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Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Christmas

Christmas Charity Seals of Czechoslovakia


Czechoslovakia was a union between the Czech republic and Slovakia which ended with the Velvet Revolution in 1992.

Prior to the Communist takeover after World War II, Czechoslovakia issued Christmas seals for charity.

You may have found one on an old letter up in the attic.

There are some some very scarce seals below. Issued between 1919 through 1947, this is close to a complete set for you to see, just missing a couple seals.

On the seals you find "CSL Ochrana Matek a Deti" or "Ochrana Matek a Deti".

CSL was the commonly used abreviation for Czechoslovakia.

The seals helped to collect money for counseling centers for mothers.

These labels were sold annually like Red Cross Christmas seals to raise funds for protection of mothers and children in Czechoslovakia.

Most of the money collected went to the Czechs. Only about 5% of the mother's centers were in Slovakia and 1% in Sub-Carpathia although they had substantially higher birthrates.

Christmas Seals of Czehoslovakia - 1919-1947

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