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Hyperlinks to a Map of All Placenames

This index lists geographic features, populated places, and administrative place names in Slovakia. It does not list all variant placenames of the past nor does it feature all variant spellings of a location.

Even with these shortcomings, it is a handy reference that will eventually hyperlink all names listed to a 1:250,000 map of Slovakia circa 1944 by the Defence Mapping Organization.

Until hyperlinks are added, the geographic location of each name is given in degrees, minutes, and seconds of latitude and longitude along with a reference to the segment of the 1944 map series the location points to.

When completed, it will also link to sites on the internet that can provide background history of the placenames that in some cases will also included photographs of the area and other related information including known surnames from the area and family histories.

We hope you will find it helpful in your ancestral quest in Slovakia.

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               PPL   4854'00"N   2224'00"E  LO00  FV01  NM34-12
  U Blahov
               PPL   4845'00"N   1737'00"E  LO00  XQ90  NM33-12
  U Blanaru
               PPL   4848'00"N   1731'00"E  LO00  XQ80  NM33-12
  U Blazkov
               PPL   4923'00"N   1851'00"E  LO00  CV47  NM34-07
  U Bozkov
               PPL   4840'00"N   1712'00"E  LO00  XP69  NM33-12
               PPL   4847'00"N   2208'00"E  LO00  EV80  NM34-12
  U Capkov
               PPL   4930'00"N   1851'00"E  LO00  CV48  NM34-07
               RGN   4910'00"N   2213'00"E  LO00  EV84  NM34-09
               STM   4858'00"N   2158'00"E  LO00  EV72  NM34-11
  Udava Potok: see Udava
               STM   4858'00"N   2158'00"E  LO00  EV72  NM34-11
               PPL   4859'00"N   2158'00"E  LO00  EV72  NM34-11
  Udawa: see Udava
               RGN   4910'00"N   2213'00"E  LO00  EV84  NM34-09
  Udawa: see Udava
               STM   4858'00"N   2158'00"E  LO00  EV72  NM34-11
               PPL   4825'00"N   1937'00"E  LO00  CU96  NM34-10
  Udica: see Velka Udica
               PPL   4910'00"N   1824'00"E  LO00  CV14  NM34-07
               STM   4831'00"N   2202'00"E  LO00  EU77  NM34-12
               PPL   4918'00"N   2049'00"E  LO00  DV86  NM34-08
  Udvard: see Dvory nad Zitavou
               PPL   4759'00"N   1816'00"E  LO00  BU91  NL34-01
  Udvarnok: see Dvorniky
               PPL   4836'00"N   2050'00"E  LO00  DU88  NM34-11
  U Galjeri
               PPL   4916'00"N   1855'00"E  LO00  CV45  NM34-07
  U Gavlasov
               PPL   4924'00"N   1849'00"E  LO00  CV47  NM34-07
  U Hazov
               PPL   4923'00"N   1854'00"E  LO00  CV47  NM34-07
               PPL   4918'00"N   1835'00"E  LO00  CV26  NM34-07
  Uherce: see Velke Uherce
               PPL   4836'00"N   1826'00"E  LO00  CU18  NM34-10
               PPL   4824'00"N   1845'00"E  LO00  CU36  NM34-10
               PPL   4847'00"N   1736'00"E  LO00  XQ90  NM33-12
               MT    4835'00"N   1841'00"E  LO00  CU28  NM34-10
               MT    4910'00"N   2158'00"E  LO00  EV74  NM34-08
               MT    4922'00"N   1935'00"E  LO00  CV96  NM34-07
               STM   4915'00"N   2127'00"E  LO00  EV35  NM34-08
  Uhlisko, Potok: see Uhlisko
               STM   4915'00"N   2127'00"E  LO00  EV35  NM34-08
               PPL   4842'00"N   2040'00"E  LO00  DU79  NM34-11
               MT    4830'00"N   1946'00"E  LO00  DU07  NM34-10
               MT    4929'00"N   1836'00"E  LO00  CV28  NM34-07
