Kodak Photo CD

Travel the world from your desktop with the World Travel series of Kodak Photo CD's
from It's All Relative Software and totronic, Germany.

Photo CD Australia

Photo CD Egypt

Photo CD Ireland

Above are samples from our World Travel series converted to 256 color GIF from the 16 million color originals.

Imagine being able to travel the world without ever leaving your living room. Visit Australia, Egypt, and Ireland from your computer desktop with the three newest additions to our series of Kodak Photo CD discs. Just like our Winning Pictures CD, you will find no fillers or weak images here.

All images are available for royalty free use in anything but a photo collection. Thrill to the Pyramids, be overwhelmed by the beauty of Australia, and enjoy the Irish countryside without leaving your home in a virtual journey.

Photo CD Ireland, Photo CD Egypt, and Photo CD Australia are done in the Kodak Photo CD Master format and have images stored in resolutions ranging from 192 by 128 to a massive 3072 by 2048 in Kodak's YCC color space.

Each of these discs come with a special viewer for Atari STe and Atari Falcon computers. They can also be viewed on a CD-I player or Sega System as well as in Windows with a special light version of Virtual BookMaker for the PC included on the CD's.

Of course theses CD's work very well with our Photo Show and Photo Show Pro for Atari computers too.

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