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Hyperlinks to a Map of All Placenames

This index lists geographic features, populated places, and administrative place names in Slovakia. It does not list all variant placenames of the past nor does it feature all variant spellings of a location.

Even with these shortcomings, it is a handy reference that will eventually hyperlink all names listed to a 1:250,000 map of Slovakia circa 1944 by the Defence Mapping Organization.

Until hyperlinks are added, the geographic location of each name is given in degrees, minutes, and seconds of latitude and longitude along with a reference to the segment of the 1944 map series the location points to.

When completed, it will also link to sites on the internet that can provide background history of the placenames that in some cases will also included photographs of the area and other related information including known surnames from the area and family histories.

We hope you will find it helpful in your ancestral quest in Slovakia.

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  Waag: see Vah
               STM   4755'00"N   1801'00"E  LO00  BU71  NL34-01
  Waagbistritz: see Povazska Bystrica
               PPL   4907'00"N   1827'00"E  LO00  CV14  NM34-07
  Wackowa: see Lackova
               MT    4925'00"N   2106'00"E  LO00  EV07  NM34-08
  Wagendrussel: see Nalepkovo
               PPL   4851'00"N   2038'00"E  LO00  DV71  NM34-11
  Walachen Hohe: see Holy Vrch
               MT    4852'00"N   2042'00"E  LO00  DV71  NM34-11
  Wald Karpaten: see Eastern Carpathians
               MTS   4530'00"N   2630'00"E  LO00  ML63  NL35-08
  Waltersdorf: see Rovinka
               PPL   4806'00"N   1714'00"E  LO00  XP62  NM33-12
  Weidritz: see Vydrica
               STM   4809'00"N   1704'00"E  LO00  XP53  NM33-12
  Weretyszow: see Veretysov
               MT    4921'00"N   2154'00"E  LO00  EV66  NM34-08
  West Beskiden: see West Beskids
               MTS   4930'00"N   1930'00"E  LO00  CV98  NM34-07
  West Beskid Mountains: see West Beskids
               MTS   4930'00"N   1930'00"E  LO00  CV98  NM34-07
  West Beskids
               MTS   4930'00"N   1930'00"E  LO00  CV98  NM34-07
  Western Slovakia Region: see Zapadoslovensky Kraj
               ADM2  4820'00"N   1800'00"E  LO00  BU75  NM34-10
  Wielka Polana: see Velka Polana
               MT    4919'00"N   2053'00"E  LO00  DV96  NM34-08
  Wilczy Gron
               MT    4930'00"N   1914'00"E  LO00  CV78  NM34-07
  Winschendorf: see Slovenska Ves
               PPL   4914'00"N   2026'00"E  LO00  DV55  NM34-08
  Wodritz: see Vydrica
               STM   4809'00"N   1704'00"E  LO00  XP53  NM33-12

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