  Uhorska Ves
               PPL   4904'00"N   1941'00"E  LO00  DV03  NM34-07
               PPL   4828'00"N   1945'00"E  LO00  DU06  NM34-10
  Uhorske Raslavice: see Nizne Raslavice
               PPL   4909'00"N   2120'00"E  LO00  EV24  NM34-08
  Uhorske Zahorany: see Dolne Zahorany
               PPL   4821'00"N   1955'00"E  LO00  DU15  NM34-10
  Uhorsky Krucov: see Nizny Krucov
               PPL   4855'00"N   2140'00"E  LO00  EV41  NM34-11
  Uhorsky Zipov: see Nizny Zipov
               PPL   4835'00"N   2139'00"E  LO00  EU48  NM34-11
               MT    4839'00"N   1802'00"E  LO00  BU89  NM34-10
               PPL   4845'00"N   1820'00"E  LO00  CV00  NM34-10
  Uhrovska Dolina
               VAL   4832'00"N   1823'00"E  LO00  CU07  NM34-10
  Uhrovske Podhradie
               PPL   4846'00"N   1823'00"E  LO00  CV00  NM34-10
  Uhry: see Zaklepsky Dvor
               PPL   4910'00"N   1826'00"E  LO00  CV14  NM34-07
  Ujak: see Udol
               PPL   4918'00"N   2049'00"E  LO00  DV86  NM34-08
               PPL   4856'00"N   1804'00"E  LO00  BV82  NM34-10
  Uj-Bars: see Novy Tekov
               PPL   4815'00"N   1831'00"E  LO00  CU14  NM34-10
  U Jergalov
               PPL   4852'00"N   1912'00"E  LO00  CV61  NM34-10
  Ujezd: see Ujazd
               PPL   4856'00"N   1804'00"E  LO00  BV82  NM34-10
               PPL   4813'00"N   1736'00"E  LO00  XP94  NM33-12
  Ujhely-Joka: see Nova Jelka
               PPL   4808'00"N   1730'00"E  LO00  XP83  NM33-12
  Ujlacek: see Male Zaluzie
               PPL   4826'00"N   1759'00"E  LO00  YP26  NM33-12
  Ujlak: see Velke Zaluzie
               PPL   4818'00"N   1757'00"E  LO00  YP15  NM33-12
  Ujlak: see Novosad
               PPL   4832'00"N   2144'00"E  LO00  EU57  NM34-11
  Ujtag Pusta: see Novy Diel
               PPL   4757'00"N   1816'00"E  LO00  BU91  NL34-01
  Ujvasar Pusta
               PPL   4808'00"N   1727'00"E  LO00  XP83  NM33-12
  U Kavickych
               PPL   4848'00"N   1733'00"E  LO00  XQ80  NM33-12
  U Komadov
               FRM   4843'00"N   1733'00"E  LO00  XP89  NM33-12
  U Kotyrov
               PPL   4928'00"N   1846'00"E  LO00  CV38  NM34-07
  U Koziku
               PPL   4846'00"N   1729'00"E  LO00  XQ80  NM33-12
  U Krizkov
               PPL   4847'00"N   1735'00"E  LO00  XQ80  NM33-12
               PPL   4847'00"N   1907'00"E  LO00  CV60  NM34-10
  Ulany nad Zitavou
               PPL   4806'00"N   1815'00"E  LO00  BU93  NM34-10
               PPL   4858'00"N   2226'00"E  LO00  FV02  NM34-12
  Ulicske Krive
               PPL   4859'00"N   2227'00"E  LO00  FV02  NM34-12
  Ulmanka: see Ulanka
               PPL   4847'00"N   1907'00"E  LO00  CV60  NM34-10
               PPL   4903'00"N   2039'00"E  LO00  DV73  NM34-08
  U Matiska
               PPL   4928'00"N   1849'00"E  LO00  CV48  NM34-07
  U Medvedov
               PPL   4845'00"N   1937'00"E  LO00  CV90  NM34-10
  U Mikulcov
               PPL   4848'00"N   1738'00"E  LO00  XQ90  NM33-12
  U Mocov
               PPL   4852'00"N   1912'00"E  LO00  CV61  NM34-10
  Umrla Lehota: see Revucka Lehota
               PPL   4841'00"N   2011'00"E  LO00  DU39  NM34-11
               PPL   4818'00"N   1904'00"E  LO00  CU55  NM34-10
  Ungarisches Erzgebirge: see Slovenske Rudohorie
               MTS   4845'00"N   2020'00"E  LO00  DU59  NM34-11
               PPL   4844'00"N   1713'00"E  LO00  XQ60  NM33-12
  Unter-Metzenseifen: see Medzev
               PPL   4842'00"N   2054'00"E  LO00  DU99  NM34-11
  Unter-Turcek: see Dolny Turcek
               PPL   4846'00"N   1855'00"E  LO00  CV40  NM34-10
  U Omastu
               FRM   4848'00"N   1731'00"E  LO00  XQ80  NM33-12
  U Paniku
               PPL   4848'00"N   1725'00"E  LO00  XQ70  NM33-12
  U Pazmanov
               FRM   4749'00"N   1754'00"E  LO00  YN19  NL33-03
               MT    4852'00"N   1904'00"E  LO00  CV51  NM34-10
               MT    4855'00"N   2011'00"E  LO00  DV41  NM34-11
               MT    4908'00"N   1851'00"E  LO00  CV44  NM34-07
               MT    4931'00"N   1841'00"E  LO00  CV38  NM34-07
               MT    4900'00"N   1922'00"E  LO00  CV82  NM34-07
               PPL   4910'00"N   1823'00"E  LO00  CV04  NM34-07
               PPL   4835'00"N   2140'00"E  LO00  EU48  NM34-11
  U Potkana
               PPL   4856'00"N   1921'00"E  LO00  CV72  NM34-10
  Upper Hungarian Plain: see Little Alfold
               PLN   4730'00"N   1700'00"E  LO00  XN56  NL33-03
               MT    4924'00"N   1856'00"E  LO00  CV57  NM34-07
  U Privary
               PPL   4929'00"N   1844'00"E  LO00  CV38  NM34-07
               PPL   4833'00"N   1831'00"E  LO00  CU18  NM34-10
               PPL   4826'00"N   1917'00"E  LO00  CU76  NM34-10
  Urmin: see Mojmirovce
               PPL   4813'00"N   1804'00"E  LO00  BU84  NM34-10
               PPL   4832'00"N   1806'00"E  LO00  BU87  NM34-10
  Urminsky Majer
               PPL   4812'00"N   1802'00"E  LO00  BU74  NM34-10
  U Rovnanov
               PPL   4926'00"N   1841'00"E  LO00  CV37  NM34-07
  Ursinyovo: see Medvecke
               PPL   4809'00"N   1835'00"E  LO00  CU23  NM34-10
  U Sabotu
               PPL   4849'00"N   1731'00"E  LO00  XQ81  NM33-12
  U Simciska
               PPL   4928'00"N   1852'00"E  LO00  CV48  NM34-07
  U Sirotov: see Sirotov
               PPL   4930'00"N   1850'00"E  LO00  CV48  NM34-07
  U Sojakov
               PPL   4831'00"N   1708'00"E  LO00  XP57  NM33-12
               PPL   4923'00"N   1934'00"E  LO00  CV97  NM34-07
  Ustie Nad Oravou: see Ustie
               PPL   4923'00"N   1934'00"E  LO00  CV97  NM34-07
  Ustie nad Priehradou: see Ustie
               PPL   4923'00"N   1934'00"E  LO00  CV97  NM34-07
  U Sukupov
               FRM   4847'00"N   1729'00"E  LO00  XQ80  NM33-12
  U Svinky
               PPL   4856'00"N   1920'00"E  LO00  CV72  NM34-10
  U Sykory
               PPL   4923'00"N   1850'00"E  LO00  CV47  NM34-07
  Usypana Skala
               MT    4903'00"N   1844'00"E  LO00  CV33  NM34-07
               PPL   4836'00"N   1948'00"E  LO00  DU18  NM34-10
               FRM   4827'00"N   1913'00"E  LO00  CU66  NM34-10
               MT    4904'00"N   1829'00"E  LO00  CV13  NM34-07
  U Zatkov
               PPL   4841'00"N   1732'00"E  LO00  XP89  NM33-12
  U Zelenaku
               PPL   4850'00"N   1727'00"E  LO00  XQ71  NM33-12
  Uzky Vrch
               MT    4903'00"N   1841'00"E  LO00  CV33  NM34-07
  Uzor: see Kvetoslavov
               PPL   4803'00"N   1721'00"E  LO00  XP72  NM33-12
  Uzor, Zelznicna Stanica
               RSTN  4803'00"N   1722'00"E  LO00  XP72  NM33-12
               PPL   4905'00"N   2111'00"E  LO00  EV13  NM34-08
  Uzovska Panica
               PPL   4825'00"N   2009'00"E  LO00  DU36  NM34-11
  Uzovska Panita: see Uzovska Panica
               PPL   4825'00"N   2009'00"E  LO00  DU36  NM34-11
  Uzovske Peklany
               PPL   4905'00"N   2102'00"E  LO00  EV03  NM34-08
  Uzovsky Salgov
               PPL   4906'00"N   2104'00"E  LO00  EV03  NM34-08

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