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Slovak Embossed Wax Eggs

The embossed wax egg decorating style originated in Northeastern Slovakia and Southeastern Poland.

After World War II as the villagers of this area moved to the more industrialized areas of what is today western Slovakia and the Czech Republic, they took their egg art style with them.

The embossed wax method is today one of the more popular methods for decorating eggs in western Slovakia and the Czech republic.

The designs are drawn on eggs, which can be natural color or dyed, using a kiska or metal pin and colored wax.

The eggs are also sometimes painted with oils or acrylic paints with the embossed wax reserved for trim.

The eggs are found with geometric designs, caricatures, scenery, angles, and symbols. There are over a 100 designs in our egg gallery here. The gallery is arranged by basic egg style.

Geometric Caricature Scenic

Angels and Saints Symbols

The eggs are all hand trimmed and painted and no two are exactly alike.

The eggs go by many names including kraslice, pysanky, kraseny jajcja, pysanka, pysane jajce, and farbanka.

We have a dozen assorted eggs available through for $48.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Each dozen has a great variety of design types and colorations.

The embossed wax eggs are all hand made in Slovakia and each comes with a ribbon attached so they are ideal for use as an ornament on your Christmas tree.

The embossed wax eggs make a really wonderful gift from the old country, something you won't find in the mall.

They can also be displayed on a pysanky egg hanger like the one shown to the left all year round.

They are too nice to put away after Christmas.

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