patina of copper.

The Oles' estate was acquired in 1952 by five parishes in the Youngstown area to fit the needs of a parochial education and within a year the school project, Byzantine Catholic Central School was in progress.

Besides the lower level auditorium at the church, a social hall with excellent facilities is located on Shady Run Road where the original watercolor painting of this image design hangs. The St. Nicholas Byzantine Ladies' Association commissioned artist Flo Hosa to depict this area landmark.

St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church

1898 Wilson Avenue

Youngstown, Ohio 44506