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Christ is born! Praise Him!

Christos Razdajetsja! Slavite Jeho!

The Joy of Christmas

Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic
Men's Choir
Campbell, Ohio

Front Row from left: Andrew J. Jubak, Nicholas Styn, Monsignor Victor Romza, Stephen Dubos, Joseph K. Opsitnik, Matt Rosco, Donald Chachko

Middle Row from left: Joseph Pavlov, Joseph Hudak, John Sharshan, John Kovach, Dave Swantek, Robert G. Freiberg, Joseph Bayus

Top Row from left: Richard Gozar, Michael J. Kushma, Michael Gozar, John Galida, Peter Korchnak, Joseph Novotny

The Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic Men's Choir of Campbell, Ohio invites you to join them in an on line Concert of Christmas Carols from their cassette, The Joy of Christmas.

If you enjoy their on line concert, they invite you to purchase their recording that contains full versions of the selections played here along with many other hymns and carols in the Eastern Catholic Tradition.

A full list of carols on the cassette is listed below along with ordering information.

The Joy of Christmas has been one of my favorite Christmas cassettes. It had been sold out but is now reissued.

Songs on the cassette are:

S Namy Boh
Strains of Gladness
Boh Previchnyj - RealAudio Verse - RUSYN
Your Birth O' Christ
Christmas Kontakion - RealAudio - ENGLISH
Yasna Zorya - RealAudio Verse - RUSYN
Silent Night
Nebo I Zemlya - RealAudio Verse - RUSYN
Let Us Here Mystically
God's Son is Born - RealAudio Verse - ENGLISH
Boh Sja Razdajet - RealAudio Verse - RUSYN
Rozdestvo Tvoye
Nova Radost Stala
Joyful News to the Whole World
Dyvnaya Novyna
Wonderous News
Joyful Tidings - RealAudio Verse - ENGLISH
Radost Nam Sja Yavlaye - RealAudio Verse - RUSYN
Bethlehem Gives Tidings
Bells - Dzvony

Songs are sung by the Men's Choir of Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic Church, Campbell, Ohio, in English and Slavonic. Your Christmas favorite should be among those listed above if you have Carpatho-Rusyn heritage.

Many immigrants from Porac, Koterbach, and other villages of eastern Slovakia settled in Campbell right after the turn of the century. This cassette keeps their musical heritage alive.

To order this fantastic tape write:

Joseph Pavlov
2012 Wingate
Youngstown, Ohio 44514 USA

Cost of the cassette is $9.00, postpaid, in the United States and $11.00 US, postpaid, for all other countries. Payment in US funds please.

For more information call + (330) 757-9113

COPYRIGHT: Photograph 1996 by Gene's Studio, Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic Men's Choir

The above photograph and recordings may not be reproduced by any means without the express written permission of Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic Men's Choir

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