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Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Christmas in the Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition

So Nebes Anhel - Angels from Heaven

We invite you to listen to Angels from Heaven performed by the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Choir of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The verse played here is from their Christmas cassette, Traditional Byzantine Christmas Carols.

So nebes anhel prisedse ko vom,
Pastyr'i, Pastyr'i
Do Viflejema hrjad'ite skoro,
S darami, s darami.

Vzrite Syna Bozja rozdenna
Vo jaslach, vo jaslach.
On budet vs'im vam Otkupitelem,
Naist'i, naist'i

Angels from heaven came to the shepherds;
Have no fear! Have no fear!
Hasten to honor Him, born near in Bethlehem;
Offer gifts though poor and small.

There in a manger, you will behold Him,
Son of God. Son of God.
Child whose humility veils His divinity,
Our true Savior, Christ the Lord.

So close beside him, Mary His Mother;
Virgin Pure! Virgin Pure!
Soothed by her gentle hand while beasts in wonder stand.
Her true Son, yet Son of God.

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Recording of Angels from Heaven is copyright Holy Ghost Choir - no reuse without the express written permission of the Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church Choir, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.