Christmas in the
Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Tradition

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Slavonic Christmas Carol

Vote for your favorite Slovak or Rusyn Slavonic Christmas carol and view the results so far in the 2007 Christmas Carol Poll. Results are posted in real time so you can check results to date at any time.

Vote now for your favorite Slavonic Christmas Koledy or see the results to date.

What Is Your Favorite Slavonic Christmas Carol
S'Nami Boh - God With Us
Noc Ticha - Silent Night
Nebo i Zemla - Heaven and Earth
Boh Predvicnyj - Eternal God
Radost Nam Sja Javl'aje - Joyful tidings Come Our Way
Spas Nas Narodilsja - Jesus Came from Heaven
So Nebes Anhel - Angels from Heaven
Boh Sja Razdajet - God's Son is Born
O Kto Kto - Hymn to St. Nicholas
Dinnaja Novina - Wonderous News
Tri Carije - Three Kings
Troparian of Christmas

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Midi Arr. of Nebo i Zeml'a Copyright 1996, Randall Kopchak