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Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Christmas in the Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition

Byzantine Catholic Troparion of Christmas
In English and Slavonic
Tone 4

Your birth, O Christ our God
Has shed upon the world the light of knowledge;
For through it, those who worship the stars
Have learned from a star to worship You, the Sun of Justice
And to recognize You as the Orient From On High.
Glory be to You, O Lord

Rozdestvo Tvoje Christe Boze nas,
Vozsija mirovi sv'it razuma
Vo nem bo zv'izdam sluzascii, zv'izdoju ucahusja
Teb'i klanatisja Solncu pravdy
I tebe v'iditi so vysoty Vostoka
Hospodi slava Teb'i

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