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Rusyn Coming of the Gubi - Bethlehem Carolers
The Jaslickare Play - Photo Circa 1929

The Jaslickare Play

This is a circa 1929 photo of a group doing the "Bethlehem Play" at an Eastern Rite Rusyn Church in Flint, Michigan.

The Jaslickare Skit consists of a short presentation of hymns, carols, and the announcement of the glorious birth of Christ and was performed before Christmas Eve.

On Christmas Eve, the group with carollers would take the model of the church shown to the left and in the above photo with them as the went to carol.

The model was carried to each house the carollers visited.

The the church model which contained a Nativity Scene was placed on a table as they visited each house, and then each shepherd would kneel before it and say a particular verse.

The Bethlehemers" were dressed in white garments, with elevated stovepipe cylinder hats like those in the photo.

Others dressed in different types of costumes and hats.

Third from the left in the white hat is John Banyas. We do not know any other names.

The photo was taken by Flint Studio on Industrial Ave. in Flint, Michigan.

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