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Christmas in Slovakia

A Very Unusual Tradition

It's an unusual tradition that starts with the disclaimers "Don't try this at home!" and "Use under the supervision of a responsible adult!"

One of the foods of the Christmas Eve dinner is associated with a very unusual tradition in many areas of Slovakia and the Ukraine.

As Christmas Eve dinner begins the father takes a spoon full of Loksa, Bobalky, or Kutia and throws it up on the ceiling.

The more of the mixture that sticks to the ceiling, the bigger shall his crops be the following season.

You get best results and the biggest mess if you have a textured ceiling. We've tried this and have found the mixture on the ceiling can be next to impossible to remove and when painted over, the poppy seeed will bleed through the new paint.

It does add quite a bit of excitement to your Christmas Eve dinner, but it does raise an additional question. Can the person who agrees to let you do this really be considered a "responsible adult".

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