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Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Christmas in the Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition

S'Nami Boh! - God Is With Us!

Listen to S'nami Boh sung by the Choir of Saint Romanos the Melodist of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary in Presov, Slovakia.

S'nami Boh (God is with us) is the well known chant at the Great Compline of Christmas and Epiphany. The verses are taken from Isaiah Chapters 8 and 9.

At midnight on Christmas Eve all bells of the Eastern Rite church begin to peal with joy announcing to the world that the Redeemer is born.

The solemn celebration of the Great Compline with Litija begins.

After the somber recitation of the chosen Psalms, the joyous chanting of the Song of Isaiah, "S'Nami Boh" begins the celebration of the Feast of the Nativity in the Eastern Rite tradition of both Orthodox and Catholic faithful.

The choir sings this selection from the Great Compline of Christmas in Carpathian Chant - Prostopinie.

One of the verses in Slavonic is...

S'nami Boh!
Razumejte jazyci
I pokarjajtesja
Jako s'nami Boh.

The English translation of the verse is..

God is with us.
Understand yee all nations
And submit yourselves
For God is with us.

The selection is from the Choir's recording Tebe, Pane - Tebi, Hospodi.

The Choir of St. Romanos the Melodist of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary (Zbor sv. Romana Sladkopevca) has other selection of both Holy Days and Divine Liturgy chants and hymns available for on line listening at the web site of the Byzantine Catholic Church in Slovakia (Greckokatolicka cirkev na Slovensku).

The music page of the Greckokatolicka cirkev na Slovensku also has selections sung by Chrysostomos Choir of the Bratislava Byzantine Catholic Parish.

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S'nami Boh - by Zbor sv. Romana Sladkopevca