Tips on Using the Slovakia Archives

We need your help! If you have used the Slovakia Archive in the past, please send us a short summary of your results and any tip you may want to share with others using the service. Send your comments to We appreciate any help you can give us here.

Greg Kopchak, email:

We have used the services of the Slovakia Archives three times in the past. All three times we knew where the birth, death, or marriage information was located and the certificates we requested arrived within two months.

All searches we requested were individual searches and the cost each time was US $30.00 to US $50.00 for three to five records.

With one exception, all information requested was accurate and complete. A request for a birth certificate was returned as not found when the information did exist in the volume of the parish register we requested.

The important thing is doing your homework in advance. The more accurate information you provide, the better your results will be.

Duncan Gardiner, email:

As to using the Slovak archives. For mail research, they have not been bad at all. The price is not so bad - some $15 per hour is a recent price. Response time varies depending on the archive and the schedule.

Note from It's All Relative: Mr. Gardiner is a highly respected Certified Professional Genealogist who specializes in this part of the world. Like the TV commercial says, you can pay a little now or a lot later. Making sure you are on the right track before making a major investment in research is a good idea.

Edward Hlipala, email:

I have used the Presov Archives extensivly and the results were very satisfactory and the cost was reasonable. The only complaint I had was, in spite of my pleading and offers to pay extra postage, they continued to send all correspondence by surface mail. That usually took about six weeks and made it frustrating in trying to keep a dialogue going.

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