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Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Christmas in the Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition

Radost' Nam Sja Javl'ajet

Joyful Tidings Come Our Way

My father, Joseph, sung this song all the time. It wasn't till I was in my 20's that I found out this is a Christmas carol rather than a folk song or lullaby. There was no season for this song in our home.

I am told his mother, Marie Macala Kopchak, from the village of Porac, Slovakia always sung it to him. This page is dedicated to his memory. Vicnaja pamjat.

The second verse was his favorite, in fact it was the only verse he ever sung, so this carol starts and ends with verse two here.

Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic Men's Choir of Campbell, Ohio sing this Christmas favorite in English and in Rusyn.

This carol is from their recording, The Joy of Christmas. This cassette had been sold out and was reissued recently.

Ty Josife starenkij
Place Isus malenkij!
Pomahaj! Pomahaj! Pomahaj!
Jeho, Jeho.
Cistoj D'ivi kolysati,
I pisn Jemu zaspivati:
L'ul'aj, Carju Nas!

Joseph lend your loving care.
Guard this Child and mother fair.
Wondrous night; holy night;
Never before a star so bright.
Angels sing a salutation
To the Master of Creation.
Hail the new-born King.

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The above recordings may not be reproduced by any means without the express written permission of Saint Michael's Byzantine Catholic Men's Choir