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Last Updated on 02 February 2009

The Stanislav / Stanislaw Family Master Index

Alphabetic index of the Stanislav / Stanislaw Family database with hyperlinks to most families already online and more being added.

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Visit the Stanislaw Family Facts Database.

Visit the Stanislav Family Facts Database.

Come one, come all, for yet another hilarious performance by your cousin, Randall Kopchak, in Woody Allen's Don't Drink The Water. Randall Kopchak is great-grandson of Josef Stanislav. The play runs February 6 through 15, 2009 at The Florissant Civic Center in Florissant, Missouri. Randall portrays a mean-spirited Ambassador's assistant in Russia and is (as always) awful funny. Call (314 921)-5678 for tickets. Make Saint Valentine's Day special with a night at the theater with your cousin.

Stephan Hanuscin of Bardejov has put together a history of Porac, Slovakia. It is on line at the People of Porac Page.

Stephen has found the 1869 Hungarian Census for Porac and has made a digital copy of a page from the census so you can see what information it contains. It is very detailed and goes beyond what you find in the parish register of Saint Demetrius Church in Porac.

If your interested in what the Hungarian Census of 1869 looks like, check the page out.

If you have ancestors from the area, this is a must see history that Stephan has put together as he has a 1929 photo of grades 1-3 from the Rusyn School in Porac that has names for about half the children pictured. You will almost be guaranteed to find a cousin in the photograph.

Maryanne Stanislaw performed at the Townsend Opera, Modesto, California (Stanislaus county) The Messiah - December 7, 2003

We now have a copy of the parish register from Porac, Slovakia, available and have found the first mention of the Stanislaw name in 1790, the birth of Maria. We will be bringing more records from Porac on-line here. Stay tuned for all the details. Some Stanislaw / Stanislav lines have already been extended back to the late Eighteenth Century.

We have found birth records for 40 family members who emigrated to America so far and have extended most families back at least one generation. We have also started linking families in Slovakia together and work is progressing slowly. If you would like the birth and baptism information for your progenitors and can't wait, send email to

In searching for relatives, we found many members of the Stanislav / Stanislaw family all over the world. Many of the descendants now in America trace their roots back to eastern Europe.

Stanislav family lines have been traced back to Slovakia where most family members were Carpatho-Rusyns in the Koterbachy area, Moravia, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, the Ukraine, and (with an interesting story behind the name) Italy.

After coming to America, many families changed the "v" to a "w" in the name. This change was not always consistent and members of the same family would use either spelling. In records circa 1800 from Porac, the name is spelled Stanislaw. Starting in the early 1800's the spelling changed to Sztanislav and remains that spelling through the Twentieth Century. Through the years, the spelling has been most constant as Sztanislav in the Porac records.

In the near future all individuals in the Master Index will have hyperlinks to additional data available on the internet. There are over 1,500 individuals in the database either bearing the name or descended from a Stanislav / Stanislaw. Several hundred individuals from Slovakia will be added too.

The 1994 Social Security Death Index for the Stanislav and Stanislaw surnames is now on line and contains records for 155 individuals.

The Family of Michal Stanislav of Koterbachy, Slovakia
Now expanded from the original test database to include all generations. Michal Stanislav and Anna Celpejova of Koterbach, Slovakia, and their descendants through the present day. Additional information on Steve Stanislaw and his daughter, Patricia Ann, was added on 19 May 1996. We have much more being added from the Porac registers in the very near future including the children of Demetrius and Maria Stanislav that died young and baptism information including godparents for all of their children.

A test of added information is now added. The file is not yet linked to the index but is available so everyone who made submissions has a chance to correct potential errors. If you made any changes, please review the test data base and let us know if everything is correct.

If you print the test data base book, it will run 68 pages. Make sure you have enough paper.

If you have relatives from the Porac and Koterbach area of Slovakia, you are almost sure that a relative appears in the wedding photo of John Walkosak and Mary Sevachko. With 36 members of the wedding party, this is quite a picture.

The Family of Georgius Stanislaw and Helena Wojsko of Koterbach and Porac, Slovakia, with eight generations from 1770 through the present in both Slovakia and America.

The Family of John Stanislav of Koterbachy, Slovakia

The Family of John and Andrew Stanislaw, brothers, of Austria

There were at least four John Stanislav Families western Pennsylvania, at the turn of the century who arrived in America from Koterbach. All four were related. See the family of Michal Stanislav and the family of Georgius Stanislav for the other families.

Stephen Stanislav and Katherine Kalafut of Koterbachy, Slovakia
The Family of George Stanislav and Mary (Unknown) of Old Austria
The Family of Steven Stanislaw and Ann Buvala of Austria
The Family of Stephan Stanislaw and Justina Gulyas of Koterbachy, Slovakia.
The Family of Paul Stanislav and Cicilia Herick of Slovakia
The family of Jiri and Ludmila Pustejovsky Stanislav

About this Database

Before he died in 1974, my grandfather, Joseph Stanislaw, gave me a copy of the family records he kept in case someone was ever looking for them. One rainy day I thought I would bring the records up to date. After ten years and hundreds of letters and phone calls I am still working on the project.

The photo, circa 1920, shows Joseph at the left with his brother, Peter.

Updates will be published at this URL on a regular basis.

To make additions and corrections to this database or request additional information on a family:

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Write: Greg Kopchak, 2233 Keeven Lane, Florissant MO 63031 USA Phone: +(314) 831-9482

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