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I'm reading a charming novel, a family story/ romance (wholesome writing, well written, not too racy, if that concerns anyone, and the characters' Christain faith plays a substantial role in the book), called Sophie's Heart.

It was published in 1995 by Harvest House Publishers, and written by Lori Wick. It's the fictional story of Sophia Velikonja; having left her native Czechoslovakia, she has discovered that the United States, the land which seemed so bright with promise, is far from her dream.

A highly educated woman, she finds herself keeping house for a young widower and his three children, and being subjected to the difficulties of and subtle prejudices against foreigners that sometimes remain in our society. It's really an engrossing and rewarding story!!

Thanks, and Vesele Vianoce!

Fran Kardos Mosconi, e-mail - FMosconi@aol.com

